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I admit, I'm still fairly new to Spice and Wolf. I finished watching the first and second season of the anime a few weeks ago, and promptly rewatched all of it. I was blown away by how fun and sweet it all was (As well as nerve-wracking). I haven't been very productive in my writing these past few months, but for this series, I had an idea for a story in just a few days, and got to writing. I have finished drafting the story (Expect it to total in the 16000-17000 word range), and will be uploading additional chapters as I finish editing them :) However, I simply could not resist uploading chapter one. It's one of my favorite things I've written to date, and I really hope you enjoy it :)

Without further adieu, I do not own Spice and Wolf.

"Will you be gentle with me?" Holo asked. Her voice was full of trepidation, possibly even fear, but she wouldn't have agreed to this if she weren't ready. It had been a long time coming, and now, neither she nor her partner would be denied.

"I can't make that promise, Holo," Kraft spoke. Holo gasped as he continued, "I've wanted this for a very long time. I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself."

He had once remarked that the face Holo now wore made her irresistible. Her large red eyes were absolutely magical, the light pout on her lips, flared tips of her ears; even a priest wouldn't have been able to resist devouring her. "Oh, Lawrence; please…"


With that, he took hold of Holo's tail. She gasped, but not in pain. Her cheeks were red with excitement as his fingers slid into her finely oiled fur. "Lawrence!" she beckoned. "Please!"

"As you wish, Holo."

He slid the tortoise shell comb through her tail, but ultimately, any touch other than her own was just too much for the wise wolf. "Lawrence!" she roared, her once serious tone now overwhelmed with laughter. "Stop! That tickles!"

"I'm sorry," he offered. "But it seems your magnificent tail has made me lose all restraint."

"Oh! I beg you; no more of this torture!" Holo shouted. While she wanted the tickling to stop, she didn't make any attempt to threaten or hit him. She simply lay back on her bed, clutching tightly at the sheets, hoping it might ease the tickling. After all, the offer he'd posed for her was just too good to pass up.

"You can eat and drink however much you wish tonight, and it won't be added to your tab. But, when we get back to the room, I get to comb your tail."

She'd certainly had her fill of food and drink, but in retrospect, this was one of her worst decisions since admitting their feelings to one another the previous week. Kissing had become a regular occurrence. Every day began with a kiss, special events throughout the day were marked with a kiss, and of course, a kiss before bed. But, touching Holo's tail, that was still taboo. It was her pride and joy as a wolf after all.

His fingers gently slid to the pale fringe at the tip of her tail and suddenly, the sensation shifted from torture to pleasure. The redness in her cheeks deepened, and she decided all at once that Lawrence had done enough combing to offset her food and drink for the night. She leapt from the bed, the sudden movement causing him to let go of her tail, and the next thing he knew, he was flat on his back, pinned beneath her.

"I think you've had enough fun for one day, don't you agree?" Holo asked, her tail playfully waving behind her.

His hands gently found her narrow waist, and he graciously answered, "I suppose so."

Holo gave a smile and lowered her lips to his. So soft and gentle, barely even putting her weight on him, it made the sensation all the more tantalizing. It had been ages, centuries even, since Holo kissed someone while in her human form, and then, it hadn't felt a fraction as good as it did right now. Lawrence on the other hand, he could never admit that Holo was his first kiss ever. What with being both a travelling merchant and a gentleman, he never found comfort in the lips of another. Luckily for him, kissing Holo was very easy.

Their lips slowly broke, and Lawrence lifted his right hand from her hip. Gently he ran his fingers down her cheek, and Holo gave herself completely to the gesture. Her eyes fell shut as she snuggled against his hand, just as a tame wolf might encourage a kind hand to rub its head. Her eyes opened once more to take in Lawrence's smiling face. She slid her body lower, and he gently pulled her to him, wrapping his arm around her in a soft but steady embrace, her cheek resting on his chest.

"This is nice," Holo remarked. "To think; all the days we spent fighting when we could have been doing this."

