It was 2000 year in the past in roman and there was a girl and her name was kelly mariena ceaser joenson and she was 19 years old. She had balck hair down to her wayst and a prefect face and wored a roman armor and sword and helmet maked of gold and sliver and it was cost alot of mooney. She liffed in a big roman house wilth pilars and eberything and her farther was rickch he was the ceaser and he owned all the houses for 100s miles around and he had thousands of roman dollars what they used in 2000 year ago. Her mother was ded she was kill in a invashion one year after kelly was bornd it was very sad and then her dad wanted her to be like a girl and not to fihght in the war. "i whant to fight in war" she sayed but farther said "no you mist not wat happen if you ded aswell i would cry for years" and then kelly was unset. "farther is rong I will find a way to go to the war i must figt for romans!" she wisper to herself as she wented out the room. The next mornding kelly was woke up in the house by a butler who was her dad slave. he did not cabuse his slawves though becayse that is mean. anywahy she got out of bed and look around and the bulter said "the house is ON FIRE!" "OH NO!" scraemed kells (that is her nicknam) "i must safe my dayd from the flames!" and so she run to her dads beadroom for look for him but HE WAS GONE! she look out of windo and saw a gigant monswter in roman town it was recking all the houses it breathed fire and had evil claw that drop with blod and it eyes were red and skin was black as a drak knight. "oh no Godzilla has attack! i knew this day wold come the army was too week to sop him coming to our land" i must get my armor and wepons and sho she runned to the armor place for where it was keept. she gotted her golden armor and helmet and also her farthers magik sword and sheild and she also took a bow and arrow and then run outside to the stables. insid she finds her friend Elkus he was a magic ghost deer like tha patornos deer from hary potter and the holy grail/golbet of fires. and also he could talk. "Eklus come with me Godzlilla is attacking our land we must excape!" and so Elkus sayed "Forsooyth my ladye I will carry you" (he talks like old time like in a old timey book we read at shcool one time). Anyway kelly got onto Elkus and they rided away from roman "I must find my farther but Godsilla is too powar for me and Elkus to fihgt BUT I WILL COME BACK!" she cryed loudlyt into the sunsite as the night began to fall.