EPIC DREAM: Dealing with Disease Is Not Easy

Chapter 1: Candace's Conundrum


It was the start of a new summer day in Danville, and it started with Phineas and Ferb under the tree, as usual.

It had been a month since their big adventure happened, and things had quieted down, but not for long, as something new was happening…

Linda and Lawrence were out of town at the Antique Toilet Brushes Convention, and Candace was watching her brothers sitting outside and talking to her friend Stacy over the phone.

"Yeah, Stacy, I want to go to the mall to see Jeremy, but if I leave, Phineas and Ferb will build something, and get rid of it before I get back."

"You know, Candace, you could just take them with you to the mall," Stacy suggested.

Candace thought about it and sighed. Maybe it would work.

"Ok, Stace," *click* "Hey, Phineas, let's go to the mall!"

Half an hour later, the three of them had made it to the mall.

"Ok, Phineas, you two stay out of trouble; I'm going to go get some corn dogs." Candace said. Then she when toward the food court.

"She sure goes to get hot dogs a lot." Phineas commented as he and Ferb went to see if Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet were at the mall.

"And she never gains weight, either," Ferb added.

Somewhere nearby, a figure in a trench coat came out from behind a plant and looked around.

He scurried out from behind the plant and snuck around, being as stealthy as Solid Snake on a good day.

Finally he jumped into a nearby trash can and continued to look around.

He saw a red haired girl yammering with an employee at a hot dog restaurant.

"Hmm, I think she'll do," the guy said to himself, putting on some thick gloves and taking a little vial from a pocket.

He took a tiny dart and dipped the tip of it in and stuck it a dart gun, and prepared to blow.

Candace continued to talk to Jeremy when she felt something sting her leg.


"Are you ok Candace?" Jeremy asked.

Candace looked at her leg. She didn't see anything, and it wasn't swelling, either.

She shrugged. "It must have just been a fly." She said. She continued yacking away.

A few minutes passed, and Candace felt a little queasy, then very hungry.

"Hey, Jeremy, do you have anything with watermelon on the menu?"

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. "Well, the manager was trying to test something called: "Deep-Fried-Watermelon-Poppers", but it doesn't sound really good if you ask me." He said, wrinkling his nose.

"Can I try it anyway?" Candace asked, salivating.

Jeremy seemed deeply disturbed. "Uh, ok, Candace."

Jeremy went and got a few pieces from the manager and came back.

His eyes widened.

"What's wrong Jeremy?" Candace asked.

"Candace," Jeremy paused for a moment, "Your hair is falling out."

Candace felt her head and found a clump of hair in her hand.

Candace let out a shriek of horror.

"Ahhhhhhh! Phineas! Help!" she yelled, running away.

Jeremy followed.

Phineas, Ferb, and their friends stood back and admired the new play place they had just built for the little kids.

"It's so nice, Phineas!" Isabella said.

Already, some kids and their parents had lined up to partake of Phineas and Ferb's latest gadget.

Suddenly, there was a scream from behind them. The crew turned to see Candace, half bald, running toward them.

"Phineas! Invent some super hair gel quick! Ahhh!" Candace shrieked.

Then they noticed her skin was turning red, for some reason.

"I think this will need more than hair gel, Candace," Phineas said.

Then Candace felt a strange sensation on the back of her head and felt three bumps appear.

"Phineas!" Candace screamed, feeling her entire body change shape and her skin turning rough, "You are sooooo Y-bust-"

Everyone gasped. Where Candace had been, there was now a red dinosaur that came up to Jeremy's shoulder.

Phineas's never failing smile started to fail. "Wha?"

Candace tried to say something, but her speech was high and she made weird sounds.

"Phini- *Yoshi!* Ferb! *Yoshi!* Oh no!"

(Author Notes: Here begins a new story. Not expecting it to be that kind of disease, huh? I own none of these characters of course, Phineas and Ferb belong to Disney and any Mario characters belong to Nintendo.)