What if Peter had been caught the night of James and Lily's death? What if James' twin sister, Sirius and Remus have to raise the Boy Who Lived knowing what hardship and peril he will have to face in the future? This, this is their story.

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"Are the rumours true, Albus?" The witch asked him as they scurried along the moss covered pathway. The elderly wizard looked to his companion and nodded solemnly.

"I'm afraid they are, the good and the bad." He then made his way to the house ahead of them and pressed the old iron doorbell.

The house was large. No doubt about it. It could probably hold all of the Hogwarts students and teachers with a spare room left over. Ivy had crept its wicked way to cover most of the house and Albus knew that the owner hadn't bothered to cut it down due to lack of effort.

As Albus had been admiring the house, he didn't notice the small witch that now stood in the open doorway where the red door has once been. Her long tousled brown hair was swept into an untidy bun and her hazel eyes were red and raw from crying.

Albus frowned, never once had he once seen this girl cry, but then again, something grave did just happen.

"May we come in?" The brunette nodded and allowed Albus and Minerva into the warmth of the manor.

Minerva stared at the woman sitting across from her. She noted how frail and weak she looked, uncommon for a woman who had only turned twenty earlier that year.

Minerva remembered this one well as a student, seeing as it was almost yesterday that she had taught the youngest child of the royal family that owned this house.

She remembered how the girl was the apple of her father's eye right up until his sudden death alongside his wife from Dragon Pox. The girl was only in her fifth year. Also how she was the only one ever able to stop the naughtiest boys in school from doing foolish irresponsible things, not that she didn't do any herself. Of how young, beautiful and elegant she looked at her brothers wedding, how she laughed and sang when her nephew was born.

But now, the girl looked nothing more than sad. No other word would describe the sweetest girl Minerva knew, and she hated to be the bearer of such life changing news.

"You see, you are the only one fit enough to have this responsibility." Albus said as he softly ate a lemon drop that was presented before him, Minerva tutted.

"Albus, how can you be so sure? She's only young, this type of responsibility…" She was cut off.

"Minnie, I'm still in the room," the girl said as she placed three hot cups of tea onto the table. Albus smiled slightly; glad to see that the young adult still had a joking side to her. "Professor, I… why can't… the muggles?" Albus knew of what she was talking about. He shook his head grimly.

"The rat has been captured but, I'm afraid he told 'him' the whereabouts of them. It is not a safe place for such a huge responsibility." The woman sighed and flung herself into the nearest chair, her brown hair splayed across her face.

"It… it will remind me off him though!" She said, clearly holding back tears, Minerva rose from the table and led the sobbing witch to the nearest sofa and settled her down, allowing her to cry into her already damp robes.

"Dear, soon it will be time." Minerva looked down to the wreck of a witch. Her small hands were wrapped around herself and her pale cheeks moist from tears.

"It should be…" DING. "Ah, here already, I'll get that." Albus walked through the grand hallway and reached the door. He opened it with his cold old hands and took in the sight before him. It was not what he expected.

There stood two men, both of equal heights looking ragged and torn in the heavy rain.

"Where is she?" The first asked, his black shaggy hair sticking to his face, his light grey eyes frantically darting around the room. The pale one next to him nodded, he too had greyish eyes, but his sandy coloured hair was shorter and neater as such.

"Follow me this way gentlemen," Albus said as he led the two wizards into the room where Minerva was still holding the weeping witch. "I must say, I'm not surprised you're here, after tonight's event…" Almost at once, the two men jumped to the woman, enveloping her into a warm embrace, their heads above hers, both softly mumbling sweet words of comfort and stroking her back. Minerva choked back a sob as the three continued to embrace.

While this was occurring, Albus had slipped out of the room again. No sooner than that, his voice could be heard throughout the room.

"Ah Hagrid, it is time for the greatest responsibility to unfold. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Violet Potter, I give you, Harry Potter, the Boy who lived."

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