Chapter 1

July 28, 1947

Millie Thompson sat in her bedroom getting ready for another day in Rapture. She had put on the casual summer dress she had smartly picked out the night before, she brushed her long auburn hair and braided it to the side like she always did, and recently she had been able to convince her mother to let her start wearing a bit of makeup like eye-liner and mascara for her every day activities. It was all part of her daily routine that she was mostly happy with and it only took a bit of time.

She walked towards the kitchen and looked out the window to see the great view of the ocean that Olympus Heights had to offer as she went towards her destination. Once she made it to the kitchen she could see her father intently watching the Rapture News station on their television and couldn't help but over hear as her mother passed her a fruit plate to eat for breakfast.

Famed Dr. J.S. Steinman will be joining our grand city of Rapture later this week. He is greatly known as the renowned doctor to not only excel in his position as an orthopedic surgeon, but to also revolutionize the plastic surgery industry with his new style and techniques. Andrew Ryan will be greeting this great doctor in the Tea Garden of Arcadia with Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum and Dr. Yi Suchong, he also hopes that his good colleague and friend, Maxwell Thompson, will be there to welcome our new resident and to-


Millie Thompson jumped in fright as she saw her father's hand rest on the table he had slammed on a moment before. He was shaking in anger as her mother, Sally Thompson, put a comforting hand on his shoulder quietly asking what was wrong. "That bastard Ryan! He has the gall to actually invite me to meet this doctor he's discovered!" He said in frustration.

Her mother's face turned to one of confusion as she listened to the situation. "Well what's wrong with that? Andrew is being polite and wants you to be part of the festivities."

"Don't call him Andrew, Sally. Can't you see that this is a way for him to shove it in my face that he has accomplished bringing another "Rapture Star"? If I go, I will only be humiliated with Ryan's fake smile and politeness."

By this time Mrs. Thompson had realized that nothing was really wrong and had moved to cleaning their apartment in the Mercury Suites. Millie sighed and went back to eating her fruit bowl for breakfast. For as long as she could remember, her father and Andrew Ryan had had a bit of a rivalry. They were both entrepreneurs that flourished in America and naturally found themselves to be competition, it soon escalated though when they became partners in some businesses and rivals in others. They were the epitome of the saying "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer," as shown in the fact that Andrew Ryan was and still is her godfather.

With the creation of Rapture a mere year ago though, Max Thompson knew that Andrew Ryan had taken creation in the business world to the next level by creating his own "country", as he liked to call it. He accepted the invitation to this underwater city without a moment's hesitation in hopes of finding a way to outdo his enemy.

"Dad, by not going you're only going to make yourself look like a rude man." Millie added quietly. Her father just grunted and she couldn't help but smirk at fact that this was a sign that he had seen the truth in her words and would end up going to greet Dr. Steinman.

She picked up her plate and placed it in the sink as she walked towards the front door. "And where do you think you're going young lady?" Her mother asked. Mille sighed in annoyance for being called that, she was sixteen for cripes sake.

"I'm going to Fort's Frolic to see a show or maybe go to a gallery." She explained in the respectful manner she was taught to always have.

Her father looked at her over the newspaper he had started to read with mischief in his eyes. "Don't be gone too long, Millie. Oh and just so you know, I expect you will be accompanying me to Arcadia this week for this little event." He said.

She detested public engagements and knew that her father was just trying to annoy her. It was unfortunately working as she left the apartment in a huff and headed towards the Atlantis Express in hopes of seeing some art.


August 2, 1947

The Tea Garden was filled with laughter and talk as the small get together described in the papers and news soon turned into a full blown party throughout the gardens and, of course, it was filled with brightest and richest of Rapture's population. Millie wasn't exactly comfortable since she seemed to be the only teenager there drinking soda pop and trying to avoid everyone around her; she had somehow lost her father in the crowds and was on the search to at least find a place to sit.

