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She dropped the now empty bottle in the bin. She looked over at her best friend and sighed. "Let's do something different." She says getting up.

"Like what?" he asks.

"Take me to fight club." She says and he chokes on his beer.

After he calms he can see that she is dead serious. "You could get killed."

She scoffs. "Please!"

He knows he can't talk her out of it and she isn't drunk enough for him to manipulate her. "Fine, get changed and meet back here in an hour." He says. He knows he shouldn't even ponder agreeing but she was messed up when she arrived. She needed to get something off her chest and the booze wasn't going to help her.

They arrive at the abandoned warehouse and quickly sign up for fights.

He watches her carefully the whole night. When she comes out with only a few injuries he doesn't know whether to congratulate her and praise how badass she looked or be scared of her.

It being her first night she is forced to fight and she signed up for a few others. He only signed up for one.

At the end of the night he is patching up a scrape on her arm from when she was tossed to the ground and applying ointment to a cut above her left eyebrow and placing a band aid on her right middle knuckle where she cut it on some guy's teeth. There is swelling and bruising on her abdomen and he rubs some cream over it. Afterwards he placing a bag of peas on the bruise and he has an ice pack for her face.

Luckily for them it is summer so she doesn't have to go out of the house and no one will ask question about her new shiner.

He kisses the crown of her head before making sure the night light is plugged in and her favorite stuffed rabbit, Hopsy is tucked under her arm. He almost laughs at how innocent she looks now when just an hour ago she was kicking the asses of guys twice her size into the concrete.

"Thank you Noah." She says and he smiles going over and shutting the lights off. Using the night light he kicks off his shoes and drops his jeans to a heap beside them. He pulls his shirt off the asses his own wounds. Nothing serious, just a busted lip and some abdominal bruising. He climbs in bed beside her and holds her close. He takes the peas from her stomach and places it over his own.

Once her breathing has evened out he takes the ice pack from her eye and switches it to his abs and places the now defrosted peas on top of his jeans just in case they wet the floor. He needs to wash those jeans anyway.

She shifts in her sleep and curls into her. He wraps an arm around her holding her close but carefully.

He watched this girl grow up. He was after all like two years older than her. She skipped a grade and attended high school a year earlier and that scared him and he had a right to be scared when the first slushy went flying. He beat the hell out of the guy who did it.

He was absolutely repulsed at her idea of going with the flow. He obviously had a reputation and she wasn't going to tarnish it. So she'd play along and so would he. He would throw slushies just like the rest but when they got home he would cater to her.

He can count on both his hands the times he has seen her fathers since she started high school.


He has only seen her dads nine times since she started high school. Five her freshman year and four her sophomore. Her junior year started at the end of summer. How many times would they make an appearance this school year? He wondered if it was a pattern, every year the number a visits would decrease.

He couldn't wait for her graduation. She would be on to better and greater things. Without them. She was going to make a name for herself and she could only give herself credit for getting there. He knows she would credit him, his runt sister and overbearing mother, but that is only because they were there to watch her grow and be the young lady she is today.

For now though. For now he was going to sleep and be there for her.

He was going to help her.

Whatever it took. He was going to help her. Give her a reason to hold on. Because he can feel her slipping.

And he doesn't want to find out exactly what or where she is slipping into.

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