Emma can't quite work out why she gets in the car and drives over to Regina's, other than wanting to avoid another fight. She has her Sheriff's badge clipped on her belt and her gun in its holster. It should feel like protection, like some kind of shield against the world, but against Regina it all feels less than useless.

When Regina opens the door she presses a glass of Scotch into Emma's hand. The fact that Regina is wearing a barely-decent little silk nightgown is not lost on Emma, who takes advantage of Regina's apparent giving mood to rake her eyes across the perfect lines of those exposed legs.

"So, how can I help, Madam Mayor?" Emma asks as Regina leads her across the hallway. Emma swallows, hard, as Regina begins climbing the stairs, beckoning for Emma to follow.

"Come along, Sheriff. It's time for your night duty," Regina whispers, considerate enough not to risk disturbing Henry.

"My what duty?" Emma splutters, but to her dismay she finds herself climbing the stairs right behind Regina. It's like her ass (which, frankly is kind of amazing) is hypnotic or something.

"You should read contracts before you sign them, Sheriff. Surely your dear friend Mr. Gold advised you of that?" Regina is teasing now, totally smug. It should be unbearable, but Emma finds herself licking her lips in anticipation. Who's she kidding, anyway? She's been on this collision course with Regina since that day at the mine, all invasion of personal space and looking just a little too long.

They reach Regina's bedroom, and as Regina closes the door behind them, Emma finally realizes how real this all is. She feels nervous, but aroused, and no matter how stupid it might be, she already knows she's going to let Regina have her. It's kind of… liberating to finally admit that.

"Now, dear," Regina murmurs as she steps in close and unzips Emma's jacket. "A few ground rules. No disturbing Henry. And I don't want to hear about your feelings, understand? None of that 'I don't feel anything' crap, okay?"

Emma can see the hurt on Regina's face, and feel the spectre of Graham haunting them both for a moment. She shakes it off, along with her jacket, and grabs Regina's waist to pull her closer.

"Madam Mayor, you are definitely going to feel something," Emma says, low and seductive. "And if you're as good as you like to think you are, then so will I."

"Good," Regina says, practically purring. The light in her eyes is back at Emma's tone of challenge. This is going to be explosive, Emma can already tell, and her body is already thrumming with anticipation.

When they (finally, desperately) kiss, Emma thinks that she's seeing stars. Regina's tongue is as wicked as Emma could have hoped, and she kisses with as little mercy as she has for everything else in her life.

"I have a groundrule, too," Emma pants as they finally break for air.

"What?" Regina snaps, impossibly hot when she's angry.

"Don't ever refer to this as a 'duty' again, okay?" Emma demands, standing straight and staring Regina down. Regina narrows her eyes in suspicion, but when Emma doesn't fold, Regina shrugs and seemingly accepts it.

"Any other vocabulary concerns?" Regina asks, her lips just inches from Emma's again.

"Nuh uh," Emma replies, backing Regina against the wall. "Let's do this."