A desperate cry for attention and affection from two opposites just trying to make a life in this tough world.


"Barbie!" A menacing, angry voice bellowed throught the hospital as Dr Perry Cox raced to the on-call room, forcing innocent, unhealthy civillians to scatter from his path.

Nobody ever tries to reason with Dr Cox when he is in this sort of mood. He is not the type of man you mess with.

So as he twisted around the final corner, several grown men scattered into dark corners, women hided behind walls and children burst into tears.

"Barbie!" He strode in confidently but faltered when he saw 'Barbie' huddled in a corner, crying harder than he'd ever seen anyone cry

"Barbie?" he asked catiously, wondering whether to react with a rant or a joke or a different way.

"Go away, Dr Cox!" She said half-heartedly while knowing he wouldn't and she couldn't make him.

"Err... what's wrong?" he prompted while knowing he could regret asking her

"JD dumped me again, I got a call from my Mom and then I saw my reflection in a window as I walked past and Todd didnt make a comment or gesture. I have realised I'm an ugly whore!" She concluded while sobbing hysterically, Dr Cox had to use all of his experience as a father and doctor to understand her high-pitch squeaking

"No, you're not." He told her but, even to his own ears, they sounded like empty words.

He felt dissapointment at his failure to think of the right words. Dr Cox nearly always has something to say and it's nearly always important, correct or deep and inspiring.

He realised what he had to say. He said the words that would make them both feel better about themselves

"You're so damn cute."