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When Rachel and Jack arrive in Lima it is three in the afternoon. Jack had been texting Ruth back and forth since they started their trip. She refused to let Rachel drive should the event of Rachel chickening out arise.

Rachel kept insisting but Jack relented.

"Nice place." Jack comments as she parks Rachel's car in the driveway.

"Thanks." Rachel mumbles before releasing a yawn. She looks around and frowns.

"What?" Jack asks removing her seat belt.

Rachel shakes her head. "I thought they'd be here when I got back."

"You didn't exactly tell anyone you were coming home." Jack says as they get out of the car.

Rachel shrugs. "I know, but I guess it is silly to think they'd camp out and wait for me to come back."

Jack rolls her eyes. "Come on." She opens the garage with the control that is clipped to the visor and shuts the car door.

Rachel follows suit and the two walk inside. They turn the corner to the kitchen.


Rachel jumps back in shock and Jack catches her before she actually falls.

Brittany, Sam, Puck, Mike and the others are there. Tina, Stevie, Stacey, Mary, Dwight, Ruth, Sarah and Brittany's family.

"What?" Rachel looks around shocked and turns to face Jack.

"I might have stolen your phone one night and got Ruth's number." Jack admits sheepishly as Rachel throws herself at Jack wrapping her in a tight hug. "Hey! What did I say about hugging?" Jack says feebly attempting to push Rachel away.

"I don't care." Rachel mutters against Jack's shoulder.

Jack smiles softly and returns the hug. "You're welcome, Rach." Jack says and Rachel pulls away.

"I am so sorry you guys." Rachel says and her apology is waved off.

"We understand your reasons, but what you did was stupid." Brittany states crossing her arms and Rachel flinches. Brittany hates the word 'stupid' so she must be really upset if she is using it.

"I know and I'm sorry. I just couldn't handle it if you guys left me." Rachel sighs.

"Oh come here!" Sam beams as Rachel is engulfed in a group hug consisting of her friends; her family.

Ruth pulls away first and approaches Jack. "Jack, I assume?" Jack nods and is caught off guard when Ruth hugs her. "Thank you."

It's a warmth Jack hasn't felt in a while. The motherly warmth you feel when a mother hugs you.

"You're welcome." Jack says returning the hug.

They all gather in the living room and talk.

"What made you think we'd leave?" Ruth is the first to ask a question.

Rachel takes a deep breath. "I was scared. I mean too many people have already walked out of my life. My dads and Shelby, the people that are supposed to always be there." Rachel says and Jack pats her shoulder. "But." Rachel smiles. "Jack knows Shelby and thanks to Jack, Shelby and I got the chance to talk and we are working things out." Rachel grins.

Ruth frowns but quickly replaces it with a smile. "That's great sweetie."

Rachel had caught the frown and gets up from the arm chair she is sitting in to hug Ruth. "No matter what you will always be the first mother figure in my life." Rachel says and Ruth smiles returning the hug.

"Why'd you go to New York?" Puck asks.

"It was where I always wanted to go." Rachel says in a 'duh' tone.

"Quinn's worried about you." Brittany says. "She kept pestering us to tell her where you went. She overheard us one day and found out you left and she wouldn't let up."

"Quinn huh?" Jack smirks and Rachel shoves her shoulder.

"I'll be sure to let her know everything is ok." Rachel assures them.

"So are we still a couple?" Brittany asks getting everyone's undivided attention.

"Do you want to be?" Rachel asks. "I know you and Santana…" at the mention of Santana's name Brittany lights up. "I guess we're broken up." Rachel says and Brittany goes over and hugs her.

"Love you Rach." Brittany says.

"Love you too, Britt, and tell Santana not to screw up." Rachel smiles.

"I'll tell her when she and Q get here; they wanted to welcome you home." Brittany says.

Ruth turns to Jack. "Will you be staying long?"

Jack thinks for a moment. "Yes, I have four days left on my vacation."

"Well." Dwight clears his throat. "We have the grill going and everything set up outside so why don't we head out there?" Dwight suggests and they all smile and agree.

"Time to party!" Puck exclaims as the doorbell rings.

"That's probably Santana and Quinn." Brittany answers. "Oh and Santana knows you left and she is pissed that you made me sad." Brittany says and Rachel's eyes widen in fear.

"Jack, we need to go back to New York." Rachel says frantically and Jack quirks an eyebrow.

"Why?" Jack asks as Brittany goes to get the door.

"Santana is going to kill me." Rachel stresses and Jack huffs.

"It can't be that bad." Jack says.

