"Never have I been so repulsed by a man! What a cheek! Who does he think he is?"

The three adults sat in silence as the young witch ranted, her messy hair tied back in a bun. The first person, a man who seemed younger but looked older due to the dark scars plastered across his face, was nodding appreciatively as the woman continued her speech. On the other side of the neatly presented sofa sat another man with high cheekbones and a beautiful set of grey eyes. He was watching the girl intensively, his eyes following the girl's every movements, occasionally smirking at a point she had made. The third person was not a wizard but rather, a young witch. She was conveniently placed in the middle of the two men and held a bored expression on her face as she twiddled with her long auburn hair.

Yes. Violet Potter's current manifesto on her hatred of their holiday they had only previously come home from was boring Tori. Their host, a rather raunchy Spaniard called Emerson had appalled them all with his drunken behaviour and his obvious drug dealing. They had left when Emerson had openly confessed to spiking Violet's drink in order to make her sleep with him. But they had to look on the bright side of it- at least Harry had a good time. Just as Violet was about to continue some more, Sirius stepped in.

"Petal, as great as this is, it's only making me want to hex his face off even more!" Violet smiled slightly. She was no longer angry that Sirius hadn't told her about Harry's prophecy. She realised that he was only protecting her, as was James, her ever so missed brother. "And anyway, I've received an owl from a family member of mine, a good one mind you, saying how they'd love for me to stay round for a few days. I'd really like to see them!" Violet groaned, not another holiday. Remus stood up, taking Tori with him.

"Listen, as much as it would be fun, I think we, Tori and I, should stay home, and look after Harry." Violet and Sirius nodded, Sirius' more eager than Violet's. Remus was clearly capable of looking after the little boy.

"AW! WE'LL HAVE SO MUCH FUN!" Tori screamed in delight as she raced up the old oak stairs to see Harry in his playroom.

2 hours later

"So have a safe journey guys and have fun!" Remus said as he bro-fisted Sirius and kissed Violet on the cheek. Sirius chuckled, heaving the suitcase into the fireplace ready for the flu network.

"Mhm" Violet said watching Harry bounce on Tori's hip; his little green eyes alight with happiness. "And you three be safe as well, the full moon won't be out till we're back so Remus can have a well-earned break then!" Violet said grinning. Remus let out a low chuckle and kissed Violet again. "We'll be back on Monday!" Tori giggled as Harry slobbered a kiss on both Violet and Sirius.

"BYE NOW! BON VOYAGE!" Tori squealed. Sirius smiled and took Violet's small hand.

"Ready?" She nodded. "The Farmhouse," he called. And with that, they were gone.


When Violet opened her eyes she found she was staring into a rather homely place much different to what she expected Sirius' relations house to look like.

Strewn across the floor were colouring books of every size and shape along with all kinds of toys. The only neat thing was a set of colouring crayons, each placed neatly in the correct order of the rainbow.

"Stay here; I'll just go find them." Violet nodded as Sirius bustled out of the room. Violet walked around, closely looking at some photographs that were placed all around the untidy living room. When she walked past the grandfather clock she saw the family portrait sitting on a wooden desk beside an old armchair. It was clear to say which one of the three people in the picture was related to Sirius. It was the woman, although her hair was a soft light brown and her eyes were kind and wide, she resembled her sibling straight away. Her eyelids were heavy lidded and her cheekbones high and noble. Yes, she was much like her sibling. Next to her however, was her husband. He too was fair haired and appeared to be a rather big-bellied man with a cheeky grin and small spectacles. In the middle, squashed between the two love-struck parents, was a little girl. Her hair was a strange shade of pink and she held a little smirk upon her rosy face.

"It's rude to look through people's stuff!" Violet spun around at the sound of the voice to face the same child she had been looking at in the photo, or was it? The girl now had dark brown hair that fell above the shoulder and a pair of silvery eyes that matched Sirius'. The girl appeared to be around eight years old but it was hard to tell.

Luckily, before Violet had to explain herself to the girl, Sirius paraded in followed by the couple in the picture.

