"You jump, I jump, remember..."


"Actor Tom Hiddleston has just been..."


"Hey I heard you like the wild ones..."


Roma sighed and took a sip on his cigarette. His fingers on the TV remote and his legs propped against the coffee table, switching channels lazily. It was a quiet night, he was alone in the living room, his grandsons were in their room studying, the whole apartment was quiet and he was happy.

But bored.

Pomodoro the cat jumped onto the couch and nuzzled against the back of his hand. He smiled and stroked her behind the ear. She purred happily and licked his hand. Roma switched off the television and decided to go look for some food in the kitchen. Then he stopped, remembering that there's absolutely nothing in the kitchen that he could eat. Sure, there's jars and jars of pasta and pasta sauce and spices stacked neatly on the shelves but they were Feliciano's most treasured items. He loves his pasta so much that he even sorted them in alphabetical order. There's also crates of tomatoes on the kitchen floor, but that's also forbidden because those were Feliciano's brother, Lovino's babies. His big red tomatoes were the things he treasured most and he even named them. One night when Roma wanted to get a glass of water, he caught Lovino kissing his tomatoes goodnight.

Roma shuddered and opened the fridge, thinking maybe there's some left over pizza or something, but it was empty, only some basil leaves and expired tuna fish were in the fridge. He thought about eating the basil leaves but he shook off that thought. Pomodoro the cat walked into the kitchen and was perching on the counter like a statue, watching Roma walking back and forth in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Roma muttered some curses in Italian and left the kitchen, flopping down onto the couch and sighed loudly.

Just when he decided to order some Chinese food, or maybe go upstairs and ask for some beer from the German brothers, someone banged on the door.

"Roma! There's no hot water!"


"Bastardo..." Roma muttered and moved silently to the kitchen, pretending that no one's home. He leaned against the wall and slid down, puffing on his cigarette, ignoring the banging of the door and the shouts of the annoying American and made faces to Pomodoro the cat.

"Maybe if I ignore him, he'll go away, no?" he whispered to the cat and the cat meowed.

"Roma! I know you're in there! Open up! There's no hot water and it's freezing!"

Roma started to hum some random Italian song and continued to ignore Alfred.


Inside the bedroom, Feliciano was trying hard to block out the noise from outside. His brother had his headphones on and was blasting some noisy rock music and nodding his head to the music, ignoring the world. He wrinkled his nose and covered his ears with his hands. But he could still hear the noise.

He got up and stomped to the door, took a deep breath and tried to look cheerful like he always does and opened the door.

Alfred was standing there, half naked with only a towel around his waist, hair wet and plastered to his face and he was shivering.

Alfred F. Jones, the loud, annoying, so called 'hero'. Obsessed with himself and Marvel comics. When he moved here, he had boxes and boxes of stuff that contained all of his action figures and comics. His idol is Captain America because he said Captain America is as handsome and heroic as him.

"Dude, what took you so long?" Alfred said, hugging himself while shivering nonstop, teeth clattering and hands rubbing together.

"Ve, what's wrong Alfred?" Feliciano asked, acting all innocent.

"There's no more hot water... so I thought that maybe... maybe I could use your bathroom, to shower, please?"

"Sure. Why not." Feliciano grinned and moved over to let him go inside the house.

Roma, who heard the conversation, got up and stopped him."Aspetta, why would you think that my house has hot water?" Pomodoro the cat went over to Alfred and headbutted his leg.

"Because you're the apartment-lord." Alfred grinned and began to make his way to the bathroom.

"Landlord Alfred, there's no such word as apartment-lord." Roma rolled his eyes.

Roma owns the Fiore the apartment and he rents rooms. There are 8 rooms in total but there's only 7 taken, the 1st floor, lives Roma and his grandsons, and the romance novelist Arthur Kirkland. 2nd floor, the German brothers and a perverted Frenchman. The 3rd floor lives a Chinese man and his adopted kids and a creepy Russian man who Roma suspected is a mafia, and the 4th floor with Alfred and his twin Matthew.

"Why don't you go to your boyfriend's house? I bet he has plenty of hot water waiting for you." Roma blocked his way, folding his arms across his chest.

