Hannah's Last Moments

Dying isn't what you think it's like.

Well not what I thought it would be. I have no idea what I thought it would be like but it's not what I expected.

There was no going back now as I could feel my consciousness slipping. I was sat on the floor with the pill pot by my side.

Dying was the release I was looking for, the end to this torturous life. My breathing was getting slower now and my eyes were ever so droopy. I would fall asleep and I would never wake up.

Would there be a heaven, would there be hell or would there just be darkness.

I hoped my tapes would let people know what a few words can do. I hope that it would stop them from putting future people what they put me through.

I hoped Clay would recover; he was one of the only ones who ever cared for me or at least I think he cared. I hope he did. I pray he doesn't think that he had done something towards my death. I don't really know why he is on those tapes but I had to let him know what I really felt. I guess it would give me peace.

I also hope the tapes will be passed on so Tony doesn't have to release them into the public.

I hope my life, or what I lived of it will make a difference.

I could feel myself slipping so i closed my eyes and let myself be taken by the darkness.

'Goodbye' I whisper with my last breath.