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Summary: "Something was definitely wrong with me. Sometimes I wondered if I saw the same things through my eyes the rest of the world saw through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain." Bella always thought there was something wrong with her. When Edward tells her she doesn't belong in his world, she starts to wonder what his world actually consists of. On a quest to find other supernatural things, in hopes of leading her back to Edward, she runs into the Winchester brothers and they confirm her suspicions: something is very wrong with her. The yellow-eyed demon has his sights set on Bella. Dean and Sam offer to take her with them so they can protect her but more so they can keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't bring the end of the world. With a hole in her heart and an apocalypse on the horizon, can a certain Winchester brother save the world, the girl, and heal his own heart in the process?

Chapter 1 - A Glitch

I uncurled myself from the fetal position I had been in for the last several hours. My legs were as numb as my mind. Carefully, I stood up from the bed and attempted to stretch. His words continued to echo in my mind as I wiped away the silent tears that never seemed to end. I saved the loud sobs that tore through my body for the middle of the night.

Pacing the worn, hardwood floor, I replayed every torturous moment from our time in the woods. The floorboards creaked underneath my bare feet as I tried to make sense of everything that happened. The wood protested with a loud groan as I walked back and forth, pulling on my hair, quietly repeating everything Edward had said to me. Every word I whispered put a new crack in my already shattered heart, and I winced at the self-inflicted pain. It was all true. Of course he would never want me. It never made sense for him to love me. He was perfect, other worldly. He and his family belonged amongst the peaks of Mount Olympus, not pretending and associating with mere mortals. There was nothing keeping them here. I was just a distraction, something to keep him interested in his otherwise mundane existence. What was I thinking?

When Edward left, he made sure to destroy every piece of evidence, taking his drawings, pictures, notes...anything that would indicate he was real. He wasn't lying when he said it would be as if he'd never existed. I began to second guess myself. Always with my nose in a book, I started to think maybe I conjured Edward up to make me feel special. I stole him from the pages of a novel and turned my fantasy world into reality. Something was definitely wrong with me. Sometimes I wondered if I saw the same things through my eyes the rest of the world saw through theirs. Maybe there was a glitch in my brain. Why was it so easy for me to accept that vampires did in fact exist? I could tell the Cullens were different from the very first day I saw them. How could I have been the only one to notice the golden eyes and pale skin? Even when Jake laughed at the stories the Elders told about their tribe being decedents from wolves, I could almost see it. Boys at the Res, that were almost three years younger than I was, had the physique of men twice their age. Their perfectly toned chests and sculpted bodies just didn't match up. Sam Uley's group, that Jake had called a cult, started to resemble a pack of wolves; they never left each other. The way Embry and Paul openly admitted their disdain for the Cullens and their kind...it made sense to me.

I sat down at my desk and turned on the computer. Surely, he wasn't able to hack into my email. There must be some old emails from Alice left in my inbox. Maybe I could send her a message, reason with her, and even beg her to come back. The screen finally powered on and out of habit, I clicked on the Google icon. The message at the top bar indicated that it had not shut down properly and asked if I wanted to restore the page. I just clicked 'OK' and while I waited, I went into my Outlook Express and searched my email. I started to shake as I scrolled down the page, realizing there was nothing there. It was completely empty. I felt a rush of warmth as my face flushed. Moving my jittery hand over the mouse, I clicked on the deleted section. Empty. Not even any spam ads for Viagra or Cialis. Dammit! The Google page finally finished loading and I gasped, covering my mouth when I saw what was left on the page.

Vampire Folklore.

No, I didn't imagine it. Edward and the rest of the Cullens were vampires. The whole thing with James attacking me, my scar... I pulled my hand away from my mouth and inspected my wrist. Images of the attack at the ballet studio flooded my mind: the searing pain, the fire burning inside of me, Edward's voice telling me he was going to fix me. I caressed the smooth, silvery skin. Actual teeth marks...it was real. It was all real. My mind lingered on something Edward had said when he was trying to justify leaving.

My world is not for you.

If his world wasn't for me...who was it for? If vampires existed, there had to be other supernatural things that existed in his world as well. As the questions filled my mind, the haze of depression and feeling sorry for myself slowly lifted. The pain that had engulfed me and kept me drowning for so long started to disappear and was replaced with something new—anger. I was furious at him for opening a whole new world to me and then leaving me behind simply because he didn't think I fit in. That wasn't his decision to make, but he always had a hard time letting me do anything by myself. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Edward and the Cullens coddled me to a point where I became dependent on them. When he left, they took everything with them: my memories, my family, my heart. I depended on them so much, I couldn't survive on my own. The throbbing pain of my half-beating heart and my scars were the only way I knew it was all real. I remembered the Cullens mentioning the Denalis, another coven that followed their diet and practices. They lived somewhere in Alaska, and if I could find them, maybe they could show me where the Cullens were. In the meantime, I made it a point to research every supernatural event ever documented. I started to realize supernatural happenings usually followed a pattern. Where there was one event, there was usually another. If I could discover the pattern, I could follow a trail and hopefully find Edward.