"Millie! My dear," She turned towards the voice and smiled politely as she saw Andrew Ryan walk towards her with his stoic smirk and his newest mistress. "How good to see you, I'm sure you must be enjoying the party." She couldn't help but chuckle at her godfather's always serious voice.

"It's fine Mr. Ryan, I just thought it was going to be smaller. I can hardly hear myself think in here." She joked. The two adults let out casual laughs and Millie couldn't help but look at the woman next to Ryan in curiosity.

Seeming to have felt the silent question, the woman held out her hand in greeting while still managing to look like she was hanging off of Ryan's shoulder. "Hi Millie, I'm Dian-"

"Diane McClintock." Andrew Ryan finished. It didn't affect Diane though as she giggled and, if possible, got closer to her date. "She is of no importance to you though." It was as if she heard nothing and continued to smile at Millie.

"That's not very nice Mr. Ryan, of course she is of importance. She could very well be my godmother some day." Millie stated with her always polite smile.

Diane nudged him on the shoulder with a gleam in her eyes but Ryan just grunted in slight annoyance at the hint of a serious relationship, "No wonder I call you my Jiminy Cricket. Always taking care that I'm good and have a conscience."

"Well, if I didn't do it then who would?" He just smirked at her again and kissed her on the cheek as a goodbye. She watched them leave and couldn't help but think about what would happen if Andrew Ryan didn't have a conscience. The party seemed to have grown more boisterous as Dr. J.S. Steinman's introduction was nearing. Millie was being pushed around more often and she had lost her glass of soda some time back and she still couldn't find her father. She let out a sigh of both relief and frustration as she finally found a free table on the terrace overlooking a small river. "Hmm…if I didn't know any better, I would almost think I'm on the surface."

Her eyes lit up as she found an abandoned Accu-Vox recorder and decided to leave a message. "Alright let's see how this works…" She placed it in front of her and pressed the red button:

"Umm, does the red light mean it's on? I think it does. Ok, I think you're supposed to name these entries so here goes; Arcadia. That's really original…well to summarize my time in this small party; I am lost. Great old dad has left me alone so that he can go mingle or argue with Ryan or some other reason. Hmm, I keep sighing lately, there must be something in the air-er, water I mean. It's 8:30PM down here and this amazing doc everyone keeps talking about seems to be a no show so I going to have to find a way to escape this place and find something interesting to do. Maybe-"

"Hello, I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time."

"Oh no it's quite alright."

She pushed stop on the audio diary and placed it on the seat next to her as the man sat down across from her with a cigarette in his mouth. "I hope you don't mind me sitting here, there's nowhere else to sit and I was getting tired of looking." He said with an apologetic smile.

Millie couldn't help but blush at his smile; he was very handsome with his impeccable hair, perfectly clean face, and very smart suit. It was obvious that everyone could see his beauty as most of the female population in the room had their eyes stuck on him. 'What am I thinking? He has to be at least ten years older than me.' She scolded herself. "I know how you feel, it took me forever to find this table." She could feel herself turn redder as the man laughed at her small stab at humor.

She started to move uncomfortably as he stayed seemingly checking her over. "I've got to say, your nose is very cute. A button nose is what most call it, yes?"

Her hand instinctively went to her nose. "Oh, well thanks." She said shyly looking down.

"Well, I'm not sure if that was a compliment." She looked up quickly in confusion. "Especially at your age, most young women would be wanting a more straight or refined nose. I also notice your wearing makeup. If it is a way to make your eyes appear bigger than I must say it does look nice but wouldn't you much rather not have to wear makeup and look like that naturally? If anything you should try lipstick to make your lips look fuller, although you do have a nice shape, by the way I'm John, what did you say your name was?"

Millie stared at him in shock. How could someone she had just met start nit picking her features? She glared at him and felt herself blush but for a completely different reason that time. "I didn't say what my name was."

He just smirked at her apparent anger leaned on the table to get closer to her. "You know, most ladies would be lining up for me to tell them what they could improve." She gaped at the gall this man had to even think she would take his insults as a compliment.

