"Madara, wait for me!" cried a young voice not too far away from said boy. Madara grumbled after hearing the plea before he stopped in his tracks. He turned and saw the small boy running up to him.

"Izuna, if you can't keep up, go back home to mother" Madara snapped half-heartedly. Izuna bowed over in an attempt to recollect his loss of breath. Madara watched him impatiently, tapping his small foot into the healthy grass. Madara was always the faster one and Izuna had to do his best to keep up.

"Mummy said you can't leave the village without me" Izuna explained after he regained his breath, straightening up properly to where he was Madara's height. The older brother crossed his arms across his chest before laughing loudly.

"Haha, that's funny. But I can take care of myself. No Senju can bring me down!" Madara yelled with the upmost confidence. Izuna smiled cheekily rubbing the back of his head.

"But Nii-san, you haven't even got your Sharingan yet"

Madara winced at the annoying statement. Oh how it was true. The older Uchiha clenched his fist in determination.

"You wait Izu! I'll get my Sharingan and become the Uchiha clan's leader!" Madara protested. Izuna smiled and nodded in agreement. "Now come Otouto, let's go!" hollered the oldest Uchiha before taking off again with his brother following behind him. The two kids took off out of the Uchiha village's gate and headed for the forest to begin some real training.

Izuna dodged the shuriken sent in his direction missing it by only a few inches as it lodged itself into a large tree. Taking the offense, Izuna charged forward tackling his opponent roughly. The younger smirked in victory once he pinned Madara beneath his own body, holding his arms into the grass. Before Izuna had his time of gloat, Madara begun struggling as an attempt to escape. Wrestling, the two rolled over each before jumping to their feet. The older Uchiha waved his hand happily.

"Thought you won?" he questioned.

"Well, to be honest Mada I think you need to work on your kunai skills" Izuna implied, knowing it would tick the hot-headed Uchiha off. Apparently it did so as Madara's cocky expression turned into a sour one. His smirk disappeared and eyes brows narrowed downwards.

"Shut up" he snapped. Izuna smiled notherless.

"I'm just trying to help you with your skills" he said innocently. Madara growled before turning away and walking in a huff. Izuna stared dumbfounded as his brother began to walk away. Quickly he followed after him without saying a word as they headed deeper into the forest grounds. "Sorry" Izuna mumbled, confused as to why he was apologising. Madara glanced at him for a few seconds before turning back to look in front of him as they continued to walk.

After a while, Izuna began to look around frantically as it begun to grow dark and they entered unexplored area. The expression on Madara's face showed he was confused too as to where they were going.

"Madara" Izuna warned but was cut off by the older.

"Don't worry Izuna. I know where to go" he lied. Madara knew Izuna didn't believe him but the younger knew otherwise to whine about it. Stepping over sticks and rocks, jumping puddles of water, the two headed for an unknown destination.

"Quick Tobi!" came a loud voice.

The two Uchiha's were taken back by the sudden interruption and looked in the direction of the ruckus. A figure erupted from the bushes and barged towards them. It was a taller boy with neatly cut brown hair. He seems to not notice the Uchiha's as he had his head turned. The oldest Uchiha quickly realised their situation and before he could move out of the way, the two came crashing down.

Madara's back hit the forest floor with a thud and the unknown boy collapsed on him. The brunette looked at him in shock, both inches from each other's faces. The boy was also more tanned then both the boys, it was obvious he was not an Uchiha. The boy quickly got off Madara and held his hand out to Madara.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking and I didn't expect to run into anyone" he laughed clumsily. Madara looked at him suspiciously before accepting the others help.

"Hashirama!" came another voice. The three boys turned and saw another boy run from where the tanned had.

"Tobirama, look. I found kids" Hashirama joked

"Im not a kid!" Madara snapped back, annoyed at the statement. The boy known as Tobirama stopped in front of the Uchiha's as well, observing them intensely. "Aren't you two a little old to be playing tag?" Madara fought back. Hashirama smirked in retaliation.

"You're never too old for tag" he replied.