"Berry! I am going to kill you!" Santana screams and Jack's face falls at the malice laced in the words.

"Maybe you should run." Jack suggests as Rachel cowers behind her. "Don't hide behind me!" Jack cries trying to move but Rachel holds her in place.

Santana appears and she storms up to Jack. "Who the hell are you and why are you in my way?" Santana asks and Jack raises her hands and attempts to move but Rachel holds her in place.

"You promised you'd always be there for me!" Rachel plays that card and Jack sighs.

"She's right. I did promise." Jack looks Santana in the eye. "I assume you are angry because Rachel made Brittany sad." Santana nods. "Well, Rachel was, is, going through a rough time and you should cut her some slack. She didn't mean to hurt anyone and if you want to kill her you have to go through me." Jack says and Santana quirks a brow.

"Who're you? Her new girlfriend?" Santana huffs.

Quinn glares at Jack.

Jack shakes her head. "I'm her friend." Jack states and Santana glares. "Now, I really don't want to fight you so can we put this aside and get to celebrating?" Jack asks looking over at Puck who nods.

"Yeah, let's do this!" Puck booms. He goes over to Rachel and throws her over his shoulder.

"NOAH! Put me down!" Rachel shouts hitting his back with her fists.

Everyone but Santana, Jack and Quinn follow them out.

"Who are you?" Santana asks once more.

"Jack, I'm Rachel's friend."

Santana looks Jack up and down. "Uh huh…" She gets in Jack's personal space and pokes Jack's shoulder. "Listen here Yankee…" Jack holds her hand up stopping her.

"There is absolutely nothing between Rachel and me except friendship. She likes someone else." Jack says and Santana narrows her eyes.

"You better hope your feelings are platonic because if you get in the way I will ends you." Santana promises and with that she and Quinn head to the backyard where the others have started the barbeque and are in the pool.

Jack steps out just in time to witness Brittany launching herself at Santana. Santana falters a bit as Brittany wraps her arms around Santana's neck and her legs around Santana's waist.

"I am a free woman!" Brittany cheers and Rachel scoffs.

"It wasn't so terrible being my girlfriend." Rachel grunts and Brittany laughs.

"You two broke up?" Santana asks incredulously.

Brittany nods. "Rach and I talked before you and Quinn got here. We both like other people and we were together mostly because we didn't want to be alone." Brittany says and Rachel nods.

Puck comes up to Jack and looks her over.

"Yes?" Jack asks with attitude.

"Are you gay?" Puck asks bluntly.

"Noah!" Rachel exclaims. "You can't just ask people that!" Rachel won't lie, she is a bit curious herself. She never really asked and Jack never said anything.

Jack laughs. "It's fine Rach." She looks back at Puck. "Am I gay? I am ecstatic!"

Rachel and the others laugh and Puck frowns.

"That's not what I meant." Puck says and Jack shrugs.

"You asked, I answered." Jack says patting his shoulder as she walks past him.

"Jack can you sing?" Sarah asks and Rachel looks at Jack intrigued.

Jack smiles politely and shakes her head. "No, I don't."

Rachel gasps. "I lived with you for a whole week and you sing in the shower." Rachel says and Jack blushes.

"I do not."

"Are you calling me a liar?" Rachel challenges.

"Well I'm not calling you a truther!" Jack retorts and Rachel starts laughing. Jack joins her and the others look at them confused. "Seriously?" Jack asks. "'Drake and Josh.' You guys haven't seen it?"

"We have, it's just you two are really close." Puck points out.

"Don't worry, I'm not stealing her from you guys." Jack teases as she goes to join the adults at the picnic table by the grill.

"How old are you Jack?" Ruth asks.

"Nineteen." Jack answers.

"And you live alone?" Mary asks and Jack nods.

"Yes, my dad and I aren't very close anymore and my grandmother left everything to me and I used that opportunity to get out on my own." Jack says.

"And your mother?" Mrs. Pierce asks.

Jack smiles sadly. "She passed away a few years ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Mrs. Pierce says and Jack shakes her head.

"It's fine. You asked and it was a while back." Jack assures.

"So what do you do Jack?" Dwight asks.

"Jack, owns a theatre, an apartment complex and works as an EMT at her cousin's gym." Rachel says sitting on Jack's lap.

Jack blushes. "I don't flaunt my money Rach and I don't need you doing it for me." Jack says poking Rachel's ribs making her giggle.

"Don't do that." Rachel pouts.

