Chapter 15 - Time Stops

Shaking her lightly, he places her hand on the back of her head; Where she had been whacked, hard. droplets and smudges surface his hand as he checks, he then quickly checks that she is breathing. Softly, he pats her on the cheek, slightly slapping her. As the small, delicate and grumbled movements are seen, letting out a long dried out sigh; Jesse awaits and tries to catch Fiona's attention.

Blinking gradually, trying to regain her focus. Grunting and groaning. Fi shifts, and moves from Jesse's firm grasp. Giving her space, Jesse shuffles backwards and gives her air to breath. Sitting upright, she rubs the back of her head carefully and cautiously.. Her eyes soon regaining focus, she darts her eyes at Jesse. She felt dense, she swore that she had heard Michael's voice, screaming for her... Clearing her throat, the silence and tension between them start to build higher. She wasn't sure what happened, her eyes slowly move down to see the weapon that was used to knock her out; a hospital supplied cane. Groaning, she looks up at Jesse. Letting out a very long and irritated sigh. Smacking her lips together; Fi tried to dissolve the lump that wedged and clinged to her throat...


Jesse finally broke the silence, biting his bottom lip, he never let his gaze move from her. Making sure she wasn't suffering from concussion. He moves in, only faintly and grabs her hand as she tries to bring herself up to her own feet. Helping her up, standing. She drops her shoulders and lets her mind wander for a moment. Her thoughts assaulting her, agitatedly.

"I heard him..."

She let out, Jesse could hear the hesitating within her tone as she tried to let the words escape her lips. She was now unsure on who she heard, if she even heard her name being called out. Baffled by the whole ordeal, Jesse softly takes her arm. Squeezing it gently..

"We should head back.."

He tried lightly at first; he knew she would protest and fight against his words, against his aim to get her back into the room. Roughly, she pulled her arm from his grasp, scoffing. Shaking her head, she shoots Jesse a glare..

"I'm not going anywhere until I find Michael and can either come with me, or get lost."

Fuming and irritated by Jesse's intentions to get her to safety. Fi slowly starts to make her way out of the room; Jesse stood there, clenching his jaw..

"I'm not leaving you, Fi"

Standing beside her, Jesse walked aside her. Closely and cautiously. There was no way he'd let her walk away again; having just woken her from a deadly blow to the back of her head, he couldn't carry the burden on his shoulders of leaving her again, he had Michael counting on him to look after his family, which meant Madeline and Nate too; However, it was them that demanded he go and find Fiona. No arguments were made, Nate assured Jesse that he'd keep his mother safe...Jesse felt that there was no choice but to find Fiona. The lack of sources, help and management. Jesse did what he felt was right and loyal to Michael. Being slightly in the dark; not entirely sure on what exactly what was happening, only knowing the small details as there had been no time to sit down, have a cup of tea and discuss their options and strategy on the subject. Things were coming and going far too fast, The dark growing storm wasn't helping their situation - Only making it worse as each gut wrenching thud within the sky shook the walls and glass as they tried to make their way to any source of light.

Passing through a small and steep corridor, Jesse's eyes narrowed the key exit points. Everywhere was blocked off; leaving them only restricted to this one floor. The rescue and police squads had blocked off all access and exits, each floor was the same layout. Keeping anyone from getting into harm's way if they had tried to escape, causing more chaos and danger to themselves and others. As Jesse noticed the restrictions and many policemen and volunteers trying to maintain the damage of the ward, along with keeping patients and visitors at ease.. Keeping them as calm as possible. Flash lights being waved and pointed around the rooms, the beam exposing what it could of the area it shined.

As the thunder cracked and shook the earth, screams and panic echoed through the ward. You'd think the thunder wouldn't shake them, yet each time the ear-splitting cracks occurred one after the other, each and almost everyone would jump or screech from fright. It was a wonder how they hadn't gotten use to the raging storm as of yet. Either, they were already timid before the storm, or they had never experienced a storm this wild.

"The exits are locked and sealed, with any luck. Mike and Sam are still on this floor..."

Jesse voiced his thoughts as his eyes darted around, narrowing his eyes on anything and everything that could lead them to Michael and Sam's whereabouts. Jesse did his best to keep Fi from falling, he could see the sheer fear that struck her face. She was deeply afraid...This wasn't like Fiona, the Fiona he knew; as he thought about it more, it only made him more concerned for her safety as he kept an eye on her. Worried her mind was trapped, wanting to scream...After seeing her so broken, brittle and shot down. Jesse knew, he had to keep her close and calm...

As his words were comforting; Fi's mind started to wander. Clenching and flexing her hands into fists, trying to bottle and restrain the fear and anger that surged through her veins. She was no longer experiencing any strong amounts of pain to her head, brushing it off. She walked and kept walking. She needed to find Michael...

