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Ch. 1- The Blonde-Haired Wonder-Boy

Haruno. Sakura Haruno.

The mention of her name stirred up many images in the minds of the students of Konoha High. The pink-haired goddess, the winner of the inter-school fashion-fests, the captain of the cheer-leading team, and the 'Glamorous Topper', being some of the most common.

Still, there were many more characteristics attributed to her regarding her beauty, and, well... her temper.

It was true. Sakura Haruno's temper was scary. Scary enough to make a few people; including some jocks, call her the 'Beautiful-Devil'.

However, there were still others; her more closer friends, to whom Sakura was kind, caring, and motherly. These 'Closer' friends of hers were undoubtedly small in number, but still, it didn't go without saying that they were the only ones who truly saw 'Miss-Popular' for who she really was.

The rest, just sort of ogled at her figure.

Anyhow, there were many things which one thought of, when the name of the pinkette was mentioned, but never in hell did they think of a sloppily dressed girl, sprinting towards school, angry with herself, and very, very late.

Unfortunately for them, they were soon to think the unthinkable.


Well, this wasn't any ordinary boy. And it wasn't any ordinary story that was attached with him either.

Talks of the 'Boy-Wonder' were all around town. The former outcast, who'd surprisingly saved his school from losing at almost everything other than academic-matters, and had become extremely popular in every single school in town, was definitely not someone to look casually at.

Armed with a cheery and sunny personality, favorable luck, a good friend to back him up, and an unnervingly awesome amount of skill at almost everything non-academic, this boy was nothing less to being godly.

Not to mention, he looked nothing less than a God.

He was Naruto.

Now, contrary to the image of Haruno, Uzumaki was always pictured to be one who'd lazily walk his way up to school, yawn ignorantly in front of the school-gates, and then walk into his school smirking, softly muttering 'Daddy's home' as he did so.

Which sort of explained why said boy was, even though inevitably late, casually strolling towards school, cell-phone turned on.

"Yeah, so I sorta left the refrigerator door open on my way out, don't know what's gonna happen though, ya'know..."



"You called me to talk about the refrigerator door!"

"Jeez, what's with the yellin'?"

The blonde boy rubbed his ear in annoyance. He had to talk about something. Otherwise, it would be a long and lonely walk to school! Something that he didn't doubt, would be uncool.

Yawning lazily, the boy pressed his cell-phone against his ear once again. He sleepily rubbed off a little bit of water which had escaped his eyes. He'd been watching a horror flick the night before, and that had left him with the inglorious dilemma of being unable to sleep.

"So where are you anyway?"

"Half-way to school?"

He felt the boy on the other end flinch.

"Naruto Uzumaki... are you fuckin' kiddin' me!"

"Shut up Teme, I had to crawl outta bed, and I know its no fuckin' nuisance for you, to watch a ghost-film, you basically laze your way into your half-assed bed and immediately become an unconscious bastard, but that's not the case with me, ya hag!"

"Dobe, once you get here, you're dead."

"Right, real creepy murder threat you got goin' there!"


Naruto Uzumaki brought his cell phone in front of his mouth, and, with a comical-looking-face, yelled into it.



Naruto grinned evilly at his cell phone, and started in an eerily calm voice, just as he took the next corner, and walked into the lane which lead to his new school.

"Oh, you'll see. You'll see..."

"Pfft, yeah right!"

"Are you underesti-"





Naruto suddenly stopped talking, and looked up at the girl he'd just bumped into.

She had pink hair, and a body which looked a little smaller than his own. Her figure was undoubtedly amazing, looking like that of a model. Her tummy was, for all he could think, flat, and her breasts were moderate. Her legs were shiny, and definitely, very sexy.

But that wasn't what got to him the most.

It was her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, and she was biting her lips. And there was also a hand which she was pressing against her head. But the fact still remained.

This girl was beautiful.

