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Chapter 13: Prom

"You look good."

Naruto's ears perked up at voice. Sapphire eyes swiftly traveled to the right, and caught hold of the sight of a black-haired guy wearing a dark colored suit. His tie was undone, and slung around his neck, softly cushioned by the crunchy white shirt he was wearing. His red eyes popped out because his garbs' colors, and made him look like a surreal being.

Well, surreal to others; to Naruto, he'd always be a bastard.

"You too, bitch."

Sasuke smirked, and moved closer to the blonde. Casting a wayward glance at the mirror, his smirk turned into an appreciative smile;. Coming to a stop beside the blonde, he watched quietly as the teen meddled with his dark blue colored suit. He'd somehow convinced the idiot to not go through with his plan of wearing an orange tie to prom; saying that the frog god would grow angry with him, when his other stratagem [That of telling the blonde that the color was too screaming] hadn't worked.

Now, with a silver tie knotted perfectly around his neck; Naruto Uzumaki, much to Sasuke's pleasure, looked quite the mean man.

"So, I'm taking out Kairi...," the Uchiha muttered, casting Naruto a shy glance. The latter merely smirked at the mirror, as if to laugh at the black-head's unusually awkward behavior. A few glances were exchanged, a couple of abuses muttered; and then, the two roommates began to laugh dementedly.

A couple of minutes later, the two of them were standing outside their apartment; with Sasuke locking their door. Naruto idly scratched his chin, and stared distantly at the expanse of wall in front of him.

"School's ending."

Sasuke finished locking their apartment up, and turned around to face the blonde. The latter's face bore a grim expression, making Sasuke consider what he'd say. Unfortunately, on that particular occasion, he didn't have much of a clue if what he'd consider right, would actually work.

Thus, shrugging his worries off, he tried something new.

He smiled.

"On the brighter side, I'm not gonna have to hear you whine about how 'Sakura-chan' doesn't heed your advances anymore."

Naruto snorted, "She only chose me because she knew you weren't available."

The Uchiha shook his head, and started to walk away, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"You'll see."

Sakura checked and rechecked herself in the mirror; frowning as she tucked a small lock that'd escaped her carefully settled bun. Her eyes feverishly went over her physique, and the garbs she'd chosen after hours of careful contemplation. A wheat-colored strap-less dress made of silk, draped her body, shining softly in the dim light of her room. A small necklace, on which hung a single raindrop-shaped crystal ball, adorned her neck, glinting occasionally, and giving off an ethereal sort of aura.

Ino had personally made her face up a couple of hours ago, after practically jumping around in joy at the thought of her accompanying the Uzumaki to school. Fretting over the tiniest of imperfections, and painstakingly correcting them, the girl had gone about carefully checking her face, and applying whatever she'd brought with her, to her face.

And now, with the blonde girl downstairs waiting for their limo to arrive, Sakura could shamelessly say that Ino'd down a wonderful work on her.

Sighing merrily as she went over to the kitchen counter, the pinkette thought excitedly about what the last night of her school days would be like. The wondrous sorts of thing she'd been told about this particular event, ever since she'd entered junior High, practically made her squeal in delight. Butterflies broke out in her stomach, and threatened to engulf her whole, as she thought about what everyone would say when they saw her.

What everyone would say when they saw her with him...

Her eyes softened.


She'd finally come to terms with a particular revelation a few days earlier, when she'd flat-out asked the blonde out to Prom. It'd been worrying, and, none too unexclusively, exhilarating at the same time. She knew that many people deemed her pretty, even her current object of thought himself had, on occasion, said so. However, it still didn't make her feel any less insecure about herself that day. Because he looked good. And she didn't want to turn it all down for him.

A wavering sigh escaped her, as she finally neared the door to her apartment. He'd just have to deal with it, if she wasn't up to the mark, then...

The door whooshed open.

And there he was.

Sakura's eyes conveniently widened, and her jaw simultaneously slackened, as she took in the view.

A royal blue blazer was buttoned over the wheat-ish shirt that covered his torso; complimenting his eyes effortlessly. A small stretch was present on the shirt; where it extended over smooth pectorals. A smooth, silver tie hung from his neck; disappearing into the junction of the two folds of her coat, giving out a gentlemanly feel. Pants of the same color, covered his legs; slightly hugging onto his skin, and subtly showing off his muscles; blending smoothly with the powerful build of the teen.


Naruto winked at her.

"You look splendid, ya'know?"

The pinkette smiled, her gaze becoming gentle.

"You're one to talk."

