Chapter 1

A Sister's Plea

It was a few days after Petunia Dursley nee Evans' young nephew had come into her life. A few days since Petunia had received the news about her sister's demise at the hands of the most feared Lord Voldemort. Petunia hadn't seen Lily for many years unable to bear the fact that her sister had got everything she hadn't but she still cared for her younger and far more beautiful sister. And now to know she was dead. To know that Petunia could never mend the gulf between them that was entirely her own fault was hard.

When young Harry had been sent to her Vernon had wanted to chuck him out onto the streets into an orphanage wherever he didn't care. But Petunia didn't she wanted to make for all that had passed between Lily and herself through this child. Soon as Petunia had seen Harry she had somehow fallen in love with him. The young boy was as different from her Duddykins as day was from night but somehow Petunia didn't mind.

A few days ago having a wizard in her house would have been hell for Petunia but now she hated the thought of being parted from him despite the scary vibe that the child gave off. The child had large eyes as green as Lily's and their father's had been but unlike her sister and father Petunia's nephew's eyes had a scary quality to them as though he could see right through her. Petunia shivered and put that thought away not wanting to dwell on how not normal her newly orphaned nephew was.

Petunia noticed that Harry's skin was deathly pale. This worried her quite a bit due to the fact that he had spent a night on the front step but he didn't seem ill to her. He was a little cooler than normal yet didn't seem unhealthy.

In contrast to Harry's skin her nephew's hair fell in thick black strands that he could only have inherited from his father because none of the Evans had dark hair. Lily and their mother had bright red hair that Petunia had always envied. Petunia looked more like her father with blonde curls but she had her grandmother's pale eyes.

Petunia didn't know a lot about James Potter having not attended Lily's wedding because of her bitter hatred and jealously towards her only sister. A fact that she seriously regretted now that Lily was dead. Why was it only when it was too late did Petunia truly see how wrong she was?

Why hadn't she been a better sister? She had let bitter, jealously drive Lily away but blamed the magic and not herself. Petunia would be a better aunt than a sister she swore.

Petunia looked down at the small child in her arms who was now asleep. She smiled at him and went up to his bedroom. Vernon had tried to convince her to let him sleep in a cupboard which she had shouted at him for that. It was the first argument Petunia could remember them ever having.

'The cupboard?' Petunia demanded. 'A cupboard? How would you feel if it was our son?'

'Our sons not a freak,' Vernon had retorted.

Petunia had flinched at this hating how he was reminding him of her as a child. How much had she hurt Lily with those same words? Of course it was because she herself was hurt and she was lashing out but she was the older sister she should have behaved better but she hadn't and now it was too late to repair the damage between the two of them.

Petunia had been envious of how Lily could be so special – so magical – whilst Petunia was quite simply plain Petunia? All of her family was beautiful except her. Petunia had always felt like the ugly duckling in her family.

There was her mother large dark eyes and long red hair whose smile would light up the whole room. Marigold had a constant twinkle in her dark eyes and laughter lines around her eyes. Marigold however had the worse sense of humour that Petunia had ever known but thought that she was hilarious which caused her family to grown whenever she tried to make a joke.

Then there was their father who was tall blonde and handsome with bright green eyes he'd inherited from an Irish grandfather somewhere. Henry Evans was serious and already had a book on hand. Lily had inherited more than her eyes from their father but her love of learning which Petunia was sure had she lived Petunia was sure would have put to good use in the Wizarding World whilst Petunia would have still loathed her very existence.

Then there was Lily with her curves, long legs, red hair and large bright emerald orbs. People in the neighbourhood had said that she could have been a film star or a model. Then Lily had gone off to a posh boarding school after apparently having earned a scholarship whilst Petunia was left behind.

Then there was little Petunia who was built like a rake where Lily got all the looks Petunia had got nothing. She got her mother's pale skin which contrasted horribly with her father's pale hair. She had her mother's dark eyes and tangles. She was as tall as her father and skinny as her petite mother.

Not even her brains would never make up for her looks because Lily was the intelligent one. Lily was the one that everyone loved and adored. Petunia had sometimes wondered if she had been adopted because she had never seemed to fit in but then Petunia had found out Lily was a witch and Lily had something about her to envy and hate.

'I don't care I never made it up to Lily so I'll make it up to her son. We have two spare bedrooms,' Petunia said.

'My sister-'began Vernon.

'Fine give Harry the small room,' Petunia snapped.

'I'm not going to waste money on him,' warned Vernon.

'We can get things from second hand things from Charity Shops for him as long as you treat him decently,' Petunia said. 'Or you'll sleep on the couch.'