As they started to move around the corner, Jesse instantly pushed Fi back. Keeping her from stepping pass him. Jesse sealed himself and Fi from being caught by the searching police, looking anyone who was lost...

"They'll probably take us to some holding room or something if we're caught.."

Jesse whispered, looking over his shoulder to meet Fiona's puzzled eyes. As he looked back, Fi grabbed his arm, tugging him..

"What if that's where Michael and Sam are?"

Fiona inquired. Listening to her, trying to tell her that her theory was possibly wrong. Jesse had to stop and think before a torch is shun upon them, the bright light reflecting off them. Causing them to squint and try to see, as the Policemen guided them. Jesse hesitated whether or not to go with it or fight back; Fiona was soon pulled from Jesse and firmly placed inside the large waiting room, connected to another large room. Filled with others who were tired, distraught and afraid.

"Please, don't wander the ward. We're doing everything we can to assure everyone's safety during the blackout and storm"

Stating with a loud and stern tone, the policemen then moved out of the room. Leaving Jesse and Fiona to take their eyes upon the room; searching for Michael and Sam. Fiona watched as Nurses bought coffee, tea and other hot beverages. Serving them to those who wanted or needed something to calm their unravelling nerves. Her eyes soon moving slowly towards the back door, which lead them into a large corridor. with glance, she let out a slight sigh of devastation with every glimpse, Not seeing him. Her eyes soon glue themselves to a young women, her neck exposed with a large scar, triggering the memory of Sam explaining her physical features...There she was, staring down Fiona with a deadly and extremely devious glare. Keeping quiet, Fiona slowly and cautiously moved towards her. Making her way towards her, She made sure the policemen on watch were either distracted with others and unaware of her sudden movements. As Jesse looked around, he soon realised Fiona was no longer in front of him, instantly. He spotted her and tailed her...His eyes never leaving her.

As Fiona slowly approached her, she couldn't help but curve her lips with a devious smirk. Stepping backwards as Fi moved towards her, bumping into two people who were standing and huddling before Lilly. Lilly soon turned her back to Fiona and moved out the back door, undetected from the many policemen that scouted the two large crowded rooms.

Hesitation didn't even occur to Fiona, not even a single strike of uncertainty filled her bones at this point; she just followed her. Not even thinking of the path she was walking, the footsteps she was following - The danger with every step. She walked, she followed...There was only one thing that took over her mind at this point, to see Michael safe and sound...She wasn't going to play games, she had enough...Jesse tailed Fiona, keeping his distance as he had her back. Unseen by Lilly, his eyes fixed on Lilly, making sure her intentions weren't to harm Fi.

Within a second, Fiona was soon alone, walking down the long and dark corridor. Silence was deafening as the lights flickered. Giving her chills, she couldn't shake the eerie feeling from her skin as she slowly tried to find Lilly...

Stopping in her tracks, the smell of a trap was overtaking the halls. She slowly turned to see over her shoulder. Thrown to the nearest wall, Lilly strikes Fi hard. Pinning her against it, she wraps her fingers and palm around Fiona's throat, choking her. She smiles with glee, her eyes sparkled with nothing but pleasure and pure madness. As she tightens her hand around Fiona's throat, Jesse launches forwards only to have one of Lilly's bounty Hunters strike him in the cheek. Unaware of the quick and sudden attack; Jesse wasn't prepared, falling backwards, he slams his back into the wall. His arm and back smashing the looking glass; causing a large and thick piece of glass to slice his right shoulder, splitting and tearing the skin deeply...

Letting out a loud cry of agony as he pulled the large shredded piece of glass from his shoulder; dropping to the ground, his back leant against the wall. Grunting and clenching his teeth. Wincing as his shoulder stung and irritated him. Slowly, he looked up with a glazed look...

As she watched Jesse fall, unable to scream as Lilly instantly smacked her palm over Fi's lips, sealing them immediately. Fiona then nipped and bit Lilly's hand, breaking the skin. Lilly cried out and roughly hit Fiona in the face, striking Fi's left cheek...Fiona only gasped and collected saliva, spitting at Lilly...Literally.

"Leave me alone and you won't get hurt, simple.."

Lilly growled and applied more pressure to Fiona's throat as she aggressively spoke...

"You... won't touch him..."

Fiona managed to let out, threatening Lilly. Her eyes so deep and devoted to her words, her tone so sharp and strict. Even with the pressure and ache that struck her neck, her windpipe closing and struggling to let the needed air to surge through; Fiona could feel the small tears of struggle attack the corners of her eyes as she started to wheeze..

