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It all ended today.

But, unfortunately, not the way we planned.

That morning, Joshua had already taken off. I stood outisde the vafe, looking up at the bright, sunny sky, silently wishing for the plan to come to fruition and Joshua the best of luck.

However, as I waited, it bean to rain again as evening neared. As I ran into the cafe, I continued to hope for the best, for Joshua to come home and bring me the good news... Like a father, waiting for his son.

Eleven at night. The familiar sound of knocking on the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door, full of eagerness... to find Joshua in the rain, like on the first day, drenched and shivering.

My face fell. No, I mouthed, but I held open the door to let him in. But he didn't move. He stood there, and I noticed his eyes were red.

"Joshua..." I began, but I never finished my sentence.

He fell to his knees and the tears started falling down his cheeks. "She's gone," he sobbed. "She's gone!"

I knelt down and put my arms round him. The strong wind blew the rain into the cafe, spraying me a little, but I kept him in my embrace. "It's alright. What happened, Josh?"

Joshua clutched the back of my vest, resting his head against my chest - the same gesture he always did many years ago when he was sad. "The Game Master attacked," he cried. "Morgan got erased. Regina... She took the blow for me..."

I nodded. "We knew this would happen."

He held onto me tighter. "I thought I made... a friend. Never got to say goodbye..."

"And the GM?"

"The other Players took him down."

His body was freezing cold, probably from hours in the rain. I patted his back. "You did make a friend. And you're still hers."

"She was different from the rest... I thought I wouldn't be alone anymore. But..."

"It's okay, Josh. I'm very sure that out there, she acknowledges you as her friend. That's why she gave her life for you. Things like this happen. It wasn't your fault, Josh. In the meantime, you still have me."

Joshua shook his head, the tears never seeming to stop. "No... No, no, no..."

The two of us knelt on the cafe floor, me holding the distraught boy as close to me as I ever could. Other than the rain droplets that fell into the cafe, the only thing that dampened my shirt and vest were Joshua's tears - filled with hopelessness and grief - and of course, mine.

After a while, Joshua's tears subsided. I got up a little. His grip on me loosened, but his head remained resting against me.

"You poor boy," I whispered. I lifted him up onto my back and placved his arms around my neck. Slowly, i carried him upstairs.

I noticed his eyes were partially closed when I lay him down on the bed in the spare room.

"You've got a whole month. The plan isn't ruined," I consoled him.

Joshua's eyes stared right through me. "No one can replace her," he whispered.

I could only keep quiet. Sure, he could find another proxy and end the Conductor's actions. But he couldn't fond another proxy to fill the hole the first one made in his heart when she died. This wasn't about the plan anymore.

"Still, it has to go on," I said softly.

Joshua's voice was barely audible. "I know."

I looked down at the Composer. It was hard to imagine him in this condition in his true, god-like appearance. But the Composer has feelings, I told myself. That's what everyone forgets.

He turned a little towards me and mumbled something.


I bent over him. "Rest now," I said, like speaking to a child.

Benath my shadow, Joshua gradually closed his eyes.

I knelt down beside the bed and caressed his forehead, which I found to be feverish. His face was wet with rain and tears. Taking a wet cloth, I dabbed at him, removing all traces of that.

Like before, I stroked his hair, smoothing it and pushing it out of his eyes. I knew I had been like a father to him all this while - perhaps even closer to him than his real father was. That moment, I almost wished he were my son. For we had a relationship, a bond stronger than anyone could break. We were inseparable.

I tucked the boy under the covers. Then, after taking a stool to sit on, I held his hand in mine, clasping it tightly. The sleeping boy took no notice. I wanted him to feel better, not to have any worries or nightmares. There I sat, for hours, until his hand was warm.

As I let go, Joshua stirred. "Father..." I heard him say, and I heard him laugh. A small, floating laugh.

I finally felt relieved. I retreated to my corner of the room, watching as the boy slumbered through his pain, wondering how long it would take for him to forgetthis fateful day.

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