"Then don't sit on me. I am not a chair." Jack says but she wraps her arms around Rachel's waist letting her know it is fine and she isn't irked by it. Jack just wants warning before she is sat on.

Ruth smiles at the two. "I have said it before and I will say many more times after this. Thank you for looking after Rachel." Ruth says and Jack smiles.

"You really don't need to keep thanking me." Jack says blushing slightly.

"Well tough!" Rachel huffs. "We have a lot to be thankful for."

Half way through their celebrations Rachel sneaks away to her room. Jack watches her go and turns to look at Quinn. Quinn is watching Rachel closely, just as she has been doing since she arrived.

Jack gets up and walks over to the lounger that Quinn is lying on. Jack drops onto an empty spot and hands Quinn a bottle of water. Quinn looks at her confused. "Take it to her. She should be in her room." Jack says and Quinn takes the bottle. "Seriously, go." Jack swats Quinn's thigh and Quinn gets up.

Quinn walks inside and up the stairs. Rachel's room isn't hard to find. It's the one with a giant star on it. But when Quinn steps into the doorway Rachel is nowhere to be found. Quinn hears a sniffle behind her and turns. There is a door slightly ajar and Quinn heads towards it. She pushes the door open slowly and finds Rachel sat on the floor with her back against the bed and a picture frame in hand.

Quinn steps in and Rachel looks up.

"Oh!" She wipes her eyes. "Quinn, how may I help you?"

Quinn holds out the water. "Are you ok?"

Rachel takes it with a smile. "Thank you."

"Why are you crying?" Quinn asks taking a seat next to Rachel. She looks at the picture in Rachel's hand and frowns. "Oh." In Rachel's hands is a picture of Rachel and her dads. Rachel must be about twelve in the photo and her fathers are looking at her like she is their most prized treasure.

"I miss them." Rachel admits. "I know they left me." Rachel sniffles. "But I miss them."

Quinn nods. Even though her mother didn't fight her father on his decision to kick her out, Quinn still missed her mother. She found it hard to miss her father. But she missed her mother.

"When my dad kicked me out, I missed my mom so much. I was angry because she didn't fight my father's decision. But after a while I just started to miss her and when she came and told me what she did to my dad because he was cheating…I was so ecstatic to just see her." Quinn says and Rachel looks at her in awe. This has to be the first time Quinn has come clean about this to anyone other than Santana and Brittany.

"Are you still mad? At your father?" Rachel asks and Quinn shrugs.

"Sometimes. I'm angry that he kicked me out, that one mistake made him not see me as his little girl anymore. Then I get angry because he cheated on my mom for who knows how long. But being angry wasn't helping me." Rachel looks at her intrigued. "I realized that being angry at my dad wasn't helping me move on with my life. He kicked me out for getting pregnant and my mom kicked him out for cheating. I asked myself for many nights, how could he just toss me out like I was nothing? Then I realized that my father loved his reputation and social image more. If it were anything else I think he would have brushed it under the carpet. But he couldn't hide his pregnant teenaged daughter, so he got rid of me to protect his image." Rachel takes Quinn's hand in her own. "I would get angry all over again at that revelation. But then I remembered that my dad was gone. How could I be mad at someone who isn't there? So I decided to be happy for me. And my mom." Quinn smiles and squeezes Rachel's hand.

"I was angry." Rachel says after a few moments of silence. "I used that anger to beat people up at fight clubs." Quinn looks at Rachel with wide eyes.

"What?!" Quinn gasps.

Rachel gives a sheepish smile. "I haven't been in a while though." She assures. She won't tell Quinn about the fight she met Jack at. That is just a no. "But that's what I did. I beat people up just to get my anger out. Then I met Jack and she told me her story." Rachel looks down at the photo that is now sat in her lap. "At least they know I exist and made arrangements for me to stay with the Puckermans." Rachel sighs. "Now that I no longer feel anger towards them, I miss them."

Quinn smiles and pulls Rachel into a hug. "And that's ok. One day they will realize how stupid they are being by not putting you first."

They leave Rachel's fathers' room and Quinn tucks Rachel into her bed.

Quinn goes to leave but Rachel catches her wrist before she can get far. Quinn turns and looks at Rachel questioningly.

"Stay." Rachel whispers. "Please."

Quinn smiles softly and nods.

Rachel lets go of Quinn's hand and lifts the comforter.

Quinn kicks off her shoes and climbs in next to Rachel.

"Thank you."

"For what?" Quinn tries to keep her voice calm and steady as Rachel places her head on Quinn's shoulder.


"Goodnight Rachel." Quinn whispers.


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