Chapter 1 - Introduction

Hi! So this is my new story, The Dumping Ground. It is set in series 1. Everyone is the same age as they are in Tracy Beaker Returns. I also have my own character, Maisie.


Do I have to tell you my name? Oh, ok. I'm Liam O'Donovan and I'm 14 years old. Everyone listens to me around here. And yeah, Maisie, Frank and I have been in trouble with the law once or twice...ok maybe five or so times. I am failing school, but who cares! I've been in care all my life, and I'm actually quite happy over here at the Dumping Ground. Tracy might have left, but things are still cool!


Hi! Life's great when you're a superstar! Did I forget to tell you? I'm a singer, and yeah, I may have a criminal record, but I don't really care. My best friends include Cheryl, Justin Bieber, Tulisa. J-Lo, One Direction, Jessie J and of course, Liam O'Donovan! I was voted prettiest girl of the year, and everyone says that I am gorgeous, but I think that I'm ugly. I am known for being top of the class and my black and pink hair. Liam and I are incharge here so that's really cool! My worst enemy is Elektra. She attacked Liam for no reason, but she got a good beating from me afterwards! Oh, and my mum dumped me after my album became platinum. Kinda dum, huh!


Hello! I'm Frank and people pick on me because I have Cerebal Palsy. But Maisie and Liam fight with anyone who says that I can't talk properly. Maisie and Liam have a criminal record, but I don't luckily. I intend on keeping it that way! I love Manchester United! Maisie took me one day to go and meet all of the players! But, Liam and Maisie are very close, and I sometimes feel left out. But, they are my friends and you can't have better friends than them!


I'm Elektra. Hate Maisie, she's my enemy and so is Liam. Love blue. Alright at school. Used to be a Cobra. Now go away!


I'm Sapphire! I have my own flat now, and things are wicked! Pizza's every night, every lock I want! But, I do miss Harry. One day, my brother Riff came, and we had to hide him! Oh, and Liam and Elektra get on my nerves! The thing that I don't miss at the Dumping Ground is the amount of privacy I have! Honestly, once Liam made Tracy agree with having a bolt on my door, and Gus goes and wee's in my room! My room is a work of art, as I like to call it!

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