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Also, everything is written from Yuki's POV unless I stated otherwise.

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A gothic punk, musician to be girl, Yuki, was dragged to ancient Hattusa by the desperate Urhi. What happens when she, who resembles Yuri, meets he who is in love with their Ishtar, Zannanza?

Dream about the Red River


"Yuki! Where the fuckin' hell were you? Our performance is about to start! Get your lazy ass out here now." I heard my friend call me at the backstage.

"I will Utau! So stop screaming your lungs out at me!" I said. Well, I'm not the most girly girl here, probably the most boyish one. I grew up with my mom and sister. My brothers and father died when I was younger. Then I studied at an exclusive for girls school. I was probably one of the most boyish there. I'm not lesbian, don't get me wrong. Also, I have nothing against lesbians, heck all my best friends are one of them but hell let me say, they are awesome people. I grabbed my guitar and went to the stage. I can feel adrenaline all over my body. I slowly walked towards the stage, knowing I'm about to sing my heart out and play my guitar to my heart's content.

"HERE THEY ARE! LAST PERFORMER: FROZEN PENDULUM!" The host said and I can hear a lot of screams from the crowd. The louder the screams, the more excited I get.

"HEY! LET ME MAKE OUR PERFORMANCE A BIT DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS! WE'LL BEGIN IT WITH A DEADLY LULLABY BY YOURS TRULY, FROST!" I yelled at the microphone. Yes, a lullaby by me, 'Frost'; my stage name. Wondering why a lullaby? It's not your ordinary lullaby, it's MY creepy lullaby…

Hear the Clock- RozenSkull

(yes, by me. My song with real creepy music)

Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok.

You hear the clock.

Sleep tight. Sleep tight.

I'll embrace your fright.

Darkness engulfs your to sleep.

Silence gives dreams so sweet to keep.

Sleep tight. Sleep tight.

See you in your dreams tonight.

Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok.

I hear the clock.

"Hell yeah! Real creepy Frost! Let's go on with the main dish!" Utau yelled at the microphone and we began singing. Some songs are originals, and some are our favorite songs by Avril Lavigne.

After 30 minutes of singing our hearts out, which really isn't satisfying for me, I went home quickly. Shit it's already late. My mom and sister will kill me! I grabbed my skateboard and hurried home. When I reached home, I saw my sister by the door, waiting for me with her arms crossed.

"Yukina! Where have you been? Lucky for you, mom isn't home yet!" she yelled pretty loudly.

"Mina! I know, I'm sorry. I was… playing guitar with my friends and we forgot the time since we were jamming and" She cut me off.

"Yes, I know you have this passion for music, but sometimes, please don't forget that mom really wants you home early…" She said and walked inside the house.

I grabbed a plate and put some pasta that I saw by the table. Seriously, Mina only knew how to cook pasta for dinner. I went up and entered my room. I put my food by my desk and plopped myself on the bed. I was thinking of changing clothes since my black and red checkered mini skirt, high black socks, boots and my top ensemble was quiet warm. But being me, I ignored it and turned on my music. I was almost drifting to sleep when I heard a droplet of water fall down. What? How can I hear a droplet of water when my music is really loud? Curiosity killed the cat. I decided to stand up and check where that noise came. I was still holding my guitar when I slipped. The floor is wet! More importantly, my guitar bumped on the corner of my bed! I hurriedly checked if it was okay and yes it is. I returned it into my self-made case. Yes, I made one using water proof materials, genius aren't I? Well, let us say I broke a guitar after a performance, while riding my skateboard and a storm visited out city. Still holding onto it tightly, I looked up the ceiling but it is dry, no trace of dripping water. I went to the bathroom and it's all clean… What the heck? Oh, could it be my sister's doing again?

