Ayame was at home bored to death, so she turned on the tv, Clone wars was playing. 'sweet Clone wars is play...but its a replay' she thought. Her stomach growled. Ayame walked into the kitchen and grabbed fried chicken out from the frige. She warmed it up. when the microvaved beep she took out the plate. and walked back to the living room. Allison looks up from her plate and see Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obiwan in her living room.

"Can I help you?" she asked. "We don't know." They said. "How did we get here master?" asked Ahsoka. Then she looks at Ayame "and who are you?" "Ayame but you can call me Aya" she said as she smiled. "Pleasure to meet you Ayame" said Obiwan. Ahsoka was staring at her food and licked her lips. "I can make more if you all are hungry" said Ayame. They nodded. Ayame went into the kitchen, and brought some more chicken back.

With Ahsoka watching with fasanation and Rex watching Ayame like a hawk. When everyone was sat down and ate the questions began. Ayame answer them without hesitation. Then the day went on with a lot of surprises and chaos. running up and down the halls to keep things in one piece and getting whatever they needed. It's finally the end of the day, and everyone is tired. Rex and Cody took the couch and recliner, Anakin and Obiwan had the spare room in the basement, and Ahsoka bunked with Ayame.

"Cool, it'll be like a sleepover!" said Ayame. "a what?" asked Ahsoka. "its like...you know what never mind, lets just get some sleep, im tired, from all this chaos" said Ayame. Ahsoka laughed. "im with you on that one" said Ahsoka as she went into the sleeping bag and feel asleep. Ayame went into bed and dozed off into sleep.