Chapter 3. I would of liked it to go longer but since my head is pounding with a massive headache this was as far as I got. Well enjoy this chapter.

Madara groaned, slowly opening his eyes and a dim light flooded his iris. He was lying on his back staring up at a rock roof. Was he in a cave? The Uchiha slowly rolled onto his back and saw Hashirama in the same state. The raven crawled towards his rival and shook his shoulder to wake him. The Senju woke a lot faster than him as he shot up. The Uchiha sat up as well, rubbing his aching head.


"Where are we?" the Senju questioned immediately. He steadily got to his feet and examined the area. It looked like they were in a dungeon. It was all rock and then it came to an opening but it was sealed off by bars. The Senju walked up to the bars and looked through the large cracks. "Wait!" he gasped. The tanned male squinted his eyes and noticed a symbol. It was a clan symbol. "That's Nakawaru clan" he informed. The pale man looked at Hashirama with annoyed eyes.

"That clan perished ages ago" Madara snapped as if he was talking to a noob. Hashirama shook his head and pointed outwards. The Uchiha looked in the direction and noticed the symbol. The room became silent and that's when Hashirama noticed something terribly wrong. He looked back at the Uchiha who was staring at the rock wall still trying to figure out what happened.

"Madara, do you feel it?" he asked. The raven gazed at the Senju somewhat annoyed. He clenched his fist and moved closer to his rival. "They sealed our chakra." Madara's eyes widened and realised then that his chakra was unresponsive.

"I'm glad your awake" came a deep voice. The two clan leaders whipped around and saw several figures standing on the other side of the bars. Madara stood up to stand beside Hashirama in a threatening stance. The man's voice was recognisable; it was the same as the one that had trapped them in the dark. The man chuckled. "No need to get so worked up"

"Shut up!" Madara screamed. Hashirama saw the Uchiha's distress and stepped forward.

"What do you want?" Hashirama asked calmly.

"Power" he spoke honestly.

"So what does that have to do with us?" Hashirama demanded.

"I'll explain everything very soon but for now" he started. The sound of a lock being undone was heard by everyone. The metal bars were slid open and about 5 shinobi stepped in. The second they entered the room, Hashirama couldn't hold Madara back as he charged forward. He yelled angrily and tried to land a punch on one of the men. The tallest of the group, who probably was the mastermind behind this plan roughly grabbed Madara's fist before it hit his form. The Uchiha's obsidian eyes widened and before he could react, 2 more shinobi came at him. Hashirama came to alert when Madara was restrained by the clan members. "Take him" came the orders by the leader. Hashirama's heart raced and quickly raced forward as the men took his friend away.


The tall Nakawaru leader raced towards Hashirama and dodged the incoming attacks. Hashirama gasped as he was knocked back. He quickly got to his feet and noticed Madara was gone. The Senju breathed heavily and felt his heart race. Having no chakra really did tire one out.

"I'll be back for you later Senju" The man said as departing words before smirking and leaving the brunette in his cell. He watched angrily as his enemy disappeared. So they wanted Madara for some reason. He knew that they wanted power but what were they going to do? Hashirama stormed up to the bars and held them tightly. Please don't die was all he could hope for.

Madara stumbled but lost his balance and fell to the cold floor. He had absolutely no energy and could barely move. Somehow the Nakawaru was still alive and from what he could get from them was that they faked their deaths and have been living underneath the earth. The man known as Touro was their leader and he was the one to come up with this (so called 'brillant') plan. Madara was honestly not in shock, he had heard that they were very greedy and bad. That's basically what lead to their 'deaths'. Touro knelt down to the Uchiha and held out his palm. The raven noticed a kanji printed on it, he didn't know what it read though.

"You see this? This is why I can stop someone's flow of chakra. If I imprint on someone, I can immediately change their chakra flow to my liking" Touro explained waving his hand happily. He jumped to his feet and turned to his subordinates. "I need you to remove his eyes carefully. But don't harm the sharingan." Madara's attention snapped at those words.

"What?" he asked in bewilderment. Touro turned to look at the raven who still lay on the floor. He smirked evily and knelt down to the younger.

"I plan to remove your eyes Uchiha and use them as my own. That's why you are here and the Senju. I chose the two strongest ninja in the land and imagine the power of the Uchiha and Senju combined. No clan would reckon with the Nakawaru ever again. I will take DNA from Hashirama and your eyes, that's my plan. I planned this whole thing. We stole the goods from the Yuki clan and framed their rivalling clan. Our plans came to fruition when both the Uchiha and Senju were assigned to retrieve them. We waited for the leaders to become vulnerable and look where we are now" The leader explained. Madara became enraged by his plan. Slowly he stood to his feet achingly and held a confident face. Touro looked at the Uchiha in shock that he was able to move. Notherless he performed a small handsign then held out his hand. The Kanji began to glow and instantly, Madara fell to the floor. The Uchiha groaned as he felt the jutsu draining more and more chakra from his body. Touro looked at the Uchiha in satisfaction. "Don't think I don't know about your chakra. Your reputation excesses you. I can control chakra even as sinister as yours, Madara."

"Ugh" he grunted, trying to attempt to lift his tired body. The Uchiha failed and decided on giving up as he felt no hope. He watched Touro slowly approach him as he himself lost consciousness.

No more than an hour later

The thing that ripped the Uchiha from his helpless slumber was an electrifying pain that zapped through his entire being. He was brought to reality and jolted from the pain immediately. Madara bit back the cry of pain, feeling he had no control of his limps. It was true. He couldn't move any part of his body and felt his back pressed up against something cold and hard. The raven panicked and tried looking at his surroundings. His vision had not yet return to him. It was all blurry and could make out only a few several figures not far from him.

