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Anakin and Ahsoka were going through some crates on Freedom's Dream.

Anakin was trying to occupy his time while his mother was with Luke, Chewie, Lando and the droids were on Tatooine rescuing Han. He was worried about his mother but he knew that she was one of the best shots in the Alliance and could hold her own against thugs.

Anakin opened a crate and frowned at the sight of a pretty blue dress that was folded and a familiar pendant that sat on top of it.

Carefully Anakin picked up the pendant. He could feel deep love and devotion; deep, horrible pain and crushing heartbreak.

Still, something niggled at the back of his mind that said that it was important. Anakin wished just a little bit that Ashla hadn't blocked those memories. But at least the nightmares stopped.

Next Anakin pulled out the dress. He could tell that it was a woman's dress and that something wasn't quite right about it.

The door to the bay slid open and Winter walked in.

"What are you two doing?" she asked politely.

"Looking for things," Anakin said as he continued to examine the dress.

Anakin heard Winter come closer and relinquished his grip on the dress when she gently pulled on it. "It's a pretty dress and well-made as well." Winter commented.

Anakin watched as Winter continued to examine the dress before he eyes widened.

"What is it?" he asked her but she didn't answer him. Instead she turned and left the cargo bay.

Anakin shared a brief look with Ahsoka before they continued to go through the crate. There wasn't much except for a datapad and some datacards.

Anakin sighed as he put the objects back but he slipped the pendant into a pouch on his belt.

A minute later Winter returned with Mon Mothma.

Anakin could tell that Mon was troubled. "Anakin, can I see what else was in the crate tat you found this dress in?" She asked.

Anakin nodded and pointed at the crate beside him. He watched as she looked at the datapad and datacards. Finally she turned to Winter. "I want you to go through these and tell me if you find anything of interest."

Anakin quickly took Ahsoka's hand and led her out of the cargo bay to find the others.


Padme watched as Anakin and Ahsoka came into the room and came over to the table that she was sitting at. Soon they were talking about the battle that the Alliance was about to fight and what was going to happen to them. If the Fleet was going to battle then most likely all of them would be sent elsewhere for the battle.

Anakin suddenly reached into a pouch on his belt and retrieved a pendant on a chain. "I found this in a crate. I think it belongs to someone and they miss it." Anakin told her. Padme took the pendant from Anakin and handled it. She felt something stir in her; it was as if she the pendant belonged to her. However she knew that she had never owned something like this before.

Padme watched as Anakin suddenly turned his head to one side. A smile soon formed and the young boy jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.

"His mother is back." Ahsoka mumbled.

Padme envied Anakin for the family that he had. She would do nearly anything for one. She heard whispers that she was a clone like many of the others. It upset her to hear this since she liked the clones and enjoyed playing with them.

Without really thinking Padme placed the necklace around her neck. It seemed to belong there and her fears of being a clone returned.


Han smiled when he said Anakin waiting for them just a short distance away from the Falcon. It had been over three months since Han had seen the boy but it had been a year since the boy had seen him.

"Hey buddy!" Han said as he made his way over to the boy. "Hi Han!" the boy replied.

Han ruffled his little friend's hair. Anakin laughed and tried to stop him.

After a few moments Anakin looked up at him with curiosity. "Are you and my mom going to get married?" Anakin asked.

Han hesitated. He didn't want to give the boy false hopes but the truth would be the best. "Your mother and I love each other a lot. But we aren't sure if and when we will marry." Han said, hoping that it would satisfy Anakin.

Anakin frowned slightly.

"I hope that you can get married after the Emperor dies and the Empire collapses." Anakin stated.

"I hope so too." Han said.

"Where's Luke?" Anakin asked after a moment.

"He said that there was something that he had to do before coming back." Han explained.

At that moment Leia came off the Falcon and Anakin hurried over to her. Han guessed that he was going to ask her the marriage question. Han wouldn't be surprised if the boy started playing matchmaker if they didn't get married when the boy thought they should.


Luke sighed as he thought of what Obi-Wan had told him. It was a little upsetting to know that Leia was his sister and he wasn't there to protect her from those barbarians that had violated her all those years ago. But it didn't answer his question where his nephew had come from. Leia had told him that Anakin wasn't the son of any of her rapists but she wasn't sure when she had gotten pregnant for him.

"Where did her son come from?" Luke asked; he needed to know.

"Her son?" Obi-Wan asked slowly.

"She told me that he wasn't the result of her violation but that he was there before." Luke explained.

"I have no idea." Obi-Wna informed him.

"Babies don't make themselves." Luke stated.

Puzzlement washed over Luke when he saw Obi-Wan look uneasy.

"You should back to the Alliance." Obi-Wan told him.

Luke shook his head to clear it of the memories. He needed to have a clear head for what was to come.


One of my sisters believes that I should kill little Anakin at the end of the story. Her reasoning is that there will be no need for a Chosen One and that Anakin is extremely powerful so he could cause major damage.