"Watch where you're going!" she half-yelled, rubbing her head with her left hand. Shaking her head, as she slowly recovered from the impact of their collision, the girl finally opened her eyes and gave Naruto a look-up. Naruto's brain froze.

Her eyes were the dreamiest shade of emerald.

"Uh... I'm sorry..."

Unable to formulate proper sentences, he just looked up at the girl who was presently bearing down on him. She huffed, and turned away, with a slight pout on her face. She then looked at Naruto through the corner of her eyes.

"Don't let it happen again..."

Naruto nodded.

The girl looked like she was about to give Naruto a proper check-out, when...


Her eyes widened and her jaw slackened.

"What? ! What happened? !"

Naruto watched from the ground, as the girl cast a mortified glance at the tall building behind her, just as the sound of a school-bell was heard.

"I'm late!" screamed the girl, as she quickly hurried off in the direction of the school.

Naruto stared after her, and kept looking, even when she disappeared from view.


Abhorrence really was a transitory aspect.

"What's up girlfriend?"

Sakura scowled. She knew that voice only too well, and it didn't help that she was hearing it right after coming late to school, and being subjected to the inhuman wrath of her retarded master; the principal. Slowly turning around to look at the girl coming up to her, she performed the Speak-And-You-Die glare with her eyes.

But the girl was unfazed.

"Its like, so unusual for you to come late!"

The girl slapped Sakura's back. The latter's eyes got newly ignited flames burning within them.

"Ino! Try anything weird, and I'm so gonna kill you!"

"Yeah right bitch, I'd slap the crap outta you before that."

Sakura glared at her.

"...Or not..."

The pinkette smiled. The world seemed much brighter when people agreed with her.

Turning on her heels, Sakura started to walk towards her first class of the day; Gym. She moved a bit fast, mostly to get away from the irritation her best friend would make her feel right now, but a little because she was actually excited about gym as well.

It was one of the classes she shared with him. 'Him' being the King of Konoha High.

Sasuke Uchiha.

She unconsciously got sucked into a daydream in which Sasuke, mounted on a horse, and with a bouquet in his hands, came riding towards her, and held out the flowers to her, asking her if she wanted to go out.

A large waterfall of drool spouted from her mouth, causing Ino to look at her curiously.

She slapped her best friend on her back.

"Hey! What the hell was that for!" screamed Sakura, angrily rubbing her back. She pouted at the blonde beside her, while the latter looked at her in a bored fashion.

"Sasuke? Still?"

Sakura huffed, and looked away.


Ino grunted and turned away from her friend.

"Tell me that after you see the newbie."

Intrigued, the emerald-eyed-beauty looked at her friend, and raised her eyebrows in question.


Ino grinned.

"You'll see."

And with that, the blonde walked away, leaving Sakura staring confusedly after her.


The students could feel the deathly-aura which surrounded the Uchiha as he said the words, but that wasn't what surprised them. In fact, the deathly-aura was part and parcel of being an Uchiha, as the brother of the boy in question had had, albeit in a lot more dilute measure, the same sort of essence. However, the fact that this Uchiha was actually addressing someone, blew the mind of every student in the hallway.

Of course, they were all just a bit too scared to point it out.


They looked at the blonde idiot, who just waltzed his way over to the King of Konoha, and slapped said boy on the back. Their jaws collectively dropped to the floor. They looked on, as the Uchiha glared at the boy, but said nothing, merely trying to kill the boy with the daggers his eyes had transformed into.

However, it all proved useless. The new 'Blonde-Wonder' just smiled slyly at the black-haired God, made a weird pointing-gesture towards the Uchiha, and blinked.


A few of the students clutched their chests and fell to the floor, gasping for sweet air.

"Naruto," said the Uchiha suggestively, looking murderously at the hand the boy he was talking about had placed on his shoulder. He then looked up at the 'Dobe' to find him looking at him in a completely obnoxious manner. Flames ignited inside his eyes.

