Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its respective characters belong to BBC. Cyril and other characters belong to Trinity Productions.

Summary: The Doctor may have miscalculated his landing. Again.

Chronology: None.

Pairings: None.

Author's Note: This is one-shot where The Doctor and Cyril (from Cyril's Cam) meet. One-shot, written for Olga.

The Doctor and Cyril

"Now we should be landing in the Spiral Galaxy Sphere. Beautiful phenomenon-happens only once every Twenty thousand years. Luckily, we happen to be standing in a time machine! Now let's go see those stars!" The Doctor bounded towards the TARDIS doors, his tweed slung over his arm.

"Doctor!" Amy yelled, "Why are we going outside the TARDIS to see the stars?"

"I've extended the air shield around the TARDIS so you can see them close up!" The Doctor exclaimed in excitement. He was just about to open the doors, when someone knocked on the door.

Amy came up short behind the Doctor. "Doctor, aren't we in space?" Amy asked.


"Then when is there knocking?"

"I don-t-"

"HELLO?" a shrill voice yelled. "Anybody in there? Hello? You've landed on my hat you bastard!"

Amy sighed. "Did we miss again?"

"I don't see how we could, I triangulated the date and coordinated with the location of the Green Galazy-"

Amy swept past the Doctor and yanked open the door. A strange looking man tumbled into the TARDIS.

"Oi!" he complained. "What'd you do that for? I like my hat, and I would like it back, thank you very much."

The Doctor pulled out his sonic and started scanning the hat-less man.

"What are you bzzing me for?" he started swatting away the sonic, "Stop bzzing me!"

"I'm sorry for him," Amy said, "He does that a lot. And who are you?"

"Cyril." The man said, standing up and brushing himself off. "Now I would like my hat back."

Amy turned to face the Doctor who was no longer standing next to her, but stationed at the console.

"Oi. Doctor. Can we get this man back his hat?"

"I'm working on recalculating the coordinates so that I can move three meters from where we are."

"Is it really that hard?" Amy said, bounding up the stairs.

"I move through time a lot easier than space. Now. A little bit of blue buttoning and we should be good!"

The Doctor bounced down the stairs again, grabbing Cyril who had started to spin in circles. He opened the door.

"I don't think you moved through space." Amy said. The overgrown bushes were pushed up against the TARDIS door.