"You mean Arthur?" Alfred snorted and rolled his eyes. "He's busy PMS-ing, he won't let me in his house."

"What do you mean?"

"It's his deadline. He's busy finishing his stupid romance novel. You know how cranky he gets when when it's his deadline."

Roma nodded. Arthur Kirkland, or known as Rosie Langman, the famous romance novelist. People thought that Rosie was a woman who enjoys chocolate and bubble baths and writing romance novels but actually Rosie was a guy who gets cranky as hell whenever the deadline comes and is obsessed with tea and fancy tea cups. He lived opposite Roma and his grandsons. He moved here two years ago and instantly he and Alfred become good friends and eventually became lovers.

"So... can I shower here?" Alfred asked. Roma sighed and moved out of his way. The American cheered and skipped to the bath room.

"Don't touch any of the things!" Roma shouted after him. Alfred laughed his heroic laugh and slammed the door shut.

"I'm sorry Feli." Roma massaged his temples and sighed. The sound of water running was heard. "It's fine nonno, I've finish my studies anyway." Feliciano said, sitting down on the couch and tickled Pomodor's tummy.

"Roma! Which one's the shampoo?" Alfred shouted from the bathroom. "The one with the purple bottle." Roma shouted back and muttered more curses. Feliciano giggled and switched on the television.

Spongebob's on TV.

"Are ya ready kids?" the pirate in the TV asked.

"Ay-yay captain!" Alfred and Feliciano shouted at the same time and laughed. Roma rolled his eyes and went inside Feliciano and Lovino's room. Lovino was asleep on the table, his headphones still on and music still blasting loudly.

Roma shook his head and removed the headphones from Lovino, switched off his Ipod and carried him to the bed. Lovino was really light for his age so Roma could carry him easily. He put his grandson down gently on his bed and pulled the blankets up to Lovino's neck. Lovino stirred and snored. Roma smiled, bending down to give him a kiss on the cheek and switched off the lights, then walked to the living room.

Alfred was out from the bathroom and was watching TV with Feliciano, sharing a bowl of popcorn.

"Where'd you get that?" Roma asked, pointing to the popcorn. "I brought it." Alfred answered, his mouth full with food.

"Do you want some?"

Roma nodded slowly and grabbed some from the bowl.

"You should get back now Alfred, and where's Matthew?" Roma sat down on the couch next to Feliciano, grabbing another handful of popcorn.

"At home, watching hockey." Alfred answered, eyes glued to the television screen. "You know how crazy he gets when his team lose. And I have a feeling that his team will lose today."

Someone knocked on the door and Feliciano jumped up and opened the door, revealing a tired looking Arthur with a pen tucked behind his ear.

"Hello Mr Arthur!" Feliciano greeted, moved a little to let him in. Arthur nodded and glared at Alfred.

"What?" Alfred raised his brow, looking back at Arthur.

"Back. Now." Arthur said, grinding his teeth. Alfred shrugged and got up, wrapping his arms around Arthur and whispered in his ear. "Aww, is poor baby Artie tired? Does poor baby Artie want the heroic Alfred to chase his tiredness away?"

Arthur blushed several shades of red and pushed him away.

"Just get back now. I can't open the jam jar. I need your help. I'm hungry. Stupid deadline. Stupid everything. Stupid writer's block." Arthur muttered, walking back to his house, Alfred walked behind him with his hands behind his back, whistling.

Roma closed the door as Feliciano switched off the television and yawned.

"Tired?" Roma walked over to Feliciano and kissed his forehead. Feliciano nodded and rubbed his eyes.

"Go to bed then. Buona notte."

"Buona notte nonno." Feliciano kissed his grandfather's cheek before going into the room.

Pomodoro the cat was licking herself under the table. Roma picked her up and walked to his room, deciding to go to sleep after reading a book.

Sounds of screaming sounded from upstairs with loud curses in German and sound of bottle crashing on the floor followed by moans and groans from the room opposite. And then there's sounds of screaming children.

Roma chuckled and flipped the pages of his book.

I got this random idea of the Axis and the Allies from Hetalia living in the same apartment with Roma as their landlord one random night before I went to sleep. Haha. There'll be multiple pairings in this one but the main one will be GerIta, so yeah, enjoy.

Also I do not own Hetalia.