Before Madara could say anything else, the tanned boy suddenly tapped Madara's chest.

"Your it" he jested and in a spilt moment the tanned took off in the woods. Tobirama quickly got the hint and took a hold of Izuna's arm and pulled him along. Izuna soon followed along after laughing loudly. The three boys ran quickly away from Madara who was completely confused. Madara stood there dumbfounded. Quickly, he cursed and ran off in the direction where the other kids ran to.

Madara was also a fast runner so he quickly caught up to the others and chased them down. Madara tapped the closest person and it happened to be the white haired male.

The roles switched as they all played along till it got dark. All 4 boys were exhausted and sweaty. The two Uchiha's returned to their village with help from their new friends. Racing each other back to their home where their mother and father were waiting.

"If you can't get home on curfew I won't allow you to leave the village" she scolded as her boys entered the house.

Hashirama pushed his brother jokingly as they took the path back to their own village after making sure the Uchiha's made it back safely.

"Can we see them later" Tobirama asked happily. Hashirama smiled in approval.

"We'll see" Hashirama replied. The brunette Senju contemplated for a moment too. They didn't know much about the two kids. Only their first names and that their clan were very strict. Hashirama chuckled, declaring that their clans must be very similar. Though the Senju were opened to new ideas, peace wise.

The Senju brothers returned to their own village as the sun was completely gone now. When they arrived a Senju ninja approached them immediately.

