A/n: No, I'm not dead (surprisingly). With all the deleting stuff going on, though, I'm trying to lay low until it blows over (If I disappear mysteriously, I have an account on Live Journal, the link to which is on my profile. All my stories are there). In the meantime, I'm writing some short drabbles to keep me busy, which I will be posting here in this story.

It's not fair for someone to smell as good as England does, it's just not! I don't even know what it is. He doesn't drown himself in cologne like France, he doesn't use fancy soaps like Austria, he doesn't let himself get all sweaty and then let the pheromones stick to his skin like Australia, he just- I don't know what he does. He smells… clean, I guess? Like, it's not just like soap, even though that's part of it. There's also a definite masculinity to it too, but again it's not overbearing. I think it might be sexier for that. It's not out there waving a big-ass flag and saying "Hey! Look! This guy has a dick!" It's just quietly and almost innocently sitting there, waiting, and you know that it'll be there and active whenever you want it but never when you don't.

It's comforting too. It's all him, and it's always been him. In the hundreds of years I've known him, it's always been the same. Even when people didn't bathe too often it was still there, warm and clean and sweet and safe. Whenever I'm scared or uncomfortable, all I have to do is hold him and take a deep breath and that scent calms me down. I do it sometimes even when I really don't need to. I'll come up and grab him at meetings or whenever I see him to give him a big hug, and even though he squirms and huffs I hold him for a little longer than necessary just so I can savor the way he smells (he tells me I don't savor anything, but he don't know shit).

But really, the time I love doing it the most is after sex. He always lays curled up on his side, sometimes facing me, sometimes away from me and waiting for me to curl around him. I always take a minute once I'm sure he's asleep to bury my nose in his hair. That's the time he smells the best because then I not only can smell him, but I can smell me too. Then I can fall asleep with him and know for sure that he's mine.