"I'm sorry it took me so long," he said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"You truly are terribly good natured."

Lawrence smiled as he held her, "But you like me this way."

"I do," she lightly answered.

For moments they rested like that. Silent and still, simply enjoying the warmth of one another this cold winter night. It happened so gradually, Lawrence barely felt Holo's light body go heavy. He looked to her face to find her eyes shut, and her breathing deep. He smiled all for himself, Looks like I found a way to keep her from snoring.

He shifted to lay her back on the bed, but as he did so, she lightly spoke through her half-sleep, "What are you talking about, Lawrence? Of course I'm awake."

"Alright, Holo," Lawrence quietly chided.

He covered her with her blanket as he always did, and leaned to place a kiss on her forehead. "Sweet dreams, wise wolf."

However, as he went to go to his own bed for the night, he found Holo really was still awake. She grabbed his hand and immediately he turned back to her. "Let us leave tonight," she suggested.

"Tonight?" Lawrence asked in surprise. "But why?"

"We have never travelled through the night before, you and I," she answered. "Besides…" She turned towards the closed window, the moonlight pouring in through the cracks in the woodwork, "…it is a full moon tonight. I believe it will be lovely."

In the blink of an eye, his apprehension of her suggestion vanished completely. "I think you might be right." Being in a relationship was quite foreign to Lawrence, though the desire to please Holo came very natural to him. "How about we stop at the bar downstairs for a drink first?" Holo's eyes went from half-closed, to lit up as bright as the moon. "A little alcohol ought to keep us warm for a while."

"For certain we should have done this all much sooner," Holo beamed.

Nearly an hour later, they'd had their drink, retrieved the cart and horse, and were on their way into the night. They were headed northwest to the small town of Ezzio, just a few days upriver from Lanos. Lawrence knew there might not be much of a market for the cinnamon he was carrying, but to his own surprise, he didn't particularly care. The money they'd made in Kumerson was still holding them, and could continue to do so for some time, even with Holo's penchant for eating and drinking. What did intrigue him about Ezzio was a rumor he'd received from a certain redheaded bar keep, just before settling in earlier this evening.

"If you're looking for information about the north, I'd bet Innkeeper Layne over in Ezzio would be able to help. I hear his father's father's father's father built that very Inn over two centuries ago, and the family has been keeping records and accounts of all of their visitors ever since."

Two centuries worth of tales, with only a minor detour to the direction he was already planning on heading seemed well worth it. After telling Holo the news over dinner, she too was quite excited to arrive in Ezzio; likely another part of her desire to set out during the night. He couldn't blame her for being excited. Though he'd been with her for months, that he was with her now, that she was his and he was hers, his eagerness to see her dream realized was insatiable as well.

Not much more than an hour later though, Holo's exhaustion started to get the best of her. She let out a long and deep yawn while stretching her limbs. When the tension in her body released, Lawrence noticed a shiver about her. The warming effect of the alcohol was long gone, and now it was just plain cold. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"I will be fine. Even with these layers of clothing, this form is far too fragile."

Lawrence was cold, there was no denying that. Still, he was a gentleman, and she was his woman; he would not watch her shiver. He slipped his coat from his back and placed it over her shoulders, instantly upping her warmth. "Lawrence, I-"

"I'll be alright, you just get warm."

Holo looked away from him, almost as though she were ashamed of herself. "Perhaps this was a poor choice," she muttered.

"What was a poor choice?"

"Travelling at night. I should have known it would be too cold to travel this evening. I just wanted…"

She paused a moment, but he knew where she was going. He placed his left hand atop her head, gently massaging just between her ears, "I know. Me too."

He pulled up the reins, bringing the horse to come to a stop beside a lone tree on this dirt path. "What are you doing?"

"We stop here for the night," Lawrence declared.

"Here? Won't we freeze?"

Lawrence lifted the cover from his cart and clumsily folded it on itself once, then again, making it four layers thick. The cinnamon he carried took very little space in the cart, leaving them plenty of room to sleep. He took a seat on the floor of the cart and extended his hand to Holo, "Well, my princess?"

