The docks were deserted as she silently wandered around. Usually pier 52 was empty, and that was exactly why Elizabeth Webber had walked there. She wanted nothing more than to be alone tonight. She had dropped Cameron off with Robin and Patrick and had headed to a place to be alone and think.

The waves lapping at the wooden docks helped calm her nerves. Her life had taken a horrible turn in the last year and she was really feeling the stress. First, Jake had been hit and killed. Her heart was still breaking over the lose of her youngest son. Then Lucky had left on a trip of self discovery. While Elizabeth had no problem with him leaving, it angered her on behalf of Cam. Her eldest son was just as confused and hurting as everyone else, then the only male figure he had ever had for father had abandoned him. Lastly, watching Jason marry Sam McCall, the woman who had tormented his son, was enough to spark rage within her.

Shrugging her tense shoulders, she eased down on the docks and sat close to the water's edge. She was hoping that sitting alone and calming herself would help ease the pain that was tearing her up inside. Wishing that the whole last year had been a dream, she sighed as tears started down her cheeks.

She jumped when a hand touched her back and whirled around. Her large, scared eyes jumped up to the man's face standing above her. Shocked at the person standing above her, Elizabeth slowly stood and walked into their open arms.

"I've missed you so much," she murmured softly.

"I have missed you too. You could have called me, hell, you should have called me. I would have flown straight here, Liz."

Sobs broke free that she had been holding in for months. As the dam broke free, Elizabeth clung to him. "Oh, God!"

Francis Corelli tightened his hold on Elizabeth and comforted her the best he could. When the sobs finally eased up, he gently pulled her face up to see her eyes. Running a hand gently over the damp tracks on her cheeks, Francis smiled sadly at her. "Elizabeth, it is ok to break down. You needed to, kiddo. You can't hold everything in."

"I have to be strong for Cam."

"Oh, Liz, he just needs you whole, that is all."

Smiling slightly, she nodded. "I know. What are you doing here, Francis? It has been over eight years since I seen you last."

Wrapping an arm around her slim shoulder, Francis started walking them in the direction of of his car. "Um, I heard from someone what had been happening here the last couple years. I knew that you could use someone that was in your corner completely. I came as soon as I heard, Liz."

"I am so happy that you are here. You have no idea how alone I have felt."

Kind brown eyes searched her sapphire one's. "It is what friends do. I know that we haven't kept in touch regularly, but I value our friendship, Liz." Kissing the top of her head, he led her to his car silently. He could feel some of the tension easing from her body and was happy that he had made the right choice to return.

Francis drove Elizabeth back to her house and watched her movements. He could tell that him being here was helping her a lot, and he only wished that he had known what had happened earlier. When he was approached about coming back to Port Charles and looking out for her and Cameron, he had been wary until he had been told the entire story. After hearing that, his only concern was getting to her before something else happened.

"I should go check into a hotel," he told her as she settled on the couch.

"What? No! I have plenty of room, Francis. Stay here until you find somewhere permanent. There is no need to waste money on a hotel room," she protested.

He smiled, mentally thanking her for not changing throughout the years. He had had no intention of leaving the young woman alone. "Are you sure, Elizabeth?"

She nodded. "I am positive, Francis. There is only Cam and myself here, although he is staying with friends of mine tonight. I have two extra bedrooms that are at your disposal." She paused and licked her lips. "When are you leaving?"

"I am not. I am here permanently. I quit my job and have plenty of cash lying in several accounts. With your grandmother gone, your parents MIA, your siblings no help, I knew that you could use support. I only wish that I had known earlier."

Smiling and feeling secure for the first time in a long time, Elizabeth shook her head. "I am so happy that you are here. What about O'Brien?"

"He will be coming in a couple weeks. He had some things to take care of before joining us. Besides, we have to keep his return quiet until he is ready to be seen. After all, he is suppose to be dead."

She giggled. "I am so happy that you found him and got him help in time. OB was always a great guy. There is no way that he would have done what they accused him of."

Francis sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her petite shoulders, pulling her into a hug. "No way in hell, I agree with that. Now, tell me what has been going on. I only know some of the details."