Lilly only smirked deceitfully at Fiona; she knew exactly who Fi was talking about, she knew exactly what she was thinking - what her intentions were, the meaning behind her words. For a second, she admired Fiona's devotion towards Michael...

"Cute... Although; you might want to take a good look at the floor to your left"

Lilly suggested - She also darts her eyes to her hands and arms, painted in blood, she then moved Fiona's face and forced her to plant her eyes to the floor. Her eyes fixated on the dark stained trail of crimson liquid on the smooth hospital floors. A very large amount was splattered near the entrance of a room, trailing and leading into the room. Fiona could feel Lilly's grasp on her throat loosen, pulling Fiona's face to become eye to eye with her again. Lilly, smiled. Her face beamed...

Fiona didn't fall for her bluff, her lies and torment. Staring blankly at the insane widow; Dropping to the floor as Lilly's grip is instantly torn from her as Michael charges into her. Slamming and colliding with her to the ground; Michael instantly picked Lilly up, slamming her against the wall. Hard, the sound of her back smacking against the wall... She was unaware of both; Michael's insane and intense wrath and his pure sneakiness, she did not think anything through, nor did she prepare herself properly.. or did she? As Michael throws and slams Lilly against the wall, she swiftly manages to pull out a small swift army knife, the exact same as Larry's. Doubling and spinning around, she restlessly slams Michael against the wall, kneeing him in the ribs, almost angering his incision. She then holds the blade against Michael's throat, catching her breath. She smiles as her eyes catch Sam who made his way to Jesse's side.

Pressing hard against Michael's throat, she grins at him. Her eyes narrowed as she pressed the blade harder against his throat, awaiting for the blade to split and tear at his skin...Her eyes shoot back up to gaze into Michael's eyes...

"Larry taught me a lot..."

She fixated on the world "a lot" with an even wider smile. Her eyes widen as she spoke. Looking over to take a good look at Fi, who had moved over to Sam and Jesse. Lilly's Bounty Hunter watched them like a hawk, his weapon aimed at them as he stood beside Jesse. Turning back to stare at Michael for a second before pressing her forearm against Michael's collar bone...Pushing him into the wall. Michael just watched her, he could see the pure hatred and anger within her eyes..

"I want you and Sam to walk away with me peacefully..."

She shouts, gathering their attention. Fiona looks up at Lilly and Michael, her eyes looking straight over Lilly's shoulder to pin her eyes with Michael's...Michael knew a protest was in the works for Fiona...

"They're not going anywhere with you.."

Fiona started until Lilly grunted and cracked her neck slightly out of frustration; growling. She dug the blade deeper against Michael's throat, causing him to wince at the agonising sting as the blade, slid and pierced his skin...

"Do you agree with her?"

She smirked at him, her eyes trailed the blood that started to drip from the cut, down to his neck. She shot a look at Michael before he gave her a small and soft smile; Unsure on what his smile meant, She shrugged it off and started to turn to look at Fiona. As she turned, Michael threw his arms up, smacking her grasp him his shirt and throat. As she almost lost her balance, Michael then cracked her in the side. As she screeched in agony, her bounty Hunter jumped and pressed the muzzle of his rifle against Michael's temple, as the muzzle touched his head. Michael then moved and started for Lilly who pushed him back and grabbed retrieved something from the inside of her shirt. Stepping back, she screamed...

"Don't you dare..."

She screamed and raised her right hand as she held onto her device, a red blinking light on the top end. within a single glimpse, Michael and the others knew exactly what it was...Before Fiona could react and do her own damage, she backed off instantly. Even the weapon aimed at Michael's head didn't stop him, nor did it stop Fiona from attempting to attack - yet, this time...

"I'll have you know; I have this entire hospital rigged and ready to go. You try anything again, not only will I blow you and I up.. but every single person within this hospital.. and it'll be on your head...Not that you'll live to feel that sorrow and regret..."

She sharply stated. Each word stern and deadly. Hissing at him; Michael parted his lips and rolled his tongue for a second before studying her intensely...

"You're bluffing..."

Michael roughly stated he watched her - Her body language, the tone within her voice. Her eyes and face riddled with penitence. Sweat crawled down her forehead, a hint of panic... As he spoke, Lilly raised an eyebrow and tilted her head to the side; smiling...

"would you like a demonstration?"

As she asked - More so, teased, she then pressed the red button instantly after her last breath.

Author's Note:

Yes, I know been a while. Yes I know rusty. It was hard to get back into it. Regardless; Hope you all enjoyed and are still eager for more! Hopefully this chapter will have gotten me back into it and your responses are as inspiring as my brain. lol Thank you all in advance.

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