"Sorry to wake you like that Uchiha sousi"

The words went unheard by the teenager leader. He felt a sharp pain slice through his head and it wasn't caused by any of the ninja around him. Madara lifted his head and focused his eyes once again. His vision was still blurry but then the same pain sliced through him. He could feel a slight burning at the core of his eyes.

Touro was alerted to his subject who was squirming and groaning in pain. There was something wrong here. Slowly he approached the Uchiha while his colleagues worked on setting up the equipment needed to remove Madara's eyes safely. Madara's head was held down low with his long bangs hanging lowly covering his features. His gripped the Uchiha's chin with his long lanky bony figures and forced his head high. He noticed the Uchiha's face was scrunched in pain and winced every few minutes. His eyes were shut tightly and then the Nakawaru leader felt a unbearable heat radiate from the other's skin. 'A fever' he questioned.

"Sir, we are ready to perform the procedure" informed one of the Nakawaru medic's. Touro ignored him as he inspected the Uchiha clan leader.

"Open your eyes boy" Touro ordered firmly. For a moment he didn't think the other could hear till he responded. The Uchiha's eyes slowly opened and he saw blood shot eyes. The tall man raised an eyebrow and gasped when a small leakage of blood fell from his left eye socket. He stepped back as Madara thrashed around trying to break free from the restraints. "What happening?" he growled and turned to his medic team for an answer but they were just as confused as he was. He stomped forward and pulled the kunai from Madara's palms to have him collapse on the floor. Blood poured from the open gashes on the teenagers hand. All the men presnt watched as the boy had some sort of fit on the rock floor.

"S-sir, what are we going to do now?" asked one of the men. Touro looked at said man before at the Uchiha again.

"I… I guess… Take him back to the cell and let him rest. I don't want to risk damaging his eyes. We'll wait till he heals"

"What if he doesn't heal?" questioned another Nakawaru man. Touro looked away as he began to leave the room.

"If he doesn't, I'll take his unlimited supply of chakra"

"But, that'll kill him" gasped another.

Touro didn't reply and simply left the room. The remaining men looked at the weakened leader before lifting him and dragged him back to the cell.

Hashirama didn't know how long it was he had been awaiting Madara's return. It seemed like he had been in the underground cell forever but reality, it was only a few hours. He stood his post the entire time, clutching onto those bars hoping Madara would be returned to him. Even though Madara was his enemy by birth, he did care a great deal for the other. He did consider Madara his best friend. He bet even Madara felt it but he would never admit it. The Senju was brought from his fantasies when he heard plenty footsteps in his direction. He looked out through the bars and saw a few men dressed in medical uniforms and they were dragging his friend back to the cell. He first noticed how weak and tired Madara looked. Hashirama glared at the men when they tossed the Uchiha onto the floor, locking the cell and leaving quickly. Once the men were gone he ran over to Madara. He took the Uchiha into his arms and grabbed his bloody hands. They were slashed and crispy blood surrounded the cut. He was also very sweaty and hot.

"Madara? What did they do to you?"

Madara opened his eyes. He was blinded by a bright white light. Slowly it faded till he saw Hashirama's worried features. The burning pain in his eyes cooled down and only felt throbbing in the back of his head and a small migraine. Madara pushed himself away from the Senju to sit beside him but from arms length. Hashirama looked a little hurt by the action but it quickly washed away. He rubbed the temples of his head to sooth the pain but it didn't help at all.

"Why would you care?" Madara asked suddenly. The Uchiha's voice seemed cracked and hoarse from screaming or something. Hashirama was confused at first but remembered his previous question.

"I… Because you're my friend" was Hashirama's reply. The Uchiha watched him for a second before snapping his attention away. The brunette looked down into his palms that rest on his thighs. They held a bit of Madara's blood from when he held Madara's own. He watched it for a bit before clenching his fists together. "I'm sorry" Hashirama mumbled quietly and ashamed at himself. Ashamed that he allowed harm to be done yet again to Madara. Madara turned his gaze back to the Senju confused and a little annoyed.

"Why are you apologising?"

"They hurt you" he replied lightly. The Uchiha's eyes widened slightly before looking down.

"It's not your fault"

Hashirama was shocked to hear those words coming from the boy's lips. He was so used to Madara blaming every little thing on him. He was glad to some extent. Madara didn't truly hate him, right?

By now, both clans pounced into a state of shock and horror. The two leaders of the clan were nowhere to be found. Word was sent back to the homes of each clan informing them of the situation and more shinobi where sent out. Everyone realised just how bad this situation was. If word got out that the Uchiha and Senju clan leaders were missing many clans would take this as an opportunity to invade the two clans. Izuna's inner turmoil was crushed as he raced the forestlands looking for his deeply loved brother. Madara's rival brother had accompanied him as well. He did not trust the Senju one bit but he was going to need all the extra help he could get to find Madara. The two jumped from tree to tree scanning every inch of the dense forest. It was all initially quite as both younger brothers worried for their elder siblings. Despite the situation both of them were thinking the same thought that none could rid of. It was only a matter of time before Tobirama was the one to speak of it.

"This reminds me of when we were younger" he spoke softly, not loosing site of the mission. Izuna didn't show any reaction though he was shocked to hear the Senju say it.

"I was just thinking that" Izuna decided to admit. Tobirama sped up a little so he was gliding the trees next to the shorter Uchiha. He glanced at him from the side before looking ahead.

"You're not as cold as Madara"

"Do not speak of my brother!" snapped the younger, furious at those words. He sped up a little to get in front of the Senju. Tobirama immediately bit his tongue.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it" Tobirama replied eagerly. Izuna ignored him and kept his glare etched forward. It was silence for a little while. "So when this is over, we'll go back to fighting right?" Tobirama asked grimly. Izuna looked at the white haired male with wide eyes before the dropped down to sad ones. He was probably right.