"Your first games Mrs. President." the attendant says making final adjustments to the Woman's outfit a formal fitted black number with a stiff collar and cuffed sleeves that makes all her features even more pointed. "Should be fun"

The President chuckles at the thought. "Fun?" the last few Games had been wholly uneventful, boring even. Though the general public hadn't seen them that way (Though one never became the President of Panem for being average) But not this year, not at all, she had personally hired a new Gamemaker hand picked rom huge masses of geniuses. But this one had been her favorite. A young man named Gideon Darvius. Charismatic, smart, and deadly. This year would be the best yet she was sure. This year would not be fun, it would be entirely amazing she was sure.

"You're set to be on in 5 minutes Madam" the attendant speaks again his voice just a little too cheery and high pitched "Five minutes. Just stay loose and have a good time" This one (She thought his name might be Dismond or Duggory) was getting on her nerves. Too chipper. She would have him fired, for firing was not something for a President to do.

She stands a few feet away from the pedestal on which a beautiful golden crown sits and next to that, a second just the same. Two crowns for two victors these are the rules for a year like this.

She hears the anthem play. A solemn man leads her to the podium when a thundering omnipresent voice announces "Now the President of Panem, Valencia Mortar. She looks at the teleprompter and starts to speak. To be honest this is why she was elected. Not for her looks (geometric face dark hair slicked back into a bun, her skin very smooth from sugary but otherwise nothing special) it wasn't for brains because, though she is brilliant, the population is not in it for smartness, and it is certainly not for charm. The president was elected because she could speak Some said she could convince a rock to vote for her. She was an individual gifted with the power to move others with words alone and she could wield that power with deadly precision.

So even for those who had heard the opening words dozens of times, it was new from her. Her voice made them new, added excitement for the luck capitulates and fear in all the district households.

She spoke of the glory of winning of the great things that would happen this year, the spiel that had been given for over 80 years. But then it differed.

"As some of you may have noticed there is not one but two crowns behind me."The reason is that the rules have shifted. Now two victors may be crowned if they are of the same district. Some of you may remember a similar situation from a few years ago, but know that it will be much more interesting this year." From around the capitol residents gasp at this news, a change in the rules? This is unheard of is it even legal?

She continues "The reapings will begin at noon tomorrow so to all those in the pool Good luck" the world knows what comes next her tone becomes almost icy "and may the odds be ever in our favor"

The anthem played and the 79th annual Hunger Games began.