A few minutes previously, Sasuke Uchiha had been leaning against the wall beside the first window of the second-floor-corridor, engaging in his usual activity; that is, brooding. He had his eyes closed, and his hands tucked into his pants' pockets. His facial expression was calm, and so was his overall demeanor, which just showcased his exquisiteness, because, at that very moment itself, there were a dozen girls on the other end of the corridor, feverishly trying to gather up the confidence they'd require to give the 'letters of undying love' they'd written for the Uchiha, to said boy.

It was just another day at Konoha.

Or at least it had been until then.


Every single head in the corridor turned to look at the creep who'd said that name in a manner so casual. However, the person their eyes yielded them, was certainly not a 'creep'.

A fairly tall boy, clad in an orange shirt and black pant, complete with a black jacket, made his way towards Sasuke, as the latter stared at him in wonder. Orange was not a color one would usually think would suit someone, but the amount of drool which had erupted from the mouth of the each of the girls who were in the possession of an 'undying love' for Sasuke, was enough proof to confirm that this notion was false. The boy had blonde hair which the sun's rays playfully fell upon, and slightly tanned skin. His grin was infectious, as was noted by most of the students present in the corridor, and so were his facial features.

And then there was his pair of eyes. An infinite shade of cerulean played inside them, making them look almost supernatural.

'Hot' was not exactly what this boy was.

He was absolutely gorgeous! Almost at par with Sasuke Uchiha himself!

The boy walked up to the Uchiha, not taking the stares of the rest of the students in the hallway into account, just as said Uchiha muttered the word 'Dobe', and slapped the boy on his back, bringing us back to the present.

Naruto Uzumaki straightened up and threw his friend a lopsided grin.

"What's with the anger?"

A few more girls collapsed to the floor.

Sasuke scowled at the blonde.

"You hung up on me!" said he, half-yelling. His frowned deepened, as he looked at the boy with narrowed-eyes, "And who exactly did you crash into?"

Naruto was taken aback, but he recovered from his shock almost instantaneously, and grinned at the Uchiha yet again.

"It was this pink haired girl, ya' know, real pretty and all, studies here, and... well, yeah."

The jaws of few of the guys in the corridor dropped even more, while some more students fell to the floor. The boy had crashed into Sakura Haruno! Physical contact with the school's Queen! Oh, the joy the boy must have felt!

"You met that bitch? Ah well."

Naruto raised his eyebrows at his friend.

Sasuke folded his arms, "You'll see."

Chuckling softly, Naruto looked around him, and took in his surroundings. An inexplicable grin adorned his face. Upon becoming aware of the Uchiha's curious eyes on him, Naruto finally looked back at him, and smiled.

"Its good to be here."

Sasuke's trademark 'hn' was his answer to this, albeit mixed with the slightest hint of a congratulatory-laugh.

Naruto smiled wider. Beginning to turn around on his heels, the blonde boy addressed the Uchiha again.

"So how's this schoo- Holy crap! Why the fuck is everyone sleeping!"

The Konohan café was alive and abuzz with the voices of the students who occupied the place. Balls were passed around the tables, as was food. Boys and girls alike constantly kept changing their tables, to go and catch up on their different friend-groups. Differently pitched voices were heard from all the portions of the café, giving it the distinctiveness of being the break-haunt of the 'Konohans'.

"Say Neji, what's with all this talk about the new kid?"

The speaker of these words, a kid with wild hair and red colored tattoo marks on his face, looked curiously at a boy with long hair and unearthly white eyes. He chewed off a bit of his Hot-Dog, and looked curiously at the person he was referring to with wide puppy-dog eyes.

Because, even though Kiba Inuzuka was an extremely vital player in the football team, he still had a knack for gossip.

The person he was referring to, looked up at him in an annoyed fashion, or at least, in whatever thing he thought was 'annoyance'. His white colored eyes narrowed irately at the dog-freak, or in whatever way he thought was 'irate', and his wheatish lips bent down to form a frown, or whatever he thought was a 'frown'.

Yeah, it was a sad truth, but it was still that; the truth. Neji Hyuuga was stoic.

