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.:.~ Normal Pov ~ .:.

It was a cold, windy morning in Magnolia. But, it was pretty sunny and that was something to be grateful for.
It was exactly 10:00 o'clock in the morning, which means that the Pajama Party starts exactly 2 hours.
At the guild, there were only a few people and to everyone's surprise, most of the girls were missing!
The only girls that had arrived were Laki, Kinana and Michelle. The three girls were about to leave on a mission.
Laki had recovered from her fever on that exact morning and decided to tag along on Kinana and Michelle's mission.
The trio was happily planning for their exciting mission, meanwhile the rest of the girls were still in their beds, deep in slumber, soon to be awaken..

.:.~At Lucy's apartment~
.:.~Natsu's Pov~ .:.
I slowly squinted my eyes, I could feel my eyelids slightly burning with the rays of sunlight, directly in my face.
I fully opened my eyes, and let out a quick yawn. I started taking in my surroundings, it was only a matter of seconds before I realised where I was.
But that's not the only thing that I realised.. I was also on top of Lucy, my body was cradling hers, in a protective manner.

Another thing I realised was that I had crossed the line that was located in the middle of the bed. I broke one of Lucy's rules.
That's rule #1, broken! Oh well.. She's still asleep, so I doubt she'll ever find out. I slowly started getting out of bed.

I gently placed her body on the bed, and quietly creped out of bed.
Once my bare feet made contact with the cold floor, I rushed towards the kitchen.
Damn, my stomach was grumbling, I was really hungry. I silently opened the fridge door and grabbed everything I could.
Cheese, milk, apples and jelly was all I could carry to the table. I plopped everything down on the table and started stuffing the food into my mouth.

The apples tasted sweet, the cheese tasted creamy, the milk was fresh and the jelly was nice and cold. After I was done with my food, I realised it was time to wake Lucy up. I walked calmly towards her bed and sat next to her.
"Wake up Luce! You got a big day ahead of ya!" I yelled, as I shook her sleeping form.

~Normal Pov~
The dragon shook the laziness and sleepiness out of the stellar mage's system, as she woke up and regained consciousness.
The celestial spirit mage raised her hand, she was about to slap Natsu and tell him to get out of her house, but then a mysterious beeping noise started coming from her kitchen.

"W.. What was that?.." she asked in a curious tone.

"Oh that's just the alarm clock, alerting us that it is already 10:30!" Exclaimed the pink haired dragon, with a big grin on his face.

"YOU IDIOT! THAT'S NOT A GOOD THING!" said the celestial mage as she slapped Natsu on the back of his head.

"Geez Luce, calm down.. Why'd ya put an alarm for, anyway?" asked Natsu as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I woke up late again! I was supposed to be going down to the guild at this time!" she said in a frustrated tone.

"Don't worry Luce! you go to the guild, I'll pack your stuff for your Pyjama party!"

Lucy took a moment to consider this offer. I mean.. she gets to have a nice big breakfast with her friends, at the guild, while Natsu does all the work for her. It sound like a pretty great deal, doesn't it?

"Fine, but ONLY pack my tooh brush, hair brush, shoes and my Pyjamas, which are on the clothes line. Oh, and if you can, please take down the clothes from my clothes line, it should be dry by now." said the celestial mage with a wide grin pasted on her face.

"Sure thing Luce!" he said, grinning back at her.

"Okay! see you later!" said the blonde mage, before turning around and rushing to the door.

"Uh.. Luce.."

"Yeah?" she asked, turning around to face him.

"Are you planing on going to the guild in your pajamas?.."


~At Fairy Hills~
Most of the girls had finally woken up, they were putting up the finishing touches for the Slumber Party.
Juvia silently got out of bed, and slowly walked to her closet. She lazily went through her clothes, until she found her casual blue dress.
She picked her dress up, as well as a pair of underwear and a towel.

Juvia knew it would be a long day, so she decided to have a nice hot bath, before heading to the guild.
She walked out her room, still in her pyjamas, and walked down the stairs.
Soon enough, she had finally reached the big room with the big showers and the big spa bath.

