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Chapter 8


Seiya is walking around the palace happily, he was going to see his Odango again, he couldn't wait.

He didn't know who the children were, and he still had no clue how he could help them.

They look so familiar, almost like... No they couldn't be thought Seiya.

His happy mood disappeared, and he starting to storm towards the gardens where they were sat with the Princess discussing matters.

'What's wrong Seiya, your stomping' asks the Princess

'I'm sorry your highness, a thought soured my mood, I will try to calm down' explains Seiya

A knowing smile appears on the face, and mirth shows in her eye's 'Yes, I understand Seiya'

Everyone is confused by this and they exchange looks of uncertainty.

'Our Mummy, needs your help, have you reached a decision' asks Chibi-usa

Before they can answer a bright silver light engolfs the girls.

The princess, Taiki, Yaten and Seiya uncover their eye's to look at the two, both girls are floating in the air with their eye's closed. Chibi-usa opens her blue eyes and a gold twinkling brings their eyes to a rest on the familiar symbol on the girls foreheads.

'By your shocked look you understand who our Mummy is now?' asks Chibi-usa


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