"Ah Violet," said Sirius. "I see you've met my cousin, Nympahdora Tonks."


"I'm so sorry Sirius, she shouldn't have hexed you." Andromeda Tonks neé Black said as she put the cold peas up to the animagus' raw, red cheek.

"It's alright," mumbled Sirius. "I shouldn't have called her Nymphadora." Violet held back a laugh as the little girl growled at Sirius. "Oh Violet, introductions are in order I think. Violet, this is Ted and Andromeda Tonks and their daughter… er… Tonk. You lot, this is Violet, Violet Potter." Andromeda froze for a moment, the frozen peas nearly falling to the ground. Ted also froze, his hand halfway to his mouth to finish the biscuit her was eating.

"Oh you poor child, please, sit down." Violet did as the woman told her and sat down next to Tonks. "That's it; there we go… how're you coping?" Tonks giggled as Violet tried to speak but was too absorbed by what the eight year old was doing with her nose. She had changed it from a pig's snout to a ducks beak in a manner of seconds.

"Dora, put your beak away." Ted said, not lifting his eyes from the Daily Prophet. The young metamorphagus snorted and did what her father asked.

"Well, enough of this foolishness, a spot of dinner is needed I do believe." Andromeda said. "Sirius, Ted, will you come help me please?" The two men grumbled but obliged to the pureblood woman.

Remembering she still had company, Violet turned to Tonks and suddenly let out a laugh. The girl had morphed her hair and eyes to match Violet's exactly. She held the same messy brown hair and even those hazel eyes, the well-known trait of the Potter's.

"Is it fun? You know, changing your appearance like that?" Tonks paused and thought for a moment, her little nose wriggling as she did so.

"Yes!" She finally concluded, swinging back in her chair playfully. "I REALLY want my baby to be just like me! Then we can play pranks on people and stuff!" Violet smiled and played along with the girl.

"Really? Well I'd like mine to be just like his Daddy." Tonks smiled and shuffled closer to Violet.

"That depends on who the Daddy is." She proclaimed, changing her hair back to its original bubble-gum pink. "I don't want my baby to have ginger hair…" Violet frowned.

"Who in Dumbledore's name are you thinking of marrying young lady?" Tonks gulped, and then fidgeted to the side.

"Don't tell anyone but… Charlie Weasley…" She whispered making Violet's smile grow wider and wider.

"Well as long as a man looks after you and loves you for whom you are then he'd be the perfect Daddy!"

"And chocolate, you have to have someone who likes chocolate!" Violet laughed. "Does Sirius like chocolate?" Violet nodded vigorously. "And does he love you for whom you are?"

"I don't know…"

"Well find out then."


Violet was looking around the Tonks' house that evening when she stumbled upon a room which held something very old in it. The tapestry looked immensely old; it was faded and looked as though Doxys had gnawed it in places. Nevertheless, the golden thread with which it was embroidered still glinted brightly enough to show them a sprawling family tree dating back (as far as Violet could tell) to the Middle Ages. Large words at the very top of the tapestry read: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black 'Toujours pur'. It was an exact replica of the one in the Black Family Home of Grimmauld Place, Violet remembered it well. She looked to where Sirius' portrait, his wide grin making him stand out.

"You may think of me badly for having that." Violet jumped when she heard Andromeda's voice from behind her. She had not seen her come in. "But I assure you, I have a good and valid reason for wanting to have this tapestry, this pile of horror locked away in this small room… I was disowned you know… just for marrying the man I love." Andromeda sniffed, her eyes had glazed over. "And the worst part is… it's knowing that my sisters are out there somewhere and I can't see them… can't see them because of these ridiculous pureblood rules. If they didn't exist then I'd have my sisters back and… they'd be with me once more."

"I agree Mrs Tonks…" Violet said. "If they didn't exist I'd still have my brother."

Violet didn't hear Andromeda leave; she was too preoccupied with looking at the portrait of a boy who already had a date of death next to his name. And it was then that Violet realised she was crying, and that a tear had landed on the name of little Regulus Arcturus Black.