Sakura Haruno opened her eyes to the sight of a dirty London alleyway. Her face dripped with an expression of shock, her jade eye wide with pain, her mouth hung slightly ajar due to her hunger, her button nose slowly crinkled in distaste. It seemed that the jutsu had been a success - even though, there was some side effects.

It stank in the narrow area, and was cluttered with rubbish which spilled out of the bins. There was a streak of moonlight that peaked out from a large hole above the cardboard box, she sat in. It was followed close by stray snowflakes. But it did nothing to help the fact that she could barely see anything one meter away from her radius (not counting her back of course).

She was naked. It was fairly obvious, since she could feel the harsh winds blowing against her bare baby skin. Her feet were starting to grow numb; she used the last of her chakra to warm them. The rest had been used, to power up the kinjutsu.

She quickly scanned around her, closing her eyes to listen out for any immediate danger. There was none.

This meant she could check out her current issue. She slowly crawled out of the cardboard box, dragging herself up to a dirty mirror, which leaned on the side of one of the large refuse bins. The pinkett checked her reflection - it was just as she had suspected, the jutsu had a side effect. Just like Tsunade had warned. It looked like the change was permanent - her body had been de-aged to that of an eight month old babe... If only Shikamaru was here to sum up this situation. Not like that was possible any way; the guy had died a long time ago trying to shield his (pregnant) wife from an explosion. This happened five years into the war. It was a quick death.

Sakura sighed deeply, as she began to play with her strange hair. Thing were looking bad; the kunochi thought more about her situation. Here she was, a defenceless baby laying in the back of an alleyway, in a dimension she knew nothing about, a dimension which could be littered with war, a dimension which have anything in it - anything. To top the whole mess up - she was all alone. It was a scary thought for anyone to have.


Her head snapped to the left... Fuck! It was a dog. A big dog, with lots of teeth. With blood on its sharp teeth - it's very, very, sharp teeth. It had red eyes. When the hell did dogs have red eye. There was foam sipping out through the gaps in his canines, his head kept on jerking from side to side. Kami! The dog had rabies.

Okay Sakura, she thought, think- dammit think. You're a leaf kunochi, a proud anbu captain, a medic which has since surpassed Tusunade. THINK!

There was nothing she could do, she had no more chakra (since it was drained earlier in her quest to get away from the war) and her body was that of a baby who couldn't even walk yet. No, her mind exclaimed, it's coming closer. Go away. Go away!

She opened her mouth to shout, but only the sound of crying sounded in the dark alleyway. Her screams seemed to trigger the animal's movement.

Kami, she was going to die. After all that work spent trying to get away from that war, she was going to get eaten by a dog in the middle of an alleyway, in some unknown dimension and no one would mourn for her. How ironic.

Slowly she closed her eyes.


Was she dead?

The medic felt strong hands lifting her up. There was the sound of someone speaking. She did not understand what he was saying.

She opened her eyes and found herself face to face with a brown haired stranger. He smiled down at her. Shakily she smiled back. There was something special that seemed to pass on between them. A warm feeling, it was kind of a fluffy sort of feeling. The type of emotion you feel when you're doing something you love. Content: yeah, that's what they felt that night.

From that point on, Sakura knew that she would protect this man with her life.