Charlie started to get suspicious of my late night studying sessions. He'd walk past my room several times before heading to bed and would see my light on, the soft glow of my computer leaking out from underneath the door.

One night he walked in and I quickly shut my laptop and looked up at him. He scanned my face, frowning when he noticed the dark purple circles under my eyes.

"What's up, Dad?" I asked, hoping he would just spit it out so I could get back to what I was doing.

"Bells," he said as he sat down beside me, the bed creaking underneath his weight. He was there to give me some sort of talk that I didn't really need. I looked down, focusing on the depression in the mattress. "I'm really glad you're concentrating so hard on your studies...but don't you think you should take a break? Go out, have some fun...you know the things kids your age do."

"I like studying," I lied. Who was I supposed to go out with? Jessica? I could barely handle talking to her in school. Now I was being forced to spend time with her?

"No one likes studying, Bells." He rubbed the top of my head and smiled. "Trust me, I'm glad you stopped crying over that Edgar fellow...but this throwing yourself into your school work...it's not healthy."

I smiled softly at him. Charlie tried, I had to give him that. He may not be the best father in the world, but I knew he loved me. "I guess I'm sort of like my dad in that way."

"I'm worried," he admitted.

"I know. I'm okay. Honest."

He placed a kiss on my forehead before getting up and walking toward the door. He paused and leaned against the doorjamb. "Get some sleep, kid."

Once he left, I quickly opened my laptop and started typing away. One of the good things about being a cop's daughter was I had direct access to the police log. Charlie was never really original, so when I guessed his login as Mariners913 and my name as his password, I was golden. I perused all the activity and noticed something that didn't sit right. A mutilated body left in the forest followed by a hiker's eyewitness of a wolf that looked like the size of a bear. Werewolves? It was certainly a possibility if the Quileute legends of Shifters were true. Mike and Jessica had mentioned they wanted to go camping on the grounds off of the interstate. They abandoned it last minute when they had read the article in the paper about the hiker with his heart ripped out. I even saw pictures Angela had posted on her Facebook of the camp site. Ever the photohog, she dragged Eric there to help her take pictures. I scoured the newspaper article and found the quote from one of the surviving hikers. They said it looked like a wolf but stood upright, more like a man. If the Quileutes could shift into wolves, maybe they retained some of their human qualities and walked like a man? Maybe it was Bigfoot after all. Who the hell knew?

Fully convinced Charlie was sound asleep when I heard the chainsaw like snores coming from his room, I shut down my computer and got ready to do a little investigating of my own. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and decided the hiking boots I hardly ever wore would finally get some good use tonight. I pulled on a cream colored long-sleeve t-shirt with a few buttons at the neckline. I needed to be stealthy, so I needed something dark to wear on top of the shirt. The darkest jacket I owned was just a chocolate brown hoodie. Hopefully it was warm enough; I didn't plan on being out for too long, just enough time to document what was really going on deep in the woods of Forks.

I slowly and very carefully crept down the stairs, avoiding the spots I knew would make noise. Charlie was a deep sleeper, but I wasn't going to push my luck...starting my truck would be loud enough. Pulling my hood over my head and tugging the strings tight, I was able to temporarily protect myself from the light drizzle just starting to fall. I stared up at the overcast night sky and noticed the hazy moon behind the clouds. Its glow was slightly eerie, and I started to re-evaluate going out into the woods when it was a full moon. You may not have another chance, the reckless voice in my mind teased. The voice was right. It was now or never.

I started up Old Faithful, my archaic, piece of crap of a truck. The thing was beat to hell, but it still drove which was more than I could ask for. There was something endearing about it. Charlie was always a Chevy man. I swore if he could, he would have changed all the cruisers to Impalas. That man loved his muscle cars. Apparently 1953 was a very good year; you couldn't kill those engines, and the fact that Charlie took his time to find me something strong and sturdy showed me he cared. It was no match against a vampire trying to brace himself as he stopped a van from careening into me, but if I were ever in an accident—while driving that is—I would have been safe.

The engine roared to life, and I looked up to Charlie's window, making sure he didn't wake up. After an initial sputtering, the truck warmed up and I drove away into the night. Forks was a small quiet town, so it didn't surprise me when I didn't see one light on in the homes of our neighbors. Even the street lights were out. I remembered Charlie telling me about the mayor wanting to shut them off after midnight, something about saving on the budget. As I turned onto the interstate, I was a bit startled when I noticed a set of headlights in my rear view. Forks had a huge logging business, so it wasn't unfathomable for an eighteen-wheeler to be trucking logs down the main drag in the middle of the night. Except these weren't trucker headlights; they were far too low. It was probably just someone passing through. Luckily, the turnoff to the campground was coming up, so I shut my lights off and pulled off the side of the road and onto the shoulder. I looked behind me before getting out and noticed the other car had vanished. Strange, they must have turned off without me even realizing.