"Hashirama, Tobirama your kvetched father wants you now" he mussitated. The Senju brothers looked at each other in confusion before taking off. The two ran till they reached their own house where their father was standing with a few other Senju. Hashirama raised an eyebrow as he was beckoned in by his father. "Hashirama I need you to stay inside with Tobi. I'm leaving for a mission" he said. Tobirama crossed his arms across his chest, pouting lightly. "Why do we need to stay inside" he blew up as he articulated. Hashirama was quite baffled as well as his younger sibling. Why did they need to stay inside though, wasn't this like the other mission he took on? Without giving the two boys an answer he shooed them inside where their mother took them into the dining room for diner. Diner was very quick for the two Senju brothers as they left the table and headed for their shared room. It was the end of a nice day that would turn tragic for another family. … Madara was awakened suddenly as he was ripped from his bed by a strong pair of hands. The young boy opened his cloudy orbs in shock to see both his parents. Izuna had already been awoken as their mother held him desperately. The Uchiha was about to voice his questions when his father's hand shot out covering his mouth. He warned him to keep quiet as he retracted his hand only to take Madara's own and lead his family outside the kid's room. The first thing Madara noticed was the sounds of smashing objects and footsteps. He looked around seeing a shadow as his parents rushed them to the front door quickly. The Uchiha father quickly fumbled for his keys and tried to unlock the large door but was interrupted by a snicker. "Is the Uchiha clan's leader trying to run from us?" he mocked. Madara turned to see a group of Shinobi who were not part of the Uchiha clan. Madara's father pushed his family closer to the door as stood protectively in front of them. His wife quickly pulled both her kids into her chest, holding them closely as she glared at the ninja's who had invaded their home. "Oh? I see your trying to protect your wife and kids" one of them sneered. The oldest Uchiha cursed, pulling out his own kunai, the only weapon he had at the moment. "Come near my family and I will kill you, Senju" he growled angrily. "For the sake of peace, we have to destroy you arrogant Uchiha. Starting with its leader" With that being said, all six shinobi charged at the Uchiha clan's leader, while he raced forward taking them all on at once. The battle became more intense and a wondering kunai found its way to his family. The Uchiha's father feel to his knees just behind his wife, blood dribbling from his lip as the kunai made its way into his back. He groaned in response as several shuriken were sent in his direction. All the ninja tools penetrated into the man's muscular back as his breath was taken away. He lifted his head lightly to look at his family painfully for the last time before his life slowly dissipated. The man's lifeless body fell to the wooden floor like an animal for the slaughter. The man's wife screamed, holding her children closer to her as her husband died on the floor, motionlessly. She froze as one of the men approached her slowly, blundering. "And, you're not even a full-blood Uchiha" he cackled, pulling out a katana from the holster that hung from his back. The woman winced as the cold hard metal scrapped against her cheek, blood seeping out like a leaking tap. None of the said Senju ninja's moved as their leader brought the knife down on the woman ending her life in a quick motion. The weak body feel upon the two boys beneath her. The leader then moved forward, kicking her body off the two boys. The man moved forward pulling Izuna up by one hand and throwing him across the room. Madara's attention was quickly snapped to anent as his lost grip on his brother. He was stunned from the shock of watching his parents being murdered in front of him to even move a muscle. One of the Senju quickly stepped forward, expression changing into one of worry and entanglement. "Sir, i-I" he stuttered looking at the small Uchiha's on the floor, covered in their parents own blood. "There children" he murmured. The squad's captain turned to look at his inferior comrade in animosity and annoyance. "Children? Son, this is war. Uchiha have killed just as much kids as we have. If one cannot grasp the concept of being a true shinobi, they aren't worthy of being on the battlefield" he enunciated in leadership and experience. He moved swiftly across the floor to the smaller boy who was tossed across the wooden planks. He took a hold of Izuna by the hair, ripping him up and holding the kunai closely to his throat. "Boy, let me teach you a lesson of what war is like" he paraphrased with a solid expression that could match the ones of a very mask. Madara's heart skipped a beat when he saw his brother in deaths harm. He glanced down at his parents that lay on the floor unmoving, almost unrecognisable. Feeling an unknowing presence within him surging to the surface, he clenched his fist as tears leaked from his eye sockets. The Senju was frozen in place when he felt chakra rise, higher and with more intensity of his own. He took a small glance down at the boy in his hands watching him shake with fear. No, not him, he thought. The tall man then turned to look at the Uchiha who still stood as the door. He held his head down, hair covering his face. The ninja dropped the boy and walked suspiciously to the other child who sat completely calm. He raised an eyebrow and gasped when he heard light inhuman giggling from the other. "What?" he questioned in unbelievable shock as the boy's chakra signature kept growing and growing. The force was almost keeping him lock to the surface's floor, almost pushing him over. He watched the boy's frozen constitution before suddenly the boy's head lifted and revealed a pair of glowing sharingans. He had no time to scream as the boy leapt forward at amazing speed. Izuna screeched, crawling away from the scene as blood and body parts spattered on the walls. He watched in utter fear and abhorrence as his brother went insane. Closing his eyes and burying his head into his knees, covering his ears to block out the sounds of torture and crucifixion. To Izuna pleasant desire, the event had ended as quickly as it started. He looked up to see Madara standing with many bodies of what once used to be human. He could easily see the red tint glowing in his brothers eyes, like the ones of the devil himself. That cause the younger fear to approach the boy he called his brother. The sharingan slowly disappeared and Madara's obsidian ones were returned as well as his peaceful expression. He looked of exhaustion and confusion before collapsing to the red-liquid covered floor. Izuna jumped forward, dodging the decaying bodies and ran to his brother. Quickly he pulled Madara into his arms, sobbing softly. The smell of death caused Izuna to drag his brother outside the house and into the Uchiha's streets. The young boy looked in shock to see houses burning, people running and screaming everywhere. That was the last thing he remembered before blacking out. … Madara was pulled from his slumber by tugging on his shoulder. "Izuna!" he screamed, shooting up. Said boy sat beside him with a comical expression watching him carefully. Madara panted carefully staring at the ground, trying to comprehend what went on last night. All he remembered was the death of his parents and Izuna being in the hands of the enemy. "Yesterday… Madara- what happened?" Izuna asked, desperate for answers. Madara looked at his brother for a spilt second. "I.. I don't know" The Uchiha turned his gaze to the object in his fist. It was a piece of clothing that belong to the Senju intruders last night. His eyes widened when he saw the symbol. That symbol? That's Hashirama's clan 'Your my enemy…' Madara thought, looking up to the sky