'Alright,' sighed Vernon.

Petunia laid Harry down on the second hand cot that she had got in a Charity Shop. It was a plain brown wood that Petunia had to set up herself and she used some of Dudley's old slightly ragged blankets. Dudley always had a lot of everything so he could easily spare a few things but Vernon didn't like Harry using Dudley's good things so Petunia used slightly worn but still usable things for Harry.

Petunia looked at the small child nestled in a violet blanket that had once been blue until it was washed with Petunia's red dress in the past few days. Petunia had to chuck the dress out after that. It was the last time that she ever asked Vernon to do the washing.

Petunia shook my head at my husband's lack of skills. Petunia and Harry had left for one day to go to Lily and her husband's funeral leaving Vernon in charge of Dudley and house for one day but Vernon couldn't even manage to do the washing. Petunia had not been happy with her husband after coming back.

Petunia's appearance at the funeral had caused more than a few shocked looks from Lily's old friends from the magical world. Obviously Lily had spoken to her friends about her. Petunia knew that nothing good could have been said about her!

Petunia had turned towards the door and was just about to leave the room downstairs to check on my Duddykins when she felt a strange prickling on the back of her neck. She turned to see her young nephew smiling in his sleep which was strange for Harry hadn't been sleeping well recently. The poor child had been screeching for his mother causing Vernon to get angry and Petunia to try and comfort the confused child who just wanted Lily.

But tonight he was not alone!

There was a familiar, ghostly presence beside him. Petunia honestly thought she was either having a heart attack or going mad before calming herself down and reminding herself that her nephew was a wizard and her sister a witch. Ghosts weren't that uncommon in her world from what little she remembered about Lily's conversations with her parents that Petunia had always pretended to storm out of the room for and listen to what Lily was saying from behind the closed door always incredibly interested but hiding it under a mask of hatred and disgust which Petunia didn't want to know how much it had hurt her only sister.

'Lily,' Petunia breathed.

'Hello, Tuney,' smiled the ghost.

She was almost exactly as Petunia remembered from their parents' funeral when Lily was still pregnant and Dudley was only a few weeks old. It was only a little over a year ago. Lily's red hair splayed out but slightly faded with her own death.

Her face was ghostly pale and absent of the flush of excitement and life that it had during life. Her green eyes had been dulled but still maintained the sparkle that Petunia remembered and missed. It was Lily but a Lily that was faded by death so wasn't the Lily that Petunia remembered.

Was she a ghost? If so would she stay with her son? How long would she be here? Petunia stared wide eyed at her younger ghost sister who she had never made up with.

'You're dead,' Petunia said stupidly.

'Yes,' Lily agreed softly.

'How are you here?' Petunia stared.

'Harry summoned me,' Lily said.

Of all the things that Lily could have told her this was not one that she was expecting. Harry could summon ghosts. Was that possible? Obviously it must be but Lily had never shown that power in her life so where had Harry got it from?

His father? Petunia cursed herself once again for not getting to know her sister and her family better whilst she still could because now Petunia was in way over her head with this child who could apparently call the dead. Was this a normal power for Wizards?

Could she stay? What would Vernon say? Could Petunia finally make up with her sister? How had Harry summoned his mother he wasn't even magically trained. Hell he wasn't even out of nappies.

Petunia knew from Harry's cries that Petunia wasn't the only one who wished that Lily had not died but she hadn't expected anything like this. Was this how ghosts normally came to be? Again Petunia had no clue because she hadn't bothered to find out.

'How?' asked Petunia.

'He is not a normal child, Tuney,' Lily said softly, 'even for a wizard.'

'What do you mean?' asked Petunia.

'His father's one of the elder gods-'Lily's image flickered for a moment. 'I don't have long since I was only summoned I do not remain in the land of the living. I'm only here as long as Harry wishes me here and has the strength to maintain this. But I need you to promise me to protect him. He has a lot of enemies.'

'You mean Voldemort?' asked Petunia frowning.

'Among others,' Lily's image was fading fast now. 'I don't have time just promise me if things get too hard you'll take him to the camp.'

'What camp?' Petunia demanded.

But it was too late Lily Potter was gone.

'I'm sorry,' Petunia whispered.

It may have been Petunia imagination but she was sure that she heard a whispered, 'I know,'in her head that sounded an awful lot like Lily.

She looked at Harry once again before she tore down the stairs. Petunia sunk down into her favourite seat with a warm mug of tea trying to calm the shaking in her hands. She tried to bring herself to terms with what had just happened in her nephew's room.

