Rain Did Fall

She knew she wasn't created to feel anything close to "emotions" but right now, she just couldn't deny them as they rose in her heart.

She knew she was created to obey her creator, her master, her father – To do as told. But she went against whatever she'd learnt, and felt. Felt something she shouldn't have.

She knew about pain, hot and cold of things, wetness, dryness, sight, smell, sound and so on but what she felt right now was not physical. Not physical at all.

She remembered how her father used to say how worthless emotions are and only weak beings succumb to them and how she always agreed. She agreed because she didn't even know what they exactly were.

She knew she was nothing more than an object of control to him. She knew he never created her to get close to her or teach her things people normally taught their children.

Her inexperienced heart never understood why people smiled or shed tears. She never knew what it meant to "feel good" or "feel bad". But today as she gazed down at his masked face, the smile on which even wider than usual, and felt for his pulse for the umpteenth time even though she'd realized that his bodily functions had stopped supporting his existence, she asked herself.

She wondered why, out of a myriad of available emotions, just why did she have to experience sadness?