Shaking his head in irritation (You get the point), the boy bent down again and started to slurp in his noodles again. Inuzuka looked at him in annoyance, and huffed. Just when said boy was about to repeat his question, the white-eyed-karate-master answered.

"They say Naruto's come to school."

Kiba's eyes widened.

"Uzumaki? Here!"

Being the stoic hotshot he was, Neji Hyuuga couldn't conjure up smiles even if his life. But the small grin in his face was too in-place to be missed.



Every single head in the café turned towards the Inuzuka. Neji let out an irritated groan, and gave the dog-freak the 'What-have-you-done' glare. Said boy sheepishly grinned, and scratched the back of his head, and looked around him, smirking awkwardly at all the people who were staring at him.

Everyone chuckled and went back to doing whatever they were doing, shaking their heads at the Inuzuka. It was well known around campus that Kiba Inuzuka was one wild jock.

"But seriously, he's here? That's big!" said Kiba, throwing his hands up to emphasize on his point. He looked excitedly at Neji, as the latter finally finished his lunch, cleaned his lips with a napkin, and looked up at him to actually start the conversation.

"It is big news, which is why many people are still unaware of his coming here," Neji looked towards the table on his left-hand side, where a few girls were chatting away, and nodded suggestively, "Although they seem to have had a run-in with Naruto, this morning."

Kiba looked at the girls and his eyes widened. He pointed at them and his jaw dropped.

"T-The cheerleaders?"

Neji nodded.

"Holy crap! That bastard's the devil, he's already started attracting the chics?" Kiba threw his arms up into the air, "I wish it was all like the old times again."

Neji looked at him, annoyed [You get it].

"I don't," he said, his voice spiteful.

Kiba looked startled.


Neji's eyebrows bent down, and for the first time in a long while, he looked like he was angry.

"Naruto has had to go through a lot to become what he is today, I just don't want him to go through all that again."

Neji's words finally struck his Footballer-friend, as the latter's eyes darkened wistfully. Said boy slowly brought his hands to the table, and propped his face onto them. His eyes darkened further as memories of an outcast slowly floated into his mind. It had all happened a long time ago, but the thoughts still stung him. Believing the crap their elder-brothers had fed them, about the kid being a thief and a cheat, the entire student-body of Konoha-Elementary had gone against that outcast.

But even then, Naruto Uzumaki had had a tremendously strong resolve. He'd fought through the bad-mouthing he had been subjected to, and remained strong. The only thing he'd craved for back then had been attention, and to gain said thing, the boy had pulled pranks, most of them being downright humorous. But even then, he'd been treated like scum, and the knowledge of having had had quite a similar attitude towards the boy himself, Kiba felt extremely depressed.

After elementary school was over, the boy hadn't applied for Konoha's Junior High School, but just disappeared. He'd not been that popular, so his disappearance had not been that much of a problem for anyone. It had stayed that way for about five years, after which, in an extremely anticipated match of basketball, Uzumaki had made his second-entry. He was representing one of the schools in the city, which had almost no reputation of being good at sports; Uzushio High, and yet...

He'd played fantastically in that match, practically taking it all into his own hands, and leading his team to victory. After that, it had been one win after another for the school, until they reached the finals last year, where they'd played Akatsuki High, whose's Basketball team; Taka, had been lead by none other than the current God of Konoha, Sasuke Uchiha himself; someone who's said to have a huge back-story with Naruto Uzumaki.

The match had been fierce, as, by the third-quarter, Taka had been leading by 14 points, making all hope of that the Uzushio team had of winning seem dead, when suddenly, the Uzushio Team's coaches, Killer B and Jiraya, had called a small Time-Out, to give his team some pep-talk. He'd specifically told Naruto something that no one else knew. But that had definitely boosted the kid's morale, for after that, the Uzushio Team had managed 10 points by the end of the third-quarter. In the fourth quarter, the match became so intense that it had many students in the bleachers nearly fainting[You understand].

