Not Alone.

Chapter 1 - Lie To Me

Greeting his mother with a wide winning smile, he held a carton of Morley cigarettes. Smiling at her, Madeline just raised an eyebrow at her son and placed a hand on her hip, sensing a rather peculiar attitude. She stood before him, keeping him from entering the Westen family home...It puzzled her. It was something clearly out of the ordinary. Was it her birthday and she forgot? - As if she'd forget. She would ring and pest Michael all day if that was the case. Was he about to give her some sort of exciting news? As her eyes studied him. Her face was rather drained, emotionless. She kept in that sudden urge to smile, if it wasn't hard enough as Michael's smile was contagious in every way. She then quickly shot a smile at him and took the carton, still leaving him standing at the door, in the door frame...

"Ma, are you ok?"

Michael instantly asked before Madeline swiftly changed her strategy and let him in. Cracking the smile, keeping things calm. Madeline thanked Michael for the smokes.

Forcing a cheerful tone with her appreciative thank you.

"Thank you Honey.."

Placing them on the dining table, she then sat down and watched him...Ignoring his question. She knew this would spark his interest even more, she knew her attitude, body language and lack of expression would startle him and force him into a fuming time bomb. She knew he'd be persistent and sharp with everything she did, every little detail to any kind of changes...

Michael took a quick glimpse around, checking the area for anything that was out of the ordinary...strange or simply just not right..Michael locked his eyes on Madeline...Raising his eyebrows, showing her that cute puppy face...


Michael raised his eyebrows and closely watched her again, his eyes started to dart around the place. Pinning to her hands as she fidgeted with her cigarette lighter. Michael could see the uncertainty as her hands started to shake. The impatient tick in her eyes, something wasn't right...

"Michael, are you staying long? I have things to do"

Still, ignoring his questions and small gestures of wanting to know if everything was alright - hinting clearly, he knew something wasn't accurate with everything that had just happened. Madeline forced a smile and watched him closely as he started for the front door. Stepping away, Michael closed his eyes for a moment, accepting the fact. Accepting that his mother was either, not interested nor needed his help.. Or, she wanted him far from the issues she was having, shielding him and being his saving grace...Walking out, Michael stepped out only to have Madeline slowly close the door behind. A whisper, only just escaping her lips..

"I'm sorry baby"

As the door is closed softly behind him, Michael stepped forward and gathered his Charger keys and hesitated for a moment before dashing quickly for his Charger, jumping in. He instantly started the beauty and roared out of the drive-way. Speeding off, down the street. Leaving leaves rustle and sway from the charger's swift movements, swirling and twirling on the road and curbs. Giving the neighbourhood that fresh Autumn feeling as the sun sat peacefully behind small clouds.

Madeline closed her eyes, sighing deeply. Lightly leaning against the door, she took a moment... The release jumping from her shoulders as she could feel the pressure release and leave her, the sudden overwhelming feeling as she let her son go, keeping him from the harm and trouble. She felt she did the right thing, by everyone. However; with that, she may had been feeling pleased that she was able to shield Michael from the pressure, she could feel the drastic rise of fear strike her as she was once again alone...

Finding herself back at the dining table, her hands on the carton of cigarettes. She received her packet within her pant pocket and took a single cigarette out, fumbling with the lighter, she lit the cigarette and took two quick and thick puffs. Her head was spinning, her mind racing. She tried her best to deal with everything. although; she was still not quite sure what exactly was happening. The anticipation was itching and clawing at her insides. Starting to think of just how easy she could just run, rush out of the door... However, her smart logic mind hammered in the mere consequences for her actions...As her eyes pinned to the front door, a part of her wished Michael would just walk in... the larger part, hoped it was locked and there was no way he or anyone else for that matter was about to enter..Her mind was travelling and racing, she was soon shocked by the sudden cold shiver and pressure on her shoulder as a large, cold hand squeezed her left shoulder. Madeline froze and let the shiver fall and collapse down her body...

"Well done, Madeline"

Leaning down, face resting on her shoulder. Almost nudging her cheek with theirs. Their touch, voice and presence only made Madeline more disgusted and afraid. Chilling. If it wasn't just the touch, the metal weaponry within their hand was just as frightening. Not only was it a simple firearm, it was one of the largest pistol's, a Desert Eagle.

"I was almost certain the kid knew something was up, but he left... good work, Momma..."

Smiling, showing their white teeth. Slowly, they moved from Madeline and stood behind her. giving out a loud sigh, comfortable with the situation, in charge and ready to take action.

"Step back, Larry"

Michael stood behind Larry, his own pistol muzzle just touching the back of his head. As Michael had snuck his way inside the house, through the open back door. Larry was sloppy, even for him this was odd. Larry couldn't help but swallow the mere stupidity on his behalf and turn to face the spy... Gritting his teeth, he could see Michael clench his jaw. That pouty and aggressive look struck his face, He could see just how provoked Michael was, with what was happening. Still with his hands to his side, grip tightening on his weapon. Licking his lips, Larry smiled again, flashing Michael with that very sly grin...As Larry moved away from Madeline, Madeline gasped and showed the sheer concern written on her face...

