"Seriously?" Emma asks, from where she's collapsed on top of the sheets.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" Regina asks, looking up from where she's still panting into her pillow. "I'm from a small town in Maine. It can be pretty conservative out here."

"You've seriously never kissed a woman before today?" Emma asks, inching back across the bed to get within grabbing distance. She grabs Regina's bare ass to celebrate when she succeeds.

"No," Regina sighs. "Does it matter?"

"Oh, no," Emma replies, quite honestly. "But what are you doing now, trying to make up for lost time?"

"Something like that," Regina purrs, leaning over Emma once more. "Indulge me?"

"Okay then," Emma says, trying to act like she doesn't care one way or the other, a performance that's obliterated by Regina's mouth on hers once more.