The match had, after that, basically fallen upon the efforts of two players; Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. The game went on for fifteen more minutes, but in the end, it was the Uzushio Team that won, due the valiant efforts of Naruto, by a six point difference.

In the little speech Naruto gave after the game, he'd cited Sasuke as his closest friend, and had said that he'd love to play in the same team as his someday. They had been said to have reached an off-stage agreement in which they would give their Senior Year from the same school. Sasuke had then transferred to Konoha High, while Naruto had gone about making his school proud, and building up quite a name for himself in almost every field.

And then, when the previous academic year had finally been over, he'd left Uzushio High, leaving his 'disciple' Konohamaru, a student who'd transferred there from Konoha Junior High, to take his place. Needless to say, the boy had been doing a splendid job at keeping his master's reputation intact.

Now, Uzumaki Naruto had transferred to the supposedly 'Best School in Town after Uzushio'; Konoha High.

And, needless to say, it had generated quite a lot of hype.

"I guess that idiot actually has gone through a lot, eh?" said Kiba, staring fixedly at the table in front of him.

"That's an understatement."

Kiba looked up and found Neji staring at the ceiling with the slightest hint of reverence in his eyes.

He grinned.

Uzumaki deserved that.

Sakura Haruno looked around her in confusion. No one was looking at her. WHY wasn't anybody looking at her? Usually, on a usual day, at the usual Konoha, usual male students, gave her the usual stares, which usually meant her being subjected to the usual sexual process in the usual student's mind. However, nothing was 'usual' today, as none of the students in the café was looking at her; much preferring to look at the door instead.

And to top it all off, her 'Prince-Charming' was missing!

Talk about suck-y days.

Sakura groaned.

"What's up with everyone anyway?" said she, turning to look at her three best friends; Ino, Tenten, and Hinata, only to find that the three of them too were staring at the door in extreme excitement. A nerve in Sakura's forehead twitched.



All the three girls turned to look at the pink-haired-demon, instinctively bringing their arms up to guard them, even though they knew that all attempts at protection would be ultimately proved futile.

"What's up with everyone?" said Sakura, her voice suddenly calming down. She pouted and looked over to the doorway to the café.

The three girls who were sitting at her table, slowly lowered their arms, while their eyes widened.

"You don't know?" piped in Tenten, looking at her curiously.

Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Don't know what?"

She looked around the table in confusion.

All the three girls broke into small fits of chuckling, but stopped abruptly upon seeing their demonic friend's nerves twitch.

"H-He's joined this school," said Ino, cautiously edging away from the pinkette.

Sakura looked at her curiously.


"Him, ya 'know, Nar-"

A collectively intake of breath was heard throughout the canteen, and the four girls immediately stopped talking to have a look at what was going on. They looked at the door, and three of them immediately had their breaths hitch, on the sight of the entrance of two boys.

But there was one, who was the devil, the Queen, and the most beautiful girl among the four Queens of Konoha; Sakura Haruno, who just pointed at one of the boys; the blonde one, and let out a short muffled gasp.

Ino looked at the girl.

"What's wrong?"

Sakura slowly turned towards her.

"I bumped into blondie right there, in the morning, and then totally ditched him!"

"Oh so you bumped into Na-"

Ino eyes widened, and suddenly, her jaw crashed down. Her breathing nearly stopped, leading to her placing a hand on her chest. Sakura, unfazed my the drama, looked on boredly at the girl while the latter slowly recovered from the shock.

"You," said Ino, her eyes still wide, and her voice a tad bit shaky,"Bumped... into him? You have to tell me what it felt like."

Now, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten, were the four Queens of Konoha High. One would think that the 'normal' cheerleaders would be the said personalities, but that wasn't the case with Konoha; because these weren't any ordinary girls. They were absolute and perfect beauties; and the leaders of said school's cheerleading team.

