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Bethany POV

Sometimes I think that God has sent me to earth to do some sort of good, though what if it was for another purpose? What if he wanted me to do something else? What if God had another purpose for me?

I have been on earth for almost a year, yea I was getting use to all of the new changes in my daily routine, but something feels odd. Something feels, wrong. I almost feel as if something bad is going to happen today? But what? I had Xavier, Gabriel, and of course Ivy. What more could I ever want? What could ever go wrong?

I walk through the small hallway upstairs, and make my way downstairs to the kitchen. Gabriel stands in front of the stove while Ivy is sitting at the table reading a paper. Gabriel see's me come in and gives a slight nod of the head. No smile, no "Hi how are you?" Just a nod. I look from Gabriel to Ivy, and then walk over and sit across from Ivy at the table.

Ivy looks up with the look of her's we barely ever see in our lives. "Bethany, we have some bad news." Ivy says in a quieted tone.

Immediately my mind flutters to Xavier. "What is it?" I try to stay as calm as I can.

Ivy looks to Gabriel for support and then back to me, "Beth, we are being called back."

Shocked, I look at her with an outraged look on my face. "We can't! We're not finished yet! No, what about Xavier? What about school?"

Gabriel set the skillet back down on the stove, wiped his hands on a dish towel, and walked over to me. Embracing me in a hug, he calmly began to talk. "I know how much you like it here, but we can't get to attached. Our job is done for now, we have fulfilled our duty, and now we are needed back up in Heaven."

Silently, I find my voice and ask the most deadly question. "How long?"

Ivy and Gabriel exchanged looks. "A week." Ivy said. "Their giving us a week to come up with an excuse to leave quietly."

I nod at them both. Gabriel walks away slowly and then comes back with a plate of eggs and an apple. "Eat and go get ready for school."