"Hey sis! Did you"

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Nnn… Where am I? It feels so cold and it's dark… This place is suffocating me… I opened my eyes and saw nothing but darkness… Then I felt something and saw a pair of arms hugging me by my hips! Who the fucking pervert? I, who was still hugging my precious guitar, used it to hit the guy. Not too heavy or else my guitar will get hurt. It seems I hit him with the correct side from my guitar, seeing the arms jerk away, as if in pain. I swam towards the surface, which I believe is up there, not down there… I hurried since oxygen is threatening to leave my body…

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Zannanza's POV

"Prince Kail!" I heard Yuri call as she hurriedly walked away to follow brother… I know brother loves her as much as she loves him… It hurts but I'm satisfied with only knowing that she is happy. I love her but I cannot love her because she is the first and probably the only person who can become Kail's queen. I held the petal in my hand gently and gave it a kiss… This petal that was on her head a while ago… I walked and walked, trying to bury this painful unrequited love when I reached a spring. It looks so beautiful… I began to think what if I was the one whom Yuri first met? Will she love me and not my brother? If only I was there at the other spring where she first appeared, she could've been mine. If only… But I am not… Because fate instructed NO. I kept staring at the spring… staring… Wait… Why are there bubbles rising? I hid behind a tree, observing. Could this be another of Queen Nakia's evil schemes? Then I heard a gasp.

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Yuki's POV

GASP! Cough! Cough! That was close! I thought I was gonna drown there! Ah! My guitar! I quickly opened it and… Yes! It's dry and working! I then noticed the place… Where am I? Is this a garden? But… What? There are lots of trees… Since when did our city have such large and lively trees?

"Hello? Anybody here?" I asked stupidly. I feel stupid asking no one. I am afraid, honestly, I don't know where I am or what happened to me. All I know was that I was in my room, calling my sister… my sister!

"SIS! MOM!" I tried calling them over and over but no one responded. Okay, I am freaking out. I don't know what to do!

"WHERE THE FUCKING HELL AM I? THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!" I yelled, no, screamed. I'm terrified. I've never been out of our country, or even our city, and now you expect me to be calm in a place where I think is the garden of sorcerers? No. I must relax… How? Ah… Music. I grabbed my guitar and began to sing Avril's Alice Underground… It kinda fits my situation…

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Zannanza's POV

GASP! There she is. I saw a girl, around my age or Yuri's... she looks like Yuri… Her long black hair which is not even, it looks like a "V" but at the same time, a layer of cloth… (A/N: layered style) Then she coughed for a while and began looking for something. She opened the cloth beside her and got out an instrument which is somehow similar yet different to that of Ilbani's. Then she looked around, as if a lost kid. I noticed her clothing… It is strange… It looks… well… strange…

"( $&*#%&$ #(#^ $&#" She said. Well that's a language I've never heard before but she's probably asking herself where she is.

"($%#*$(*#%$*#&$" She repeated this line over and over, she is most probably looking for someone…

" $(&%$&*#&$ $( ^$#!~^()$*%# &$()$^#$^*( #) &$^%( )$+=&$" She suddenly screamed so loud it hurt my ears. What is this person? Is she even a woman? I can see she's terrified, but then a strong look appeared on her face. She then grabbed her instrument and began singing a weird song… After the song, I decided to walk towards her and bring her to Yuri…

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Yuki's POV

I finished the song when all of a sudden; a guy is walking towards me. I stood up and tried to talk to him.

"Hey, what do you need?" I asked. Stupid question. It is I who needs something! Then he signaled a NO using his head.

"Huh? Okay, dude, I don't know who you are but, I need help." He grabbed my hand all of a sudden I got frightened and I slapped him. He grabbed both of my shoulders and it startled me. I did a somersault and was able to hit his chin. He looks mad and he grabbed his sword. Oh no, no, no, is that a real one? I put my guitar down slowly. I ran away but he threw his sword, may I repeat, THREW HIS FUCKING REAL SWORD IN FRONT OF ME! He blocked my path. I turned around and saw him bow a little. Is he apologizing? I nodded and he faced me. Then he did some gestures, no something like a game of charades…

He pointed at me. "Me?" I pointed myself and he nod.

He pointed at the spring and did some weird gestures with his hands and arms… He's probably telling me that I swam at the spring… I nodded.