In terms of prettiness, Sakura stood first among the four, but even then, she was the one to receive the least number of askings-out among the 'Guild'. Perhaps it was so, because she was so utterly gorgeous, and her mannerisms so elite, that most considered it unsafe to even go up to her and say 'hi'.

Even so, the fact was that none of the goddesses ever went for a boy(Apart from a certain black haired prodigy, whom a certain pink-haired 'Queen' had eyes for). Boys went for them. And therefore, seeing that look of smite on Ino's face, made Sakura ever so confused.

"Why?" she asked, looking at Ino with a curious expression, "Who is he? And look who he's walking with!" her eyes grew large, and she suddenly felt like hyperventilating, as she caught sight of the boy who was walking with the blonde guy.

Sasuke Uchiha.

"Who the hell is he?"

Ino's eyes widened further, and she gasped.

"You don't know?"


Ino took in a deep breath, valiantly attempting to calm herself. When she was finally done with that, she looked back at her pink-haired friend, who was looking back at her with scrunched eyebrows.

Ino closed her eyes once, and took in a deep breath. When she finally opened her eyes again, she saw that Sakura's expression was something that even 'excitement' couldn't bind.

"He's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

Sakura's heart missed a beat.

Naruto Uzumaki strolled into the café casually, paying no heed to the stares that followed him. He just carried on with the conversation he was having with the boy beside him.

"So you're gonna buy a new radiator for the apartment?" asked Naruto, looking at his friend in confusion.

Sasuke shrugged.

"But why? The place is a goddamn furnace as it is!" protested the blonde, throwing his arms about in exasperation, "If anything, you should buy an Air-Conditioner!"

Sasuke turned to look at him.

"Winter's coming."

Naruto's jaw slackened, "Winter is three freakin' months awa-"

Sasuke brought a hand in front of his friend's mouth to silence the latter. He eyed said boy through the corner of his eyes.

"Later. Lets find a table for now."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the boy, and looked away.

"You're impossible."

But the idea of food did seem to be a little too inviting.

Looking around the café, a certain person, who, incidentally, was staring at him, with wide eyes, caught his eye.

Naruto pointed at her and mouthed 'You!', as his eyes slowly widened, and his lips bent into a smile.

The girl's face reddened, and she looked away. Then, after a few moments, and a little bit of grumbling with the girls beside her, the girl hesitantly turned back to him, and mouthed 'Wanna sit here?'.

Naruto's eyes widened, and his heart basically jumped. A girl as pretty as that was asking him to come and sit beside her, how could he refuse that!

'Sure', he mouthed, and suddenly caught hold of the arm of a Suspicious-Sasuke.

"Dobe, what are yo-"

"No time to explain, lets go!"

"Wait wha-!"

He had no chance of completing his sentence, because just the next moment, Naruto yanked him towards the table, on which the girl was sitting.

"So, you guys, like, know each other?" asked Sakura, cautiously looking at the blonde as he smirked at his friend.

Sasuke let off a small 'Hn', and looked away.

"Sorta," said Naruto, with an undercurrent of laughter in his voice, as he turned to look at the pink-haired beauty again, "We kinda live together."

Every girl in the table turned their heads to look at the boys, and for the first time in their lives they witnessed something...

...Sasuke Uchiha was blushing!


The whisper was barely audible, but the group sitting around the table still caught up on it. Muffled chuckles were heard, until Naruto finally made his comment.

"What's that for, Teme? You in gay-love with me, or what?"

Everyone around the table, with the exception of Sasuke, who just shot an angry glare at Naruto, burst laughing.

Sakura, who'd been laughing to near-tears, gave Naruto a much more thorough check-out this time. When her laughter finally subsided, her lips bent into a small smile, and she propped her head on her arm, and tilted her head slowly as she saw the blonde-haired-wonder-boy laugh. Who'd have thought that one boy would enable her to socialize with even the most stoic guy in the campus?

But looking at the blue-eyed guy laugh, she just couldn't help but smile.

Naruto Uzumaki.

What an interesting boy.


~THA musIc GuY