The dramatic final chapter to mark off Danny's first encounter with the Teen Titans! (Both of which I do not own)

The trip back to Vlad's portal was a quiet one as Danny guided them back to the real world. Once they were back, the Titans let out a sigh of relief before heading towards the exit. They were almost to the staircase when they noticed Danny staring at the steel doors of the ghost portal.

"Yo Danny! You commin?" asked Cyborg, snapping the teen out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Yeah, I'll join you guys in a little bit. I've just gotta take care of some things." The mechanical teen merely shrugged and continued up the stairs with the others.

"I can't wait to see how everyone's going to treat him tomorrow at school," said Beast Boy as the images of Dash begging Danny for forgiveness for bullying him came flooding into his mind.

"Uh, Beast Boy," said Robin as an awkward feeling filled the air. "We're not going to school tomorrow." The emerald shape-shifter looked at the boy wonder as though he had grown a second head.

"Dude, what are you talking about? We've got that huge test in Mr. Lancer's class tomorrow."

"Beast Boy," said Robin as the whole group stopped in the foyer, "we only went there to learn more about Danny Phantom. Now that we know the truth, we have to pack up and go back to Jump City."

"Oh yeah," muttered the changeling as his ears drooped. They were barely out of the doors when tons of spotlights shined down from helicopters surrounding the mansion. Two guys dressed completely in white suits with jetpacks on their backs hovered over the building, each bringing a megaphone to their mouths.

"Nobody move," said one of the suited men.

"Daniel Fenton. In accordance with the Federal Anti-Ecto Control Act, Article 1, Section 1, Sub-section A, you are under arrest."

"Who are you, and what right do you have to arrest Danny?" asked Robin as he and his friends got into a combat stance. The two agents lowered themselves so that they were face to face with the Titans.

"We are the Guys In White, a government organization created to destroy all ghosts," said the African American agent as he brought out his ecto-gun. "Vlad Masters and Daniel Fenton are wanted for questioning."

"And experiments, lots and lots of painful experiments," added the Caucasian agent as he also pulled out his weapon.

"Not if we have anything to say about it," said Robin as he pulled out his Fenton bo-staff and pointed it at the agent. The other Titans also readied their powers to attack the agents when Danny faded into view in front of them, his hands held up in surrender.

"Stand down guys, it's alright."

"You're gonna let them take you and experiment on you?" asked Beast Boy, thinking the ghost teen had lost his mind.

"Heck no!" responded Danny as he turned to look at the teenage superheroes. "I don't want you guys to be to be blamed for my escape." A large explosion sounded the instant the Danny finished talking, causing everyone but Danny to look into the mansion to see a large fire coming from the staircase leading to the lab. A second Phantom came flying through the flames, a calm, determined look on his face as he flew past them and back into Danny. The young halfa wasted no time taking off into the air, flying past the two GIW agents and into the town.

"After him!" yelled the agents as they flew off after him, along with the helicopters and a couple jets. It didn't take them long to catch up to the ghost boy as he turned down a street, a crowd of people cheering him on as the agents followed in hot pursuit. The Titans watched as Danny expertly avoided the numerous blasts fired at him, moving like a snake, only moving higher as the ecto-rays came close to hitting the town's people. They stared for a few moments before remembering the growing fire behind them.

"Danny can take care of himself. Let's take care of this fire before the whole house goes up." The others looked at their leader for a moment before nodding and splitting up, Beast Boy and Raven heading over to the fire hydrants while Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire grabbed some fire extinguishers.

Danny zigged and zagged through the air as he tried not to get blasted before he reached his destination a few blocks away. The ghost teen winced as a shot got a little too close for comfort, but grinned as he reached his destination. Turning intangible, Danny phased through the rubble of FentonWorks and grabbed a few pieces of intact gadgets, including a Fenton Thermos, a pair of Fenton Phones, and the Boooo-merang. He was just about to fly out when he saw a busted frame with a still intact picture of his friends and family. He quickly grabbed it and cradled all the items in his arms until he found a backpack that wasn't destroyed, which was thankfully his, and put them in. By the time he had grabbed everything, the GIW had the entire area surrounded, their weapons drawn as they searched for him. Danny stuck his head out and looked around at all the agents before sinking back into the ground.

"He couldn't have gone too far," said one of the agents as he pulled out a ghost detector and tried to find where Phantom was. He didn't have to wait long as the ghost boy flew out of the streets and back towards the mansion.

"There he is!" yelled the agent as he took off after him, followed by the helicopters, and later, the jets. He continued to avoid blasts as he made his way back to Vlad's mansion.

The fire had grown worse while he was gone and the Titans were standing on the lawn trying to stop it from getting worse. Danny moved his hands to the side as a large snowball appeared between them. "Get back!" he yelled as he launched the cyro-bomb. The five teenage superheroes jumped out of the way as the attack went flying through the doors. There was a blue flash before ice began crawling out of the doorway and windows. The fire died away as the ice continued to spread until the entire building was completely frozen over. The Titans looked up to see the young halfa give them a two finger salute before vanishing from sight. Raven extended her senses and looked out over the horizon as the ecto-life force going in that direction faded within it.

Cyborg let out a sigh as he closed the trunk of the T-Ship. It had been two days since Danny's escape from the Guys in White and they had been very tiring. They had examined Vlad's mansion to find the entire lab had been destroyed. There wasn't a single device that could be salvage, having either been destroyed by the fire, the ice, or a combination of both. The Thermos holding Vlad had been found broken on the counter top, the billionaire halfa gone without a trace. The worst was that a few hours before they took the last of their stuff from the apartment was a news bulletin about Danny and Vlad. The report had a picture of both of them in both their human and ghost forms and a warning to the viewers that if they saw either of them to contact the Justice League or the Guys in White. This had left the team in a grim mood. Beast Boy didn't crack as many jokes, Starfire had somehow made a batch of her Pudding of Sadness, while the others focused on packing the crates. Now they were all sitting in the T-Ship, waiting for Cyborg to get in before taking off. Within minutes, they were off the ground and were heading back to Jump City.

Deep in the Colorado wilderness, Vlad sat and watched the news cast and growled before blasting the screen with an ecto blast from his eyes.

"I have made far too many concessions to the boy, but no more. It's time I finally finished off Danny Phantom once and for all!"

How is that for an ending? Keep an eye out for the exciting sequel, Trials of Blood.