The Reunion

Chapter 1: iRecieve The Letter

Normal pov

It seemed to be a normal day for the iCarly trio. Carly, Sam and Freddie had just finished another week of school and it was officially the weekend. They were heading to Carly's apartment and were planning on brainstorming some ideas for next week's iCarly and helping Spencer out with the start of his latest sculpture, apparently he needed a few pairs of extra hands to help out.

"So what is Spencer sculpturing this time?" Sam asked Carly.

"I don't actually know, but I think were about to find out" Carly answered.

"Yeh as long as I'm back in time before my Mom gets back from work I'm good to help" Freddie said as the three of them opened the door and stepped in to Carly's apartment.

There was art materials scattered everywhere around the first floor of the apartment. You couldn't even see the floor. As Carly and Freddie just stood near the door not sure whether it was safe to move, Sam struggled to move as she made her way other to the fridge.

"Were back" Cary yelled for Spencer to hear. When she usually comes home from school Spencer is usually already in the living room. For all Carly knew Spencer could already be in the living room as you couldn't see past the mess he had made.

"I'm coming, just getting my drill" Spencer replied as he walked out of his bedroom and in to the living room.

"So what are we working on?" Carly asked.

"A gigantic purple dinosaur, for the museum down town" Spencer replied.

"Awesome!" Freddie said.

"Oh but before we start, where's Sam?" Spencer asked.

"Here" Sam called as she pulled her head out of the fridge and joined everyone in the living room.

"This came for you in the mail today, I'm not sure why it got sent here but here you go" Spencer said passing same an envelope.

Sam's pov

The day had been going pretty well until Spencer handed me a letter. It wasn't Spencer's fault though I recognised the person's hand writing straight away. It was my Dad's I hadn't heard from him in seven years, so why has he written to me now I thought. A tear started to run down my cheek and that's when I decided I needed to be alone. "I have to go" I quickly mumbled then ran out of Carly's door and up to the fire escape. By then I was crying, I couldn't figure out if I was happy that he had finally got in touch or if I was annoyed that it had taken him so long. I decided to read the letter and find out.

Dear Sam,

You're probably wondering why it's taken me all these years to get in touch and the real reason is that I haven't been able to. I think you will know by now that we Puckett's always end up in prison and after you and your Mom split up when you were younger I did something stupid and now I've been locked up in a cell for all these years. I didn't know where you were until a man that knows some of your friends got put in the same cell as me and gave me the address to your friend's house. I would love to see you Sam; I've missed you so much, please would you come visit me? Or at least write back. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch; I hope you're not mad.

Love always, Dad xx

I couldn't believe it after all these years I thought he didn't want anything to do with me and then I receive a letter explaining things. I was crying my eyes out at this point I was annoyed that he had got himself in prison but I was also happy that he cared about me and had got in touch. Even though Puckett's aren't suppose to cry, I didn't care that I was, after all these years I had finally found out where my dad was, he could have died for all I knew.

Normal pov

Freddie had left Carly's a little while ago. He was on his way up to the fire escape where he went every evening just to think and have some time to himself. He stepped on to the fire escape when he saw Sam there with her face in her hands and was crying her eyes out. He immediately walked up to her and pulled her in to a tight hug. Sam knew it was Freddie hugged him back and continued to cry in his arms. She felt alright about doing this. Over the past year Sam and Freddie had actually become really good friends. They still argue, but not very often and they had learned to trust each other.

"Are you okay?" Freddie asked her, he had never seen her cry before.

"Never been better" Sam replied smiling. She wiped her face and gave Freddie the letter to read. She then hugged him even tighter not wanting to let go.

Author's note

Theres the first chapter, i hope you enjoyed it. The next few chapters will lead to more Seddie. Please leave a review, thankyou for reading it!:D