She was still half asleep, so she barely knew where she was going. Her eyes remained half shut, and all she could think of was going back to sleep.
The bluenette opened the door and threw her belongings on the nearest chair, and started stripping.
She didn't really like bathing in the spa. Mainly because it was always full of girls, and Juvia was a very shy mage.

But, she couldn't hear anyone, or see anyone, so she proceeded to jump into the spa. She silently got into spa, and it felt warm, and extremely comfortable. The water mage shut her eyes completely, and began to day-dream about her favorite thought- Gray. Suddenly, a head popped out of the water and gasped for air. Both girls looked at each other and let out a small squeak.

"Juvia? I didn't hear you come in.."

"Juvia didn't see Levy-chan underwater.." said a still half asleep Juvia.

"Juvia, are you okay? You seem pretty tired.." said the solid script mage as she submerged her body back into the water, leaving only her head popping out for air.

"Juvia went to sleep at a very late time, because Juvia had a wonderful night with Gray-sama!" confessed the water mage with big sparkly eyes.

"You where out with Gray at night? What did you two do?" asked the curious bookworm.

"Juvia had a great time with Gray-sama! They talked about everything!.." said the water mage with a small blush on her face.

"Oh? You and Gray?" questioned the petite girl with a smirk on her face.

"It's true.. Juvia.. likes.. Gray-sama.." confessed Juvia with a crimson blush on her face. "But, Levy-chan must promise not to tell anyone! Specially not Gray-sama!"

"I promise I won't tell anyone, Juvia!" Started the solid script mage. "I knew that you were in love!" she finished with a wide grin on her face.

"Speaking of love.." said the blue-eyed mage in a teasing tone. "Juvia saw Levy-chan and Gajeel-kun together last night!"

"What? No.. that's completely outrageous." retorted the small bookworm.

"Lies! Juvia saw Levy-chan and Gajeel-kun cling onto each other!" said the water mage between her giggles. "Levy-chan can't deny it because Juvia saw them from her window!"

"A-Alright, alright.. It's true.." said an embarrassed Levy with a crimson blush.

"Levy-chan doesn't have to be embarrassed.. Juvia promises that she wont tell anyone! As long as Levy-chan doesn't tell anyone about Juvia's secret.."

"I promise I wont tell anyone about your secret, Juvia.."

"Then Juvia promises that she will never tell anyone about Levy-chan's secret." said the water mage with a wide grin.

"Does that mean that Levy-chan and Gajeel-kun are dating?" asked Juvia as she tilted her head.

"WHAT? No!" yelled the petite girl in frustration.

"Oh? But Juvia thought-" Juvia was cut off when Levy suddenly started laughing.

"That's a funny joke Juvia.. but it's time we start getting ready for the slumber party.. Tell me more about your date with Gray later.." said the bookworm as she slowly stepped out of the hot tub and quietly wrapped a towel around her body.

"I-I.. It w-wa-wasn't a d-d-d-date!" cried Juvia, with a huge red boiling blush on her face.

Levy just winked at Juvia's reaction, which caused the water mage to blush an even deeper shade of red, (If that was even possible).

The petite girl just laughed at the water mage's reactions, as she slowly left the room. Juvia's heart was pumping at 100000 thumps per minute! She couldn't believe that she had just told someone about her secret. But, she trusted Levy, so it wasn't much of a problem. The problem would be stopping herself from telling anyone else.

~Mirajane's Pov~
I rushed into Fairy Hills. Today was the day. The day I would expose the girl's crushes, and the day I'd make the densest of the densest come to their love senses.

"Hello girls!"

I yelled with an excited tone. All eyes quickly drifted towards me.

"Oh hey Mira.. We're just adding the finishing touches.. If you know what I mean.." said Erza with a smile as she placed the boxes of cake on the table.

~Normal Pov~

The small blue haired dragon-slayer looked up at Mirajane with a smile.

"Oh, Wendy.. Romeo was looking for you earlier today, at the guild. He told me to tell you that he wanted to tell you something," said the white-haired barmaid as she winked at the small girl.