"Let me tell you sir, I don't know who you think you are but I know that you don't have any authority or right to start naming off parts of me that you think should be improved." A waiter walked by them and Millie carelessly took a glass champagne in need of something to calm her down a bit.

"I actually do have the right to point out these details as I am a doctor." John said as he took the glass from her hand before she could take a sip. "You must be at least 17, nowhere near the drinking age."

"For your information I am actually 16 and just because you're a doctor still doesn't give the right to point out 'flaws'. It's not like you're King of the Doctors down here." Below the terrace Andrew Ryan and her father were surrounded by a crowd and held microphones in their hands.

"And now for the moment you've been waiting for ladies and gentleman. We are now going to introduce the newest member of our great society and new head of the Medical Pavilion." Ryan introduced with the flourish that he loves.

"And what a great convenience too. It seems our guest of honor has somehow found my daughter." Max Thompson announced. The spotlight was suddenly on Millie and all she could see was John's million dollar smile and hear the laughter of the other attendees in the garden. "Dr. J.S. Steinman, why don't you join us here and introduce yourself again for everyone."

The garden was filled with the sound of applause and if possible, Millie blushed even more when John Steinman moved his dazzling smile to her. "Well, it seems I am King of the Doctors down here."


January 10, 1948

It had been months since he was introduced to the city of Rapture and he had only just finished moving into his apartment and fixing the Medical Pavilion to his perfect liking. It felt as if he hadn't even seen the city yet and he was just stuck in his office. Not that it was a bad thing though, he loved working even the boring paper work seemed interesting and entertaining lately.

None of that came even close to the thrill that came with surgery though. Although he never said any of it out loud for fear of causing fear to others, he loved the feel of his scalpel and other tools cutting, changing, building, creating something new and beautiful. It caused an almost euphoric feeling within and he couldn't wait until his first customers came knocking on his door. He had to admit though that his mind had been occupied by a pair hazel eyes and a cute button nose lately. In all honesty the girl wasn't his type at all, she was actually quite plain and not very special, but there was something about her he knew he wanted to exploit.

He wasn't oblivious, he knew he was blessed with good looks and that the moment Miss Thompson had looked up at him she had been hooked. There was one problem though, she didn't seem too happy with him and he honestly didn't know why she was keeping a grudge. Most women thanked him when he pointed out things that could use improvement. It was strange as he thought back to when he first saw her talking into the Accu-Vox looking as bored as ever and yet he was somehow still charmed by the scene.

He looked up as he heard the door to his office open and reveal one of his receptionists walk in with his schedule for the day. She was pretty, she had the short finger waves hair cut that seemed to be in vogue at the time, her pouty lips were in the perfect smile and overall she looked like any other girl working in his office, he would only ask for perfection. "Good Morning, Dr. Steinman, you are booked for a meeting at one o'clock with Mr. Ryan and Mr. Thompson and have a final check-up with Mrs. Smith for her rhinoplasty later today at ten. Aside from that you might have the regular walk ins we've been having lately who might have questions and such."

'Perhaps that is why I'm so interested in that girl. She's different, no, more like a challenge.' He smirked as he looked his receptionist up and down stopping at her blushing face. 'Not as charming as on Miss Thompson, but a perfect shade of pink nonetheless.' He stood up and approached her with his charming smile. "Is that all for today." The poor girl could only nod as she watched him come closer. He took the clip bored from her hands and dropped it to the ground while reaching for her face with his other hand. "Well, why not take advantage of this free time and let me teach you about the human body." The girl's breath shook as the handsome doctor slowly unbuttoned her blouse and felt his mouth cover hers.

He was glad he had come to Rapture, the absolute freedom he felt he was allowed was exhilarating. This time tomorrow the girl would be fired and he would have another receptionist to take advantage of with no repercussions. He could think of the mysterious Miss Thompson after his short moment of passion with this girl he didn't even know the name of.


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