Chapter 1 with who is in each clan


Every one of the night whispers is their plus new guy

Bladeheart he is a tom with sliver gray fur and blue eyes and has the power of blade that can unsheathe and sheath at will all over his back.


Same as mercer meets the clans


Same as Mercer meets the clan


Same as when mercer meets the clans


The cats are unrecognizable so no identification can be made

Chapter one

Alex and Blossomfall were having fun causing the military head aches and basically making carnage and chaos.

The clans are at peace the clans until when a new clan shows up calling them self the Blacklightclan. the Blacklightclan started make the rest of the clans go hungry so the med cats of the four clans ask for the starclan to bring in the Ones who destroyed the Darkforest

As Alex Mercer and Blossomfall napped from a day of killing military and causing havoc. They awoke seeing that they were cats (again).

Blossomfall said "Alex were warriors again"

Then Alex said "I know and were in the Thunderclan lets go see Firestar"

The as they went to the Thunderclan camp they were confronted with 3 warriors guarding the entrance to camp and when Alex and Blossomfall approached the guards(who are Lionblaze and Brambleclaw) said "Stay back you Blacklightclan scum or we will kill you"

The Alex said hey it us Mercerfur and Blossomfall

Then Brambleclaw said "I don't think your who you say you are"

The Blossomfall said "well is their a way we can get you to believe that we are who we say we are Brambleclaw?"

Then Brambleclaw said "You just did. We never said our names to the Blacklightclan so only way that you could have know is if you are who you say you are."

the Brambleclaw and Lionblaze moved and then Alex and Blossomfall entered camp. the Firestar who had left his den saw Blossomfall and went to them and said "hi Blossomfall hi Mercerfur"

Then Blossomfall said "Hi Firestar"

"Hi Firestar" said Alex

Firestar said "nice to see you both"

then Firestar thought the starclan answered my prays.

then Firestar said we have a problem their is anther clan here and their starving all the clans because the prey is being eaten by the Blacklightclan and they have no rearguards for territory so we need your help to ride use of their existence"

then Alex said :"Wait did you say Blacklight "

the Firestar said yes the "Blacklightclan"

then Alex said "ok Firestar this clan is going to be hard to destroy but it will be do able."