They had been together for nearly seven full days, and still hadn't slept in the same bed. Tonight though, it only made sense to sleep in each other's arms. "I would be delighted, my prince," Holo happily replied. She removed his coat and rolled it neatly so they would have something to lay their heads on, and finally gave him her hand.

She lay beside him and he pulled the folded cart cover over them. Holo's eyes closed for a moment, a supremely serene expression on her face, "That's better."

The touch of Lawrence's hand on her belly startled her from her moment of tranquility, bringing her eyes to open and find him in an instant. Her look of surprise faded into one of happiness as they stared into each other's eyes. This time, it would be Holo who placed a hand on his cheek.

A single tear streamed down her face bringing Lawrence to ask, "Holo?"

"I never told you, Lawrence," she said. He looked at her inquisitively for a moment, and she filled in the blanks for him, "In the church that afternoon."

Lawrence's cheeks turned a brighter red than they already were. He knew what she was talking about and attempted to brush it off, "Oh that, well that's-"

"I do love you, Lawrence," she confessed. He gaped at her, and she smiled just a bit wider. "I am a very proud and very wise wolf; that is what I am. But, around you, I become only an echo of those things. You must have me under your spell, because so long as I am with you, this wise wolf is nothing more than a fragile young girl."

Lawrence accepted her words and gently placed his hand on her cheek as well. "You once told me that the face we wear belongs to us, and only to us. This face belongs to Holo, and Holo is the woman I love."

Beaming brightly, she blinked a few straggling tears from her eyes, and kindly pulled his hand from her cheek. She pushed herself upright, grinning as she watched his puzzled reaction. She took hold of the tunic she wore, and slowly pulled it over her shoulders. Her fair white skin glistened in the light of the full moon. "Holo, you shouldn't-"

She placed a finger to his lips silencing him, and looked up to the full moon that illuminated them. She took a deep breath into her lungs, bore her canines, and let out a strong and powerful howl. As always, Lawrence could only lie there, completely mesmerized by her and all of her splendor. She looked back to him, her tone light and wistful, "This body belongs to the man I love, and tonight I wish to give it to him. Will he refuse me?"

"Holo! It's freezing out!" Lawrence commented, surprisingly panic stricken at the prospect of his first time, and with a wise wolf no less.

She reached to the buttons on his shirt, carefully undoing them as she commented, "Come now. Throughout all these years you have spent travelling, I am certain you have also learned that the body heat of another is the best way to keep warm."

He took hold of her wrist, stopping her from undoing the buttons, and in that moment, she feared he just might scold her for this. Her ears fell forward as she sighed, however, when she looked into his eyes, she found he was smiling contently. "You truly are irresistible, Holo."

She offered him a grin, though he said nothing in response; he simply brought his face to hers, and softly rubbed his nose on hers.

Holo smiled, her cheeks instantly red as she let out a warm chuckle. She helped him with his shirt, and piece-by-piece, they assisted in removing each other's clothing. Their garments removed, Holo laid her body atop his, and that was all. Her tail lightly swung back and forth as she watched him stare into her eyes; like she were the only woman in the world. Just as he lifted his head to kiss her once more, she again placed a finger to his lips.

"Will you be gentle with me?" she asked.

He smiled wide at that. "Always, Holo," he answered. With that, she let her finger from his lips, and finally, he had his kiss.

They held each other all through the night, the warmth and comfort of their bodies their blankets in the cold. The consummation wasn't rough, rushed, or violent, but filled with smiles and laughter. They made love in its sweetest, most romantic form, laughing endlessly and playfully into the night as they enjoyed one another. Holo might never tell him, but in all her years, she had never laughed or enjoyed herself that much. The Wise Wolf of Yoitsu was in love, and no matter how proud a wolf she was, she would never let her prince go.

Hope you enjoyed chapter one :) I'll have the rest up as soon as I can :)