"Hey Kid!.. "

Larry started before Michael quickly grabbed his weaponry. Placing the large piece down on the other side of the table, Michael moved closer towards it. Blocking Larry's reach. Still, aiming his pistol in Larry's still grinning face... Michael instantly shut Larry up as he spoke.

"You've got thirty seconds Larry..."

Michael snapped, sharply. Twisting his arm slightly to take a quick glimpse at his wrist watch. Raising an eyebrow at the dead spy before him. Larry grunted and dropped his shoulders...

"Look, Kid... It's nothing serious. I needed your Mom's help with something. Nothing dangerous. I needed her to befriend the mother of a women I need to kill...The women I want your Mom to befriend, her daughter is who I need.. and apparently, she's hard to find and get a hold of. So..."

Shrugging his shoulders, no remorse or guilt. Nothing of the sorts in every word he spoke. Larry explained his situation. with the shrug and drop of his shoulders, his eyes never left Michael's glare...

"You want my Mom to help you in accessory to Murder, Larry?"

Almost disgusted, but it was to be expected when it came to Larry. Michael knew just how out of hand things could get whilst being around Larry Sizemore. Just how quick and simple it would be to tip him off, burst a vessel. How insane his tactics turn when things don't turn out right...As Michael replied, that very disgusted look on his face threw Larry off..

"Oh come on Michael, I'm sick of this Michael the saint, bullshit...Don't look at it that way!"

As Larry's neck became red, his veins started to become visible with the infuriating anger that started to swim through his veins. Michael stepped forwards and shoved the weapon further into Larry's face, warning him. The signs were far too obvious, too dangerous to just ignore.

"It's simple, Walk away Larry..."

Michael started to nudge Larry with his weaponry, poking him in the upper chest. Edging him to move along, walk out the door. Wanting it to be simple, however; Michael knew that nothing is simple when it came to Larry, Nothing.

Larry shot his face to stare into Michael's eyes, the rage that struck his face..

"Oh, Oh.. you never gave me that option did you, Kid... you just left me there, to rot... I was in hell.. You put me there..."

Raising his voice at certain key words, Larry stuck his index finger at Michael, poking Michael in the chest. As Michael and Larry spoke, the tension within the room started to rise and thicken the air. Madeline was safely behind Michael, her hands gripping onto his free arm..

"it was all your fault, Larry... "

As Michael spoke his words, they struck Larry hard. Piercing him hard. He growled and lunged forwards, knocking the pistol from Michael's grasp. Forcing himself against Michael, Pushing him against the wall that lead them into the kitchen. Forcing all of his weight into his arms, legs and upper body. Larry pinned Michael against the wall. His hands gripped onto Michael's sky blue shirt, his elbows and arms pressing against his upper chest, almost choking him as his hands pressed tightly against Michael's Sternoclavicular Joint. Applying pressure and weight with his hands and upper body. Larry kneed and stomped on Michael's right foot. Keeping him from kneeing and kicking him the process. Larry growled and furiously pinned Michael against the wall, his eyes pinned to his. Filled with nothing but hatred and anger as he hissed at him..

"Don't expect me to keep you from harm's way anymore, Michael... you threw me into that hell hole, this is a taste of the pay back... Don't think I won't draw blood this time...I'm done being the Daddy you wanted me to be"

As Michael struggled to release himself from Larry's insanely tight and strong hold. Madeline cocked Larry's Desert Eagle, attracting Larry's and Michael's attention as she held it with both hands, aiming it at Larry, it shook violently with her grasp...Her face filled with anger and struggle...

"Let go of my Son.."
The moment she spoke, Michael forced his arms up, breaking Larry's grip. Smacking his in the throat. Michael pushed forwards and struck Larry in the stomach, jumping in front of Madeline. Protecting her, he knew just how Larry worked... with that, Larry knew Michael's next move...anticipating it, Larry grabbed a hold of Michael's weapon as it had scattered across the floor after he had attacked him... As Larry jumped up, sticking the gun in Michael's face. Madeline slipped Larry's weaponry into Michael's right hand as she stood directly behind him, almost embracing him from behind. cowering.

As Michael grabbed a tight grip of the firearm within his palm, Larry smirked at Michael and struck him hard across the cheek with the butt on his gun, forcing all of his weight and strength on the hit, however; Michael only dropped down to one knee. As he dealt with the sudden intense strike, Michael took a tight and accurate grip on the large gun, Michael jumped up only to have Larry strike the back of Michael's head, again with the butt of his gun. This time, hitting him twice as hard. Drawing blood from the piecing split of the skin, the corner of the gun's handle had edged it's way deep into the back of his head. splitting and tearing the skin, bruising and shattering his skull slightly...Causing Michael to let out a small cry before falling unconscious from the overflow of agony that struck and bolted from the source of pain to his neck and skull.

"You'll do what I say, Madeline...Or I'll kill your boy. Don't you dare call your friends. This will be done with by the end of the day if you do as I say, got it?"

Author's Note:

Sorry for rustiness, it's been a while since iv'e written!...Dreams, Dreams. This one hadn't left my mind for roughly a month now. I have had this written up for a while now, just incomplete. Until now, I decided to just write the first chapter and see how it goes. Hope you all like. There is a lot happening in this fic, a lot. to the point I've got a whole page of notes on what will be occurring within the fic if it's a success. Hope you all enjoy this and would love to read more. Thank you.