I grabbed Charlie's spare maglite from the passenger seat and climbed out of the cab. I turned it on and it instantly started to flicker. Oh, come on! I banged it against the palm of my hand, and it started to shine brighter. Thank God! Leave it to me to go into the woods with a dead flashlight.

The moisture in the air mixed with the heavy scent of pine and spruce was refreshing. The soggy leaves left a sloshy, squishy noise under my feet as I descended into the forest. I had to think about this carefully. I didn't want to get lost like I did when he left me there. I thought about marking the trees, but it would be impossible to see the marks at night. If I had a photographic memory this would have been a piece of cake. I felt a chill in the air and put my hands in the pockets of my hoodie so I could warm them up. I felt something in one of the pockets and fished it out.

"Would you look at that?" I said to myself as I looked at the peanut M&M package in my hand. "That could work."

I left a trail of multicolored candy pieces as I walked further and further into the darkness. Still no sign of the supernatural, I continued hiking. There had to be something here. There just had to be, I assured myself. Suddenly, I heard whispers not too far away from where I had just been. Shit! Someone was here. Could werewolves even talk? I tried to duck behind a tree, but I slipped on the wet leaves and fell on the ground.

"Oomph," I cried, quickly covering my mouth. I prayed they didn't hear me.

"Dean, gross! You don't even know how long those M&Ms have been there," a voice admonished, sounding thoroughly disgusted.

"What?" I could hear the loud chomping which only meant they were closing in on me. "I'm hungry. I'm not gonna let perfectly good candy go to waste. Besides, peanuts are my favorite

A snicker broke through the air as the other voice responded, "More like penis is your favorite."

If these were werewolves, they had one hell of a sense of humor. I caught myself laughing as I listened to their conversation.

"Why, Sammy," a gruff voice responded, "it's good to see you lighten up for once...bitch."

"Jerk," the other responded.

I was lying on the ground and watched a pair of big, black boots walk past me.

"You think we lost her?" the one named Sammy asked.

"Nah." The voice was muffled and sounded like he had a mouthful. "It's not like she could have gone very far. I have a feeling this one is a complete klutzoid. Did you hear that crash when she fell?" He chuckled. Was he laughing at me?

I didn't know who these people were, but they were definitely looking for me, of that I was sure. Maybe Charlie found out I left and called in the state troopers to look for me. Whoever they were, I wasn't about to let them catch me. I crawled on my hands and knees, taking me away from the path and deeper into the forest. A shrill howl pierced through the air. The men stopped their chattering and paused to listen to the cries. I took that as my chance to run and ran as fast as I could until I bumped into something hard...and furry. I tore my eyes from the ground and looked up apprehensively. I was met with heavy breathing and grunting that accompanied saliva that was pooling in the beast's mouth. I started to tremble as its eyes focused on me. They were the blackest I had ever seen, even blacker than Edward's. It stuck its snout out and started to sniff my hair. I was frozen in fear until a shout broke through the silence.

"Stand back!"

I turned around to see two men pointing guns at the creature. The taller one held what looked like a sawed off shotgun, while the other one held a handgun pointed directly at the beast's head. I did more than stand back, I took off running. My shaking threw me off balance and the gunshot made me jump. In my attempt to get away, my foot got caught in a root, and I twisted my ankle, falling to the ground.

"Bella!" a voice yelled as I heard them run through the forest.

I was shocked they knew my name, but there was no point in hiding from them, so I called back. "I'm over here."

The two men approached me. It was dark so I couldn't really make them out. I hit my flashlight against the ground and shined it in their faces. The tall one had to be at least 6'4, though he wasn't as huge as Emmett. In fact, he was pretty lean with dark eyes and dark shaggy hair. The other one wasn't as tall, but it looked like he was built fairly well. He was ready to take on whatever that thing in the woods was, so he must be strong...or just fearless. He had short light hair and lighter eyes. After a thorough inspection, I surmised they were only human.

The shorter one held his hand up to shield him from the flashlight. "Enough with the light, sweetheart. I'm starting to feel like I'm in an interrogation," he said.

"Bella, are you okay?" the one with the dark shaggy hair asked gently.

"Who...who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Sam and this is Dean. We've been looking for you."

"Did my father send you?" I tried to get up and winced, falling back to the ground.

Sam knelt down beside me. "Are you hurt?"

"Of course she's hurt," Dean barked. "What the hell were you thinking going after a Wendigo?"

