DISCLAIMER: I do not own TWEWY and its, just so all of you would know, they are all copyright of Square Enix. Now, I did most of this in a rush and in a not-so-quiet environment, so what I wrote may have strayed a little bit from the original storyline, so I hope you don't mind. The Regina and Morgan in here may be considered OCs since I included them personally in this fanfic but they do not appear in the original game. Thank you.


I opened the door to find a regular guest on the front porch.

"Let me guess." I scratched my chin. "Ran away from home?"

Joshua didn't answer. He walked straight in and sat down. I closed the door for him. It was raining heavily outside. I knew that for Joshua, he could have just willed the rain to not fall on him. After all, he was the Composer - supreme entity in charge of the Reaper's Game here in Shibuya. But he was completely saoked.

"I couldn;t find one," he spoke, his eyes on the table.

I headed to the back of the room to brew some coffee. I glanced at him from across the room - the fiftenn-year-old boy with the ash blond hair and eyes the shade of lavender. He didn't really look like this - he had another form, his true one, like that of an angel - but taking on this weak form was for the better. No one could recognize him as who he really was.

"No proxy?" I asked.

Joshua shook his head. "Couldn't find a right one."

I walked over to the table. "So you're still on the run from Minamimoto," I said.

He didn;t answer, but I knew I was right. That mad mathematician was after the Composer's position, or so I thought. Along with the Conductor's plan to preserve Shibuya rather than erase it like the Composer wanted, I guess Joshua had been running back and forth between the higher plane and here - two planes, searching.

"Well, there's alwayd tomorrow." I set the cup of strong-smelling coffee in front of him.

Silence at first. Then he took the cup. "Thanks, Mr. H." He drank.

I smiled. "Heh, You're welcome."