The air dragon suddenly blushed, at the thought of her secret crush looking for her.

"O-Oh.. I guess i'll go look for him then.." And with that, the blue haired dragon swiftly skipped out of Fairy Hills, in direction of the guild. Erza and Mirajane smirked in unison, as they watched the little girl skipping away.

"How adorable," started the red-haired knight with a sly grin on her face. "I bet they'll fall in love when they get ol-"
Erza stopped for a few moments.

"Did you hear that?" Erza's grin turned into an unpleased frown.

"No? What sound?" asked the barmaid with a cocked eye-brow. Erza heard the noise once more.

"It's coming from MY dormitory room." Erza was no dragon-slayer, but her senses were almost as sharp.

The red-headed knight re-equipped into her 'Heavens Wheel Armor' and dashed up the stairs.

"Stay down there Mirajane! I'll be right down!" Yelled the knight, as the barmaid sweat dropped.

Erza rapidly dashed through the halls, she angrily knocked her door down with one punch and entered her room.

"Whoever dared to enter my fucking dormitory and invade my personal space, will get a personal bitch-slap from the one and only Erza Scarlet." she said as 30 swords appeared around her.

She was unleashing an evil aura, ready to kill. A sudden movement was detected by Erza's sharp ears. The sudden movement came from her closet. The red-head rushed towards the closet and knocked it down with one kick. That one kick was enough to break the closet into little pieces. The knight had no time to look at her victim, she quickly picked him/her up and put the person on a deadly head-lock.

"Woah, Erza! Calm down! I only came for a quick visit!" cried the hopeless blue-haired mage. Erza soon recognized the way-too-familiar face and let go of him.

~Jellal's Pov~

Thankfully, I was released from Erza's head-lock. I know that old technique, it could kill someone in just a single move! Good thing I spoke before she could take action.. Erza's abilities have improved. Last time I saw her fight, she was amazing. She beat the living shit out of that 'Midnight' guy.

"I see that you finally mastered the deadly-head-lock technique." I said, with a small chuckle.

When we were young, she was pretty helpless, but I never doubted her abilities, I always knew she had that ass-kicking blood pumping through her vains.

~Normal Pov~

"What brings you here? You should be more careful. You know perfectly well that the council is after your life." said the S-Class mage, with a hint of worry in her voice.

"I came to visit you.. I sort of missed you, Erza." He said, before pulling her closer to him.

The red-haired mage simply wrapped her arms around his torso, and filled the gap between them.

"Well, I'm kinda busy today.." started Erza, as she hid the blush of the colour of her hair from the man she was currently hugging.

"Us girls are having a slumber party tonight.." She hugged him tighter. "I'd be happy for you to come over some other day, but not today. Fairy Hills will be filled with girls and this is a no-boys-allowed building. If any of the girls catch you, we're both dead."

Jellal simply chuckled at her comment, and began to stroke her hair. "That's fine Erza, I'll surely come back afterwards.."

Erza smiled, at the thought of him coming all the way to Fairy Hills, risking his safety, just to see her.

"Hey Erza! Are you okay up there? Did you find anything suspicious?" yelled the white haired barmaid as she began walking up the stairs.

The red-haired knight quickly let go of the blue-haired mage. "So, you're okay with coming back some other day?" asked Erza, as her blush was clearly noticeable.

Jellal began walking backwards, towards the window, but his eyes not leaving Erza. The red-haired knight followed him towards the window. Mirajane then knocked on the door.

"Erza, do you want me to come in?" asked the barmaid.

"Of course I'm fine with coming back another day, Erza.." whispered a sincere Jellal as he gently stroked Erza's cheek.
"As long as I see you." he said, before turning around and jumping out of the window.

The white haired barmaid quickly opened the door and rushed in.

"What happened Erza?" she asked.

"N-Nothing.." said Erza as she still looked out the window, at Jellal's retrieving form.

"Oh, good. Lets continue preparing everything! The guests will start arriving in exactly an hour!" said the white-haired barmaid as she pulled Erza away.

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