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Summary: Severus Snape never bothered with love after Lily. Allie Collins never trusted anyone enough to learn what love really is. Can one young student find her way into the bat of the dungeons' heart in seven years? Can he learn to accept love when he's been betrayed? Can two people love each other when they're so easily broken?

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Warnings!: Some cursing and possible M-rated things in later chapters, and there will be mentions of rape as well.

Chapter One: Severus Snape

Severus Snape sat by the fire in his own quarters contemplating his life. He tried to think when it all went wrong, but he wasn't ever sure when it was actually right. His father was an abusive man, his mother stayed with him. He thought about when his life was ever good, and decided that the day he met Lily was the best day of his life. However, even Lily didn't last in his life. She was taken all too soon. She was a beautiful angel. His mind flashed back to the day he called Lily a mudblood. God he hated that word. He shut his eyes, tears flowing freely. Severus Snape was NOT a man who cried, but he was alone, no one would ever see he had cried, no harm done. He remembers the day he had tried to talk to Lily.

"Lily, wait up," Severus yelled as he caught up with her. It had been three days since he called her a mudblood.

Lily turned around slightly and upon seeing him she walked toward him, "Yes," she said in a quick and polite manner.

"Lily… I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you in any way. You're my best friend, I was so angry with Potter. I hate myself for saying what I did to you Lily. I just want us to be friends again," Severus looked up to her.

"Lily!" Someone called out behind the two of them. Severus looked over Lily's shoulder and Lily turned around to see no other than James Potter.

"I should go," Lily said motioning James.

"Lily wait," Severus whispered, "Do you want to be friends again?"

"Sev, I have to go," She said and rushed off toward James.

Severus opened his eyes and stretched a little bit and then reached for his glass of firewhiskey. He took a long drink and forced the burning liquid to go down his throat. He sometimes wondered if Lily was really mad at him, or if James had brainwashed her into never speaking to him again. She never did speak to him again, and that is what mainly hurt the man. He figured it would have hurt more now if he hadn't at least said he was sorry and tried to make it better. It still hurt to know she never accepted his apology. She had been gone a year now. Her son was two and had lived with the Dursleys for a year. The first time Severus had laid eyes on the boy he'd realized the boy was a painful reminder of what he couldn't have because of someone he didn't like. The boy was a spitting image of James Potter. He would be coming to Hogwarts in nine years. Sometimes he would go back and create scenarios in his mind about what would have happened had Lily forgiven him that day. Maybe Potter wouldn't be in the picture and maybe a boy like Harry, maybe not with the same name, and definitely not the same looks, would be his child, and Lily, his wife. He had dreams like this. Every time he woke up into reality of course he knew this would never be. He also knew no one would ever love the "Bat of the Dungeons" and he was sure that no woman would be stupid enough to give him children. He didn't even want them really. He figured they'd just be dunderheads anyways. Deep in his mind he doubted his own children would be dunderheads. He would teach his children, unlike the many parents who just sent their children off clueless.

Done on his rant, Severus retired his mind for the night and tried to get a decent night's sleep. He couldn't remember the last time he'd gotten one. Between trying to earn Dumbledore's loyalty and the nightmares of Voldemort and the death of his Lily he'd hardly ever gotten any sleep.

At five in the morning he proceded to take a shower and tried to scrub off all of the nightmares. He still felt like he was in them. He wanted nothing more than a good nights sleep, and when he did manage to actually find sleep it was invaded by Deatheaters and horrid actions. After a shower Severus got his trunk ready to leave for Snape Manor, he went to say goodbye to Albus.

"Ah…Severus my dear boy do come in," Albus said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I just wanted to inform you headmaster that I will be leaving for the summer."

"I know," Albus smiled, "Lemon Drop?" The old man offered Severus.

"No thanks, I should be on my way," Severus said as he quickly got up.

"Take care now, and if you run into any muggle candy stores over the summer, you will pick up a few more bags of lemon drops for me won't you Severus?"

Severus's face almost twiched into a smile, "I'll try to do that before I get back."

Severus left the grounds after minimizing his trunk and putting it into his pocket. He then apparated to Snape Manor and hoped this summer would go by without interuptions.

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