My first try at writing Thor fics. The subject is of course Loki and Darcy, together, as a couple. Why? Because they are awesome like that and I think they look great together.

I just hope I'm not wreaking the character too bad.

Read at your own risk.

Darcy Lewis would have never expected herself to be in such a situation as her current one. It was crazy even to her, and she wasn't exactly conventionally sane. But despite the oddity of it, it was happening, and it was happening to her. Had she been slightly more inclined towards normal behaviour she would've fretted or probably cried; she would've been greatly distressed.

However, Darcy was not your typical girl. Hell, she had seen gods falling from the sky, tased then befriended them and not to mention she worked at S.H.I.E.L.D. And despite all that she managed to remain sane, as sane as she was before anyway. As it was, her current predicament made her feel excited. Sure she was a wee bit scared but generally happy for herself, even if the rest of the world regarded her as a lunatic at the moment. Well, everyone except Thor that was.

For the sake of making things clear, Darcy was pregnant. That in and of itself wasn't a big deal. Women got pregnant all the time after all. No, the amazing thing was the paternity of the child in question. Who would have believed that Loki, the God of Mischief, would go and get little, plain Darcy with child? It was unbelievable. Jane seemed to think so anyway.

Everybody, besides Thor, gave her horrified or displeased looks as if she were a naughty child who got caught doing something wrong. Good thing Fury, and the Avengers, knew nothing about this.

For his part Thor had stared at her with an amazed look on his face which had turned into a delighted one moments after. He had that telltale sparkle in his eyes and sure enough his hand on her shoulder was reassuring. Darcy was sure she would have fallen to her knees if not for the support he was showing her. And God knew she needed that. Loki was nowhere to be found and quite frankly Darcy thought he wouldn't have been of much help anyway.

Actually she knew he was in Asgard getting punishment for his crimes. And while she wished he could be here with her, Thor would have to do.

Jane pulled her away, no longer angry. Instead she looked concerned and Darcy wanted to be irritated, but strangely she couldn't manage to conjure the feeling.

"Darcy," Jane began, "how in the world have you managed to get yourself in so much trouble? Why would you do something like this?" Ah, dear Jane, always the voice of reason.

"Well Jane, how do I put this? It wasn't exactly planned." Darcy eyed her fingernails as she spoke. "Never once have I thought something like this could happen. I mean, him and me, we're different species. This should be impossible."

"What are you going to do now?" The question had a tired air to it but Jane was clearly trying to be a good friend. Darcy appreciated the thought but she had no idea herself.

"I have no clue. I suppose I'll just go with the flow here and hope that having a godling won't make my food cravings super-weird."

"You are the only person that could worry about that." Jane replied with just a touch of amazement. "Sometimes I wonder if you're truly sane."

"What should I worry about then? It's too early to be picking paint colour or clothing." Darcy said flippantly. "Besides, worrying is not good for the child. Least that's what the books say."

"How far along are you anyway? You're not even showing." Typically Jane, curiosity before anything else.

"I know right. I didn't even gain a pound. Anyway if my calculations are correct it's been about five months."

"How did you manage to hide this from everyone?" Jane questioned with an intense look.

"Ummm…it wasn't that hard. I tend to go by unnoticed, so me being all dreamy and gooey over Loki didn't attract any attention. Besides he's a reformed guy so I though that it would be all cool."

"Darcy! That guy tried to us. Hell, he could have killed us all." Jane reminded her as if she were crazy.

"Hey! Do you want to help me, or are you trying to pick a fight? Because, I sure as hell won't hesitate to tase you." That got Jane's mouth hanging opened. "I'm emotional right now." Darcy warned the scientist.

"Okay. I get it. No dissing you baby's father."

"See that you don't." Darcy cautioned. "Actually, I have a favour to ask. Since I don't know when Loki will be back, would you…I mean do you think you could-"

"Hold it. I understand. You can totally count on me and Thor. And speaking about this, does Loki know?"

"About that…no. He doesn't. I never actually got around telling him."

"Are you serious?" A new voice interrupted them.

Darcy jumped around at the intruder. She came face to face with a stern looking Sif. Darcy smiled weakly at the warrior woman trying her best not to look scared out of her mind. Sif could be pretty scary when she wanted to and she obviously didn't like Loki. So by association she didn't like Darcy, so she had a lot to worry about here.

"Is that bad?" Jane, bless her soul, broke the tension.