"W..ww..wendigo?" I stuttered.

"Yeah, the big, fugly wolf looking thing that almost ate you?" Dean answered sarcastically.

"It's real?" I asked, a smile spreading across my face. "It's all real!"

"You bet your ass they're real." Dean answered with a cocky grin. "What else do you think killed that hiker in the woods?"

"I was thinking maybe a Shifter or Bigfoot," I explained.

"Don't be ridiculous! Shifters don't kill people, they kill vampires," Dean scoffed as he popped a few M&Ms in his mouth. "Werewolves are the ones you've gotta watch out for..." he crunched down on the candy "...they'll rip your lungs out, Jim."

"Who are you?" I shook my head in disbelief at this character standing in front of me. Really? Who broke out in song mid-sentence? I may have been crazy, but this guy was off his rocker.

"What Dean here is trying to say is that there's a difference between werewolves and shifters. Werewolves are..."

"Ahhh Ooooo, werewolves of London," Dean crooned in a deep voice as he mimed howling, clearly baiting his friend.

Even in his sarcasm I noticed he had a pretty good voice.

"Shut up, Dean!" Sam shot a glare Dean's way before continuing. "Werewolves are vicious and bloodthirsty and only turn under a full moon. They'll kill anything. Shifters only exist to protect their tribe from the Cold Ones, also known as vampires. They can shift whenever they want."

I listened carefully to Sam's explanation while I watched Dean throw M&Ms up in the air and catch them in his mouth.

"Hey! Those are mine! I put them down so I could find my way back," I protested.

"Smart thinking. But it doesn't look like you'll be walking back anyway. You're going to have to let me carry you." He wagged his eyebrows at me and gave me a mischievous smile.

I instantly thought about all the times Edward had carried me on his back through the woods. I wondered what it would feel like for Dean to carry me. Up until now, Edward was the only other person I had any physical contact with. I was so out of it when Edward had left me in the woods, I didn't even remember Sam Uley carrying me home. Charlie had told me a few days later when I woke up asking where I was. I imagined how different it would feel to have a warm, human carrying me. Would he be gentle, thinking I would break easily with the slightest touch? I had to turn away to hide my blush, not that he could have seen in the dark, but I felt like I was being unfaithful to Edward for even thinking like that. The men were good looking, nothing inhumanly beautiful like the Cullens, but maybe that was why it was so easy for me to go along with them.

I needed to keep my wits about me. I wasn't about to let myself just be taken by another pretty face. Maybe Edward was right; I had no self-preservation. I silently reprimanded myself and huffed as I tried to get up on my own again. I wanted to smack that stupid grin right off Dean's face. Sam put his hand on my shoulder to still me and looked up at Dean.

"Dean, I don't think you're helping," Sam said.

"Whatever, you take her..." he looked me over and shook his head "...she seems more like your type anyway." He started to trod through the woods, back toward the main path.

His words hurt me and I couldn't pinpoint why. I wasn't like most girls, but what exactly did he mean by that? What was it about me that made me so completely unattractive to the opposite sex? With a quizzical expression on my face, I looked over to Sam, hoping for answers. He just shrugged and gently took my hand, helping me up. I put my other hand on his chest to steady myself and noticed a streak of blood on his button down shirt.

"Sam you're bleeding."

He looked down and shook his head. "It's not mine."

I slowly pulled my hand away and noticed a large, bloody gash on the palm of my hand. I must have cut it when I fell. My vision started to blur, and I could feel a trickle of sweat running down my spine. I stumbled a few steps and fell into Sam's arms.

"Dean!" he called, and that was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

I was slowly starting to come to my senses. I felt something soft under my body and realized I was lying on a bed. I blinked my eyes open and took in what looked to be a large wooden steering wheel. Were those nautical stripes on the wall? I turned over to my side and looked out the window, only it wasn't a normal window. It was round and concave and looked like it belonged on a boat. Was I at the Admiral's Inn, Forks' one and only motel?

The door to the room swung open, and I quickly closed my eyes to pretend I was still sleeping.

"Dude, if she passed out at the sight of her own blood, how do you think she's gonna take what we have to tell her?"

"I don't know, Dean," Sam reasoned, "she was out there trying to hunt something, and she found it quicker than we did...maybe she knows a lot more than we give her credit for."

"I bet you ten bucks she freaks."

"Twenty says she doesn't," Sam said firmly.

"Alright, you're on, little bro." Dean chuckled before loudly biting into what sounded like a sandwich.

They were brothers that knew about werewolves, shifters, vampires...and apparently wendigos. So what the hell did they want with me?

I sat up on the bed, looking at my bandaged hand, and inched my way toward the headboard. The mattress springs creaking caused the brothers to turn my way. Dean dropped his food and Sam offered me a soft smile.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me?"

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