(EDIT: Hello. This was my first ever story, and while it is discontinued, I have decided to keep it up. However, this is in no way how I write today, but for the sake of completeness, I'm leaving it how it is. So if it seems not very good or like a first timer writing, it is. This is exactly as it was when I abandoned it, no edits (aside from this), no nothing. So, read on if you wish.)


A black dragoness sighed and gazed out from her mountainous cave home and looked at the stars. She would have togo soon if her Sighted dreams were anything to go by.

The prophecy still rung in her ears and she knew she must leave now if it had any hope of coming true.

As she took off a voice whispered " The giants of old shall rise and the land of sky is doomed. The one who would save it was the one who almost destroyed it. On the dawn of a new year the land of sky will enter a dark age unless the two stop it. For their destinies were intertwined from their birth to their death and the defenders of the land of sky shall stand beside them for better or worse."

The dragoness flew as quickly as she could through the night to her destiny.

The black dragoness soon spotted what she had been looking for, a great pillar of light shooting up into the night sky lighting it up.

She didn't really like how bright it was because it ruined the purpose nighttime, but oh well, at least it helped people who couldn't see very well in the dark.

She landed on a island not to far away from the great beam of light, and found a tall tree to sleep in. She curled up and drifted off to sleep in her make-shift tree nest.

She twitched occasionally as her dark dreams morphed and changed, each one darker than the next, and all about the end of the world.

And on that happy note the prologue is done. Sorry if it's a bit short but please r&r.