He pointed at me and pretended to carry something… What? He's going to carry me? I gestured a NO. I saw him bow again and… "HEY! PUT ME DOWN!" But he's too strong. He grabbed my guitar and brought me somewhere… I can do nothing. I decided to stay still. Then he put me in this chariot and it began to move. I'll fall! I sat down, hugging his leg for support. I'm afraid I'll fall down. Then I heard him chuckle. Annoyed, I pinched him and he gave me a glare, which a returned happily by sticking out my tongue. I remained rock-like for some time till we reached this old uh… is this a house or something? Perhaps it's a palace. He carried me inside, like a sack of rice on his shoulder and dropped me on the somewhat soft yet hard floor. My butt hurt and I yelled at him for doing so. He gave me a questioning look and then massaged my sore butt.

"PERVERT!" I screamed and gave him another slap. Then I heard gasps. I turned around and saw three light haired girls, three men and one girl with black hair… she looks Japanese…

"You… Your clothes are modern…" I heard her say… I understood her! She's speaking Japanese! (A/N: Bole and italicized means they are speaking Japanese, that's why they understand one another. Sorry, I don't know much Japanese so I used English.) I ran towards her and held her hands tightly, happy to hear my language.

"I'm so happy! I was lost! I don't know what to do!" I told her and she gave me a smile.

"What's your name?"

"Yuki. Kurono Yukina. I prefer Yuki though!"

"I'm Yuri. But they call me Yuri Ishtar here..."

"I've heard about Ishtar before from class… Isn't she the Mesopotamian goddess of SEX?" I asked and saw her blushed a thousand shade of red.

"Uhm… You forgot the WAR… Yes… Somehow people believed that… Wait, so you ARE from the 20th century?"

"Actually… I'm from the 21st century…"

"Oh wow! That's so cool! How's Japan?"

"Hmm… probably the same… with a few new inventions/innovations! You mean, you were also brought here?"

"Yes, by unknown hands… Which is actually the Queen here, Queen Nakia."

"What for?"

"She needs our life… She'll kill us to kill other princes."

"That old hag. Is she an idiot or something? Sacrificing innocent girls! I may not be girly but I'm still biologically a girl!"

"Yuki, tell me… ^ %%$*(*%&#^$ $#*"

"What? I can't understand you."

"Just as I thought."


"You do not understand our language."

"Oh… How'd you learn?"

"Oh… that… uhm… through a… uh…"



"HAHAHAHA! Wait… are you serious?"


"No. no. no. I will learn this language no matter what but not through that."

"(^ $*# &$(%#(!#*& %^ . #&)#*$& )$%)*#^)!*$# $#$* $)(&#%) $*& %&#()%*$(#(%^&. $&) $" I heard her talk to the man who carried me here.

"Excuse me, Yuri, what're their names in your language?" I asked, pointing the tall guy and the others.

==========Dream about the Red River==========

Zannanza's POV

"Zannanza, it seems she is from my country. And it looks like she was brought here by Queen Nakia too… As of now, she can't understand us." Yuri told me.

" ($#$^( &^(#^* ($&%#$( )$&!)(#& )$$^& #$* " She asked and pointed us.

"Kail." Yuri said, pointing Kail with her hand. It seems the new girl is asking for names.



"Ka…il… Kail!"

"Shala. Ryui."

"Shara. Yui."

"Sha-la. Ryu-i."

"Shala. Ryui."




"Il… bani… Ilbani!"


"Kuuririi." We all laughed hearing Kikkuri's name like that and she glared at me. Kikkuri turned red from embarrassment. This new girl is funny, even Kail chuckled.






"Kikkuri!" And she finally got it.


"Zyananjya?" She said in a rather baby like way. She sounded so cute.

"Zannanza." I said and faced her.

"Za… Zannan…za… Zannanza!" She successfully said it and I gave her a smile.

"Zannanza, (^ $*$ #* (*&) $" She said. I turned to Yuri and Yuri mouthed a 'thank you'. So she thanked me. I pat her head and gave her the instrument I was holding.

She gasped and Yuri, at the same time, squealed…

"How I've missed the sound of that!" I heard Yuri say and she gave Kail a bow and they left.

"It seems my goddess found a friend, right? Zannanza?" Kail turned to me and I only smiled at him.

"She is interesting though."

==========Dream about the Red River==========

"URHI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET'S GO!" Queen Nakia yelled and Urhi slowly removed his arms out of the hidden spring, one arm swollen with a bruise…

End of Chapter 1