Sighing sadly, Elizabeth nodded. "Well, Jason and I had a son, Jake. I hid the paternity for most of the pregnancy, but finally told him before the end of the pregnancy. I did ask him to let Lucky raise Jake and he agreed. The danger was a huge worry and so was Lucky, but I could not get past him telling me that our son could not be put before his girlfriend Sam." As Elizabeth spilled the entire story of the last four years, Francis was trying to hold in the rage that had started to boil.

That Jason had forgave the woman who had watched his son be kidnapped, threatened Elizabeth and the children, and then married the con woman was unbelievable. Francis was beginning to think that Jason had morphed into Sonny combined with Carly. The piece of resistance was asking for their son's organs before even checking on the mother of his child made him want to shoot Jason and Carly. Pulling Elizabeth close to him again as she cried, Francis started plotting all their downfalls. With the help of Johnny O'Brien and the person who had arranged for their coming into town undetected, it should be easy to pull off. Their was no way that these uncaring monsters were going to hurt Elizabeth anymore. He also had a few choice words for Monica about her precious daughter-in-law. Maybe an anonymous folder sent to the media would be an eye opener. He smiled maliciously at the thought.

Kelly's was busy when Francis, Elizabeth, and Cam entered the small waterfront diner. They quickly grabbed a table in the corner and ordered lunch. Elizabeth was happy to see that her son had bonded with her friend. The two had immediately hit it off this morning when Patrick had dropped him off on his way to the hospital. She laughed as her seven year old talked Nascar with the former guard.

Sensing Francis tense, she looked around and groaned when she spotted Jason, Sam, Monica, and Alexis sitting a couple tables away. She smiled reassuringly at Francis and continued talking with Cam about his night away.

"Elizabeth, I though you called off? You don't look sick." Monica was pissed. They were already short staffed and one of her nurses, who she was already mad at, was sitting in Kelly's chatting away with her son and some man.

She had wanted to avoid a public scene, but the tone of Monica's voice made her resolve snap. She turned and smiled at Emily's adoptive mother. "Actually, I called in and told them that I was not coming back. In case you are too stupid to realize that meant ever, I quit, Monica. Find someone else to take your hatred out on." She smirked at the stunned expression on her face. "Also, I filed charges with the medical board this morning against you. After Francis here listened to the recordings on my phone of your treatment toward me, he talked me into it. So until the court case, I would appreciate it if all contact from your family comes through my lawyer." The look of shock on everyone's face caused Elizabeth to laugh.

Francis stared blankly at everyone at the table and met Jason's eyes without flinching. Seeing his surprise, the older man glared at his former boss and bared his teeth in a brilliant smile before returning his attention to Cam. The next comment caused him to laugh though.

"Of course you did, Elizabeth. After all, you have the five million that MY husband gave you for Jake." Sam spat at the other woman.

"Actually, Mrs. Morgan, that money was never touched. In fact, Mrs. Miller is returning that money to your husband. I didn't want it then, and I sure don't want it now. Maybe he can give it to Joss, after all, she has the kidneys that were so important."

The silence in the diner was thick as everyone had stopped to listen to the conversation between the two tables. Most were staring at Elizabeth in awe. It was a side of the young mother that had not been seen in years, since she was a teenager actually.

Cameron tugged on Elizabeth's hand. "Mom, can go? Those rude people made me want to leave." He sneered at the table. "It is hard to believe that Aunt Emily was HER daughter," he said with all the disdain that a seven year old could muster.

Snorting to contain a laugh, Francis stood and helped the youngster with his coat. He had so much of the young Lizzie in him. "That is because your Aunt Emily was not her real daughter, Cam. She didn't have that selfish blood running through her." Francis pulled out his wallet and placed three twenties on the table and nodded to the young waitress as he left the diner with Elizabeth and Cam never looking back.

Jason Morgan was shocked to say the least. Seeing Francis with Elizabeth had rocked him, then hearing the conversation with Monica, Sam, and especially Elizabeth and Cam had floored him. He watched the trio leave before looking around his own table. Monica and Sam were already complaining and Alexis looked as shocked as he felt.