The pinkette eyed the different couples on-board the limousine they'd rented. A boy with red canine-tattoos on his face, sat next to a beautiful blue-haired girl, nervously smiling at her whenever she cast him a glace; Ino sat next to Shikamaru, who'd, for once, straitened out his hand, and was looking like some sort of rockstar. Sasuke sat next to Itogawa, as Sakura liked to call her, whispering something to her, that, however weird it may be, made her laugh.

Then there was Lee with Tenten, and Neji with that girl who'd once scorned Sakura, when the whole school had fallen for the Uchiha maestro.

The Haruno smiled. In a weird manner, that didn't seem to affect her anymore.

Eyeing the blonde to her right mutter something, probably obnoxious, to Sasuke; Sakura stifled a laugh, as the other boy shot him a murderous glare.

Naruto Uzumaki.

She gulped.

She had something to tell him, for once.

And it probably wasn't going to be easy.

Kakashi looked at the couple come up to him, and ask for two glasses of RC Cola. Smiling beneath his mask, he nodded at them, and slowly pulled out two champagne glasses from beneath the counter behind which he stood. So much for being a reputed Parisian wine merchant.

After filling the glasses to their half, and softly clinking their two glasses together, Kakashi handed one to each of them.

"I'll leave you two to yourselves."

And with that, he was off, scooting over to another side of the 'mini-bar'.

"So, Paris seems nice, eh?"

Naruto's voice invaded the jittery, and utterly tiring battle that waged inside his pink-haired date's mind. He saw her give him a shaky nod, and gulp; her cheeks flaring for some odd reason. Sighting her discomfort, the blonde knitted his eyebrows together, trying to gauge the cause of the same.

"Uh, are you not happy with this, Sakura-chan?"

The pinkette's eyes shot up to meet the blonde's, widening off their own accord as she realized the slight strain the voice of the blonde carried. Awkwardly gulping, she shook her head in nervousness.

"N-No," she croaked, furiously trying to rid him of his misconception.

"Oh, that's good," he smiled, vainly trying to mask the disappointment beginning to threaten the engulf him.

He was faking.

I'm done.

"Follow me."

Naruto blinked at the sudden commanding tone that the pinkette had taken up. Looking up, he saw her glare determinedly at him for a second, before swiftly standing up and beginning to move away towards the back-gate.

"S-Sakura-chan, wait!"

Pushing through the maddening crowd of Konohan students, Naruto tried to gauge the pinkette's movements, as the latter moved seamlessly through the gathering. Cursing when a sudden guy came in front of him, Naruto began to push harder, and then, quite suddenly, found himself staring at an open gate.

He gulped.

What's going to happe-

He suddenly felt a swift tug on his tie, and, closing his eyes, felt the noise of the hall get wiped out. About to open his eyes, and find the cause of the sudden pull, Naruto felt an alien feeling invade his senses.

What the-?

Something warm and moist crashed against his lips.

Swiftly opening his eyes, he found a certain pink-haired girl flush against his physique, pressing herself against him, as she began to smoothly caress his mouth with hers. A soft bite on his bottom lip, and a couple of smooth sucks later, Naruto felt his knees buckle, and his mouth slowly open, to harbor the pressing muscle he felt push against his lips.

"S-Sakura-?"he whispered.

"Shut up," she shot back.

Pushing him against the cold wall of the alley-way, she continued pressing herself against him, roaming over his chest. Quite involuntarily, he groaned, bringing his own hands up, and starting to mold her shape with them. She gasped, moaning softly, as she felt his tongue invade the recesses of her mouth.


Two minutes later, they were panting; Sakura leaning heavily against him, clinging onto his shirt, as the two of them panted; gasping for sweet air. Naruto's eyes had darkened to a husky blue, pleasurably taking in the sight of the breathless pinkette against him.

However, a nagging question took him over.

"Why...?" he whispered, looking at her as she pressed her face into his chest, unwilling to look up.

A few moments of silence followed.

"You're the biggest doof I've ever seen in my life, you know that?" She whispered. Naruto felt her throat contract in a gulp.

His silence egged her to continue.

"Why're you always so carefree? So light about everything, dammit?" She slowly pulled her face up, and stared at his unwavering eyes, blinking cheerily, and dare he say, in accomplishment.

"I didn't realize it until a week ago," she said, slowly regaining her breath, "But, all those times you spent with me, and... told me stuff- throughout them, something had been happening to me," she gulped, collecting her resolve, "I think I-"

Naruto hugged her, and brought her face flush against his chest, silencing her.

"I love you, Sakura-chan."

She smiled against him.

"You're an idiot, you goof!"

A couple of minutes later, she gulped; nervousness engulfing her again.

"D-Does that mean we're dating now?"

The silence that followed her words seemed threateningly crushing.

Then she heard him laugh.

"Believe it."




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