Ronald could only stare up at the massive dog from his spot on the ground, tears going down his face from being absolutely terrified. He liked dogs, ones that weren't bigger than he was and ones that were not scary. He was out playing with two older brothers by the river, playing catch, a simple, fun game that he loved. One throw was just out of his reach so it rolled away and Ronald ran after the ball, only to find it in the mouth of the dog he was facing now. When he tried to grab the ball back, the dog barked loudly, dropped the ball, and went after the blonde child. Ronald had thought it was all over when he tripped and fell on his butt. The growling and snarling from the large, gray dog scared him to the core, making him close his eyes shut and wait for it to bite off his face.

"Leave little brother alone!"

"Go away you stupid dog!"

Opening his eyes, the blonde child looked up to see his two older brother shooing away the dog and scaring it off, one swinging a stick at the dog while the other was faking a loud roar. Whimpering, the dog ran off and soon it was completely out of sight. As his blonde brother went to retrieve the ball, his darker haired sibling went over to help Ronald back to his feet. "Are you okay little brother? The dog didn't hurt you did he? Please don't cry..."

"No... I'm okay Alan... he only scared me," Ronald said quietly, wiping his face with his dirty shirt. "I'm sorry..."

"Why are you sorry Ronald? It's our job as your older siblings to protect you. We love you and want to help you, remember?" Alan said sweetly, helping the blonde child clean off his shirt and shorts.

"Ye-yeah... I remember," he smiled, reaching over and kissing his brother on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Anytime Ronnie!" Eric called, his wavy blonde hair bouncing lightly as he ran over to his younger siblings. Out of the three, he was the eldest, even if it was just by a year. Ronald was the baby, being two years younger than Alan was. He hasn't started school yet and was still learning his way in the world and how everything worked- and it was up to Alan and Eric to teach him everything he needed to know until he was older and could manage himself.

"Let's go home, we don't have to tell Mom about what happened," Eric said, ruffling the blonde hair on Ronald's head. "We can say you just tripped over a rock or something."

"Eric! You know that telling lies is a bad thing!" Alan scolded, waving his finger lightly and glaring up at his brother.

"You know Mom would be worried sick if we told her Ron was attacked by a dog!"

"It-it's okay guys really! Let's just go home and maybe Mommy won't ask!" Ronald said, trying to brake up the fight.

Alan and Eric looked at each other for a moment before looking back at Ronald. "Alright." they said at the same time, smiling softly. They each took hold of one of the younger blonde's hands and began the walk home.

"Remeber Ronald... no matter what happens-" Alan began.

"Your big brothers are always going to be there for you when you need them," Eric finished.

"And no matter how much time goes by or how old we're going to get..."

"You're always going to be our little brother."