My heart seemed to stop as a BANG! Rang through the air. I turned to see Gordie Lachance pointing a loaded gun at Ace. Ace stepped back.

Gordie moved beside Chris "You're not taking him, nobody's taking him."

Ace stiffened "Come on kid gimme the gun before you take your foot off." Ace tested him "You ain't got the sack to shoot a woodchuck."

He tried to step forward but Gordie pointed the gun forward "Don't move Ace, I'll kill you I swear to God."

Ace gulped "Come on Lachance gimme the gun. You must have some of your brothers' good sense."

I bit my lip, one thing everyone in Castle Rock knew was that Gordie felt responsible for his brother death and wished every day he could swap places.

Gordie clenched his jaw and turned off the safety "Suck my fat one you cheap dime-store hood." He hissed

Looking back at me Ace smirked "What are you gonna do shoot us all?"

Gordie glared harder "No Ace just you."

The threat hung in the air and no one moved.

Ace spoke first pointing his knife at Gordie "Were gonna get you for this."

Chris cleared his throat "Maybe you will and maybe you won't."

I could hear Ace's smirk "Oh we will."

He nodded for us to go and everyone scrambled back to the car, Eyeball sending a glance and his brother who stood his ground. Billy pointed at Vern with his belt and Vern gulped.

Ace turned back "Were not going to forget this if that's what you're thinking. This is big time baby."

We all walked to the cars and drove back in silence to Ace's. As soon as we stepped foot into the door Purple Jesus' were passed around. Popping mine open I gulped down about half.

Vince was the first to break the ice "I didn't know you drank, Gracie?"

I sent a glare at him and flipped him the bird.

Everyone laughed but Ace who threw his knife into the wall behind Vince "Why do you give a fuck?"

Vince gulped "Come on Ace, I was jokin'."

Ace glared at him "I don't fucking care." he hissed

Ace picked up his beer and hurled it at the wall shattering it making the contence spill onto the wall.

He leaned against the wall as I stood up slowly.

Ace turned to glare at Billy "It's all your brother's fault fuckin-A!" He screamed

He charged at Billy swung his fist and it collided with Billy's jaw send him falling backwards.

Billy hurried to get to his feet as the boys ran to separate Ace from attacking Billy again.

"Calm down Ace" Vince held him back

Ace held up his hands "I'm fine, I'm fine"

The boys backed off and Ace held his hand out to Billy "No hard feelings?"

Billy shook his hand and went to shake his hand when Ace's hand shot out and there was a loud crunch against Billy's nose.

He began to pound the living daylights out of Billy when I ran forward trying to hold Ace's fist to stop him when suddenly Ace's elbow shot back and I felt his bones collide with the bridge of my nose.

Ace was still pounding Billy when the boy's rushed forward.

"Gracie!" Charlie screamed

A river of warmth spreaded from my nose down to my chin and I looked up to see Ace turn and stare at me on the floor. I touched my nose and pulled my hand in front of my eyes as blood covered the tips of my fingers.

Tears welled in my eyes as I fought off the guys and raced out the door, my feet sending my farther and farther away from the house. I ran until my lungs burned passing the trees and mailboxes, wooden fences and looked past everything trying to get away from the world tears streaming down my face and the taste of salt in my mouth. I stopped and broke down falling to the ground. The black river of the road looking back at me with a laugh. I let more tears escape as I began to sob, I curled my knees to my chest and wiped the blood from my nose onto my dress letting it mix with my tears. I grabbed a fistful of my hair as I sobbed harder pulling my hair which made my head throb.

I don't know how long I cried before a light came closer. Looking up I saw headlights and a familiar car pulled up. I stood up and saw Eyeball reach over and open the passenger side door. I slipped into the seat and quietly let Eyeball drive, I wanted to tell him drive anywhere but I knew where he was going. It was our special place to go, where we could do whatever we wanted.

He pulled to a stop after what seemed like hours. Without a word he opened my door, he picked up his jean jacket and slipped it over my shoulders and took my hand. He climbed up the sycamore tree and helped me up; climbing to our favorite spot I sat beside him and cried into his shoulder as he held me.