Truthfully she couldn't. She had just lost Lily and now she had seen him in Harry's room. But what had she meant that Harry's father was a god? If James Potter was a god how could he be killed even if it was by a powerful wizard?

Unless Potter wasn't the father….


The next day she had the boys in a twin buggy that Petunia had bought after Harry had come to live with them. Thankfully since it was for Dudley too Vernon had reluctantly allowed her money to buy a top of the range buggy for the boys. Vernon had no problem spending money on his son but not Petunia's nephew.

Vernon was still angry at her for causing gossip among the neighbour because not only had they adopted a child but they had adopted a child of her sister. A sister that hadn't existed until Harry had come into their lives. Petunia hated the gosspit but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Dudley was screaming for sweets once again at the top of his voice. Honestly Petunia wished that Vernon wouldn't spoil him as much as he did though it wasn't wholly her husband's fault. Petunia just couldn't bear to punish her son.

Maybe now that he had a cousin to share his mother's attention with he would learn to appreciate things more. Still he was just a baby there was plenty time to learn about sharing and caring in later life. She could afford to spoil him just now.

Harry was quiet but Petunia by now had realised that Harry had was a very quiet baby especially in comparison to Dudley who was a very loud baby. Petunia hadn't much time to realise that over the past few days considering everything was still settling down. Petunia wondered whether it was the fact that Harry had just lost his mother and father or his status as half god that was making him so silent.

She watched as people who looked their way would always shy away from looking too hard at Harry and continued on their way. It seemed she and Vernon weren't the only ones who had sense something off about the child. Once again Petunia wondered where it had come from because it wasn't Lily who was adored by everyone.

She had felt the same way when she had first saw Harry. It was only when she saw Lily's eyes in her son's face that Petunia was able to push her way through the fear factor. Petunia wondered if this was the reason why Vernon didn't want him to stay and Dudley left Harry to his own devices when they were supposed to be playing together.

Petunia ended up in the town's library where she smiled at her friend Ruth who smiled and waved her in. Petunia was about to go into the main library when she returned to her friend. Petunia needed information on the eldest gods but didn't even know where to begin.

'Hey can you direct me to a book on the eldest gods, Ruth?' asked Petunia.

Ruth's eyes shot into her blonde hair as though this was a strange request which Petunia supposed it was. Petunia had made friends with Ruth soon after moving to Surrey and in all that time Petunia had treated anything fantastical with a huge amount of disdain. That was something that the blonde woman had never understood about Petunia.

The reason of course was bitter jealousy but how could she tell her friends that without sounding completely insane. And now here she was with another child who was distinctly odd asking about gods. Odder even than Lily had been.

'Let's see,' Ruth said checking. 'Shelf 591 will give you information of myths but I'm not sure what the eldest gods would be,' Ruth said with a frown. 'Would that be the Celtic or Pagans or are you talking about the Eldest gods of one religion which would be Zeus or Jupiter if it was Greek or Roman respectively. I'm not sure about other religions.'

'I'm not sure,' admitted Petunia frowning. 'Is it alright if I just take a look around?'

'Of course,' smiled Ruth. 'So who's the kid?' she smiled then she got close and couldn't help but shudder.

Petunia frowned, 'my nephew, Harry, my sister's past away.'

'Oh I'm sorry,' Ruth said refusing to look at Harry.

Petunia walked off wondering what the hell was wrong with Harry that made people shy away from him like that. She pushed the boys along in front of her. Dudley was screeching now people were glaring at him making a point of steadfastly ignoring Harry.

Petunia tried shussing Dudley but as usual nothing worked with her fussy son. Petunia sighed and gave in to the demands of her son knowing it would come back to bit both her and Dudley in the behind later but unable to stand the glares of her fellow library goes. Petunia handed Dudley a lolly pop which promptly shut him up.

Harry was staring around with unfocussed eyes not looking at all upset with not having a sweet of his own which just made Petunia feel guiltier. Petunia reached the shelf and found the first book she on myths that she could find which was a book on Greek Gods and Goddesses. Petunia just hoped that it would have what she needed in it.

It wasn't hard to work out which god Harry's father was considering he could summon the dead. It had to be a Death deity of some kind but apart from that Petunia didn't know whether it was Hades or Pluto the God of the Underworld in Greek and Roman myths or another death god. Perhaps Thanatos.

The thought made Petunia go cold. It certainly would explain his icy skin tone. How had Lily even managed to meet Hades never mind have a son with him? Petunia didn't think that Hades was the ideal love interest.

And what about James Potter were they the same person or different? If different did James know? And what was Petunia to do with a child of the underworld who could summon the dead?


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Chapter 2

Harry Stars School

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