"His punishment could take many years. Time passes differently on Asgard. It could be years before you see him again."

Darcy was sure she looked positively horrified at the news. She had expected him to miss for a while. But years? Did she even have that much time? She was only human. Loki might have eternity on his side but Darcy sure as hell didn't. Her mind was full of words to describe what she felt at the moment.

"Fuck." was the only thing she managed to get out.

Sif looked at her sympathetically but made no move to comfort her. Jane put a hand on her shoulder and Darcy could already feel the tears trickling down her cheeks. Such a fine mess she managed to get herself into this time. She was sure the universe was doing this purposefully, just to get a kick out of her misery.

"Thor can go to Asgard and tell him." Jane suddenly said. "That could work, right? I mean surely Thor's father would let him see his brother." Sif nodded slowly.

"Why are you being so accepting all of a sudden?" Darcy squeaked out between deep breaths.

"Oh, I'm not accepting. Not at all. When I see that Loki of yours I'll strangle him for making you go through this. But right now he must know about the child. If he doesn't take responsibility, I swear I'll-"

Darcy's fright just went up the scale. She really, really wanted to see Loki now.




Loki stared at Odin and barely kept his anger at bay. He was still hurt by the fact that his identity had been hidden from him all this time. But here he was kneeling before the man he called father. Anger rippled under his skin but it didn't stop the twinge of regret he felt at Odin's disappointed stare and Frigga's sniffles. For all his rage he couldn't erase the years he spent thinking they were his parents. He supposed a small part of him still cared whether his mother suffered and what his father thought. Silently he cursed those feelings.

Of course, he blamed this development on one Darcy Lewis. Before he came here to Asgard, he had spent much time with the mortal woman. Apparently it had been enough time for her to convince him that he should try to clarify things with those who raised him. He hated her for making him weak. He wasn't like this. And what he detested the most was the fact that he let himself get attached to a Midgardian woman who had nothing to offer him but herself.

Alas he supposed there was nothing to be done about it now. Her fingers were firmly wrapped around his heart and try as he might he couldn't wrench it away. It was too late to separate from her when she became essential to him.

If only she hadn't pushed him into coming back to Asgard. Loki knew he'd have to face punishment for his destructive deeds, and that could take time, time that Darcy didn't have. But perhaps the All father would permit him to have Darcy brought here for the time being. That might take some convincing with Thor, but Loki was sure he could handle his brother.

What Loki hadn't expected was Thor barging in the throne room followed by Sif and the three warriors. His brother shot him a look Loki got confused by. It was a mix of dread and joy. Sif, however, shot him a bone rattling glare that would've made any lesser god run in fear. As it was Loki glared back at her for sport.

"Thor, my son, what is the meaning of this?" Odin's voice boomed through the chamber. "Do you not know I have to pass judgement on your brother this day?"

Thor took a deep breath before opening his mouth, "I'm aware father. But I have a request regarding my brother's punishment. The situation is not that simple anymore."

"What do you mean Thor?" Frigga asked, her voice oddly high akin to the chirp of a bird.

Thor looked at Loki once more before his eyes returned to his parents. "I'm not sure how to say this. I wish for my brother to serve his penance in Midgard. I believe-"

"Absolutely not!" Odin yelled and Frigga flinched at his side. "That is not possible."

Sif was the one to speak next. "My King, if I may speak…" she said and waited for Odin's approval to continue, "Prince Loki has duties to attend to in Midgard. It would not be beneficial to keep him here."

"What are you referring to? Speak clearly!" It was obvious that the All father was loosing his patience with all the beating around the bush. "Go on, speak."

"My brother is to be a father." Thor spoke before Sif could say anything else. His words travelled the room falling upon the ears of all present.

Loki stared bewildered at his older brother. Darcy was with child? He hadn't known. He would not have left if he thought that she might be carrying. How come Thor knew? A myriad of thought travelled through his mind and worry filled him. He had to find a way to be with Darcy, and fast.

Odin looked at both his sons with an unreadable expression. Frigga seemed somewhat torn, uncertain of what she should do.

"While that is certainly unexpected news, I cannot allow your brother to walk freely away from here."

The words fell like a ton of bricks on Loki. How could he make sure Darcy, that childish woman who meant so much to him, would be alright? There had to be something he could do. Maybe he should ask now for Odin's permission to bring her to him.

Before he could phrase his request Thor spoke again, "Then at least let the mortal woman, Darcy is her name, come here. We are talking after all about the child of my brother."

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