Inspiration: a busy nightclub in the city that I pass by every so often.
Summary: Raised to be an elite, Shouko never failed to impress the guests. But when confronted with a delightfully cunning young man, she feels more nervous than she has ever felt before –in a good way. AU FutureFic.
Word count: 511

Shouko never expected to continue with music for the rest of her life. It was a good topic to bring up in conversations with partners, both business and social, but it was never anything more than that. After she graduated from Seiso Music Academy, with honours of course, her father whisked her off to China where she interned at a small music distribution company and then left to tend to her own.

Her life still very much revolved around music, but less than what she had hoped for. With no time to practise, Shouko was embarrassed to play in public, and immersed herself in the goings on of her father's business. She still kept very much to herself, seen by many as the unattainable mirage. She would act like the graceful lily she looked, but when it seemed as though you had her, she would disappear. To many, she was no more than a fleeting dream. A moment of unfathomable beauty.

But we know better than that. Shouko's just shy.

So when her parents requested her to show a prospective partner around the more 'hip' areas of the town, for he was around her age, we can all imagine her flitting about in a bumbling, blushing mess. In the two years Shouko had lived in the town she currently calls her 'home' she had only twice been 'out on the town,' and one of those times was during a surprise birthday party held for her on her twenty first. A whole week before the planned meeting, Shouko was already busy calling up all of her friends from university, desperately writing out all the details to the so-called hottest night clubs in the city. She'd even planned for a few of her friends to be there so that she would look like a regular. Oh how she wanted to run downstairs and beg her parents to cancel the whole affair.

Her whole schedule was ruined when this prospective partner showed up at her door step three days before the promised date.
"Sorry," was all that he'd said, while his assistant explained that he had gotten the dates mixed up.
After some late afternoon tea and mindless chatting about stock markets, the teas and cakes and Bach, Shouko retired to her room, ready to call all her friends and re-schedule the meeting times for the following day.
And just like her guest, most replied with "sorry."

It was only natural, of course, for her to poke her head in through the door of the bedroom opposite her when she heard so much noise. Much to her surprise, and possibly dismay, her one-night tourist became a two-week guest. She excused herself to find her parents, exchanged rough words spoken in a calm manner and walked straight outside with no plan of where to go and clothes unsuitable for this spontaneous mid-afternoon promenade.

Upon meeting the lovely gentleman she had to win over, through the smiles she had practiced for years, the first thing she did was cry out, "oh god I can't do this."

Hey there~ so it's been a while.
And by a while, I mean a really long time.

Expect longer chapters everyone, this is just a prologue.

I've actually had this idea for ages, but only just knew where to run with it a few weeks ago. Please check my blog for more info - I tend to post there with drafts and upcoming story ideas.
Hope you enjoy it.