"She has some nerve! And, Jason, just who was that man with her? Probably another easy mark for her," Sam sneered.

Alexis choked on her tea and coughed. "Actually, Sam, that man is not an easy mark. He is someone that you need to stay away from." She turned to Jason. "When did Francis Corelli come back? I thought he was running the casino on the island."

"Sonny had told me that he quit suddenly last week. I can't say that I am surprised that he would come back to help Elizabeth. Francis always had a soft spot for her. I am just shocked. I didn't think she knew how to contact him." He stopped and looked at Monica. "What have you done that the medical board is taking things to court? I thought I told you to leave her alone."

Monica snorted. "Please! She kept my grandson from me!"

Pinching his nose to ward of a headache, Jason shook his head. "I told you before that it was my decision too. You need to back off on that. Jesus, Cam even seen how you are treating his mother."

Sam slammed her coffee mug down. "That child is a brat, Jason."

"No, Sam, he is not. He was honest. As for Emily, she would be ashamed of you Monica."

The older woman disagreed. "If she is returning the money that you sat up for Jake, how is she going to survive? There is no way that I will hire her back to the hospital after this crap."

Nik grimaced as he walked over to the table. "I really don't think that is any concern of yours, Dr. Quartermaine. The medical board has been in touch with GH. Until a complete investigation, the hospital board has to remove your privileges."

The entire table was silent as that sunk in. Monica recovered and stared at the prince in disbelief. "Nik, come on. I have been at GH longer than you have been alive."

He eyed his her with distaste. "Be glad that it is only a suspension until the investigation is complete. Although with all the personnel coming forward with statements concerning your verbal attacks, it will probably be permanent before too long. You were chief of staff and used your position to make one of our most talented surgical nurses miserable because you felt that you were wronged." He nodded to his aunt before looking at Sam and Jason. "Just a word of warning, there is talk of several people heading into town to help Elizabeth. Francis was only the beginning, Jason. When I spoke with him this morning when I checked on Elizabeth and Cam, he said that there are powerful people concerned at the events that have transpired since Jake was born." Seeing understanding dawning in the man's eyes, Nik nodded. "You know as well as I do that trouble is coming to Port Charles. You might want to reign in your wife and mother. If it is who I suspect, there will be no second chances and it is already too late to repair the damages that were already committed."

Sam watched as her cousin left without another word and turned toward Jason. "What is he talking about? What important people could possibly care about the Princess of Port Charles? And if they cared so much, where have they been all this time?"

Jason shook his head, wondering why she still hated Elizabeth so much. "Several important people care about her, Sam. She was always well liked by everyone who ever met her, except for jealous females. Don't concern yourself over any of that. I will take care of any problems that occur." Turning toward his steaming mother, he frowned. "I am only sorry that you have tarnished your reputation at the hospital, along with Alan's. You need to accept that we made a decision about Jake, both of us, not just her. Monica, I am sorry that you are in trouble, but I honestly hope that it wakes you up to what a hypocrite you are being toward Elizabeth."

Huffing angrily at her son, Monica stormed out of the diner. Alexis watched with a grimace and sighed. "I need to go. I have a meeting with Diane. Please, Sam, keep a low profile. I don't know everything going on here, but Francis is not a man to be taken lightly when he is pissed."

"Please, he worked for Sonny and Jason. He can't touch me."

Shaking his head at her stupidity, Jason responded, "Wrong! Francis stopped working for us. He was with Elizabeth today. His loyalty is to her now, and I am well aware that he will hold me responsible for hurting Elizabeth. He always thought of her as a younger sister, Sam. When he was here, even after Sonny took guards off of her, Francis still watched her on his time off along with O'Brien who was another guard that she was close too."

After leaving the diner, Jason sent Sam one her to the PI firm and headed to the docks. He needed to think. He was concerned about what Nik had disclosed. He was well aware that Elizabeth could reign terror over the business in Port Charles without meaning to. She had way more power than most people knew, even her. He needed to discuss with Francis who knew what, but was almost afraid that the conversation may end with violence. Jason had recognized the look in his old mentors eyes. He was out for blood.