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Chapter 85- iDont Know What's Happened To Her.

Freddie's pov

Three Days Later.

Three days. Three days I thought to myself. It's been three days since the big incident at school that Sam's Mom caused. Things seem to be getting much worse. I'm physically fine; I got away with just a bang to the head from my fall and it turns out that was caused by Carly. Carly's fine but Sam on the other hand isn't.

Nobody knows what's happened to her except from her and her Mother. But there are a few problems, Mrs. Puckett has been caught by the police but she's refusing to tell us what happened. She won't even answer any questions. Principal Franklin had been locked in his cupboard so he never got the chance to see what happened. It's not like anyone can ask Sam what happened either.

You see she's in hospital right now and she's been a sleep for three days straight. I guess we can say she's basically in a coma. Nobody knows when she will wake up, or if she ever will and seems we don't know what happened to her the doctors are finding it hard to estimate when she will wake up.

Schools been closed for the last three days, I think it will be until everyone gets over there trauma and all the damage has been fixed. The police have also blocked off the school and made it off limits as they are using it as a place of investigation to try and find out how Mrs. Puckett got in to the school. There also trying to find out what happened to Sam and a few other various different people. Sam most of all though. A few students and teachers are actually going through counselling as well. Gibby is one of them because one of Mrs. Puckett's guards stole his favourite shirt, that's his fault though for taking it off like he always does with all his shirts. Why does somebody even have a favourite shirt though if you never even wear them? I will never fully understand Gibby.

So I'm in Sam's hospital room right now. I haven't left her side since I found her in Principal Franklin's office the way she was. I'm sat in the chair that is next to her bed. I've got her hand held tightly as I look up towards her. She's so beautiful I think to myself and I really want her to wake up. I need her to wake up. I talk to her sometimes, I tell her stories and things. I think she hears me to because when I talk to her she twitches slightly like she knows I'm in the room with her. Or is she trying to tell me something, I just don't know.

My Mom keeps coming up to the hospital every few hours to try and get me to come home for at least a wash and a tick bath but I refuse to. I'm not leaving Sam; I want to be here when she wakes up. Carly's been to visit a few times to but she never stays to long. I think she struggles to stay in the same room as Sam while she's holding back her tears whilst Sam's like this. Carly has been bringing me food, so has my Mother but I hardly ever eat it. If Sam was awake she would probably whip it all up and eat it within ten minutes.

Spencer and Mr. Puckett have visited two or three times as well. Along with Melanie, she's only been here once though as she's still making a recovery from her internal bleeding operation so she struggles to get around. Sam's had a lot of visitors, it's a shame she hasn't been awake to see them. So many people care about her.

It was getting close to 3pm and I was still sat in a hospital chair holding Sam's hand tightly like I had been for the past three days. I was looking up towards Sam; I hadn't taken my eyes off of her for three days, except from when I went to sleep. But I hardly ever slept.

"I love you" I told her as I stroked her hand with my thumb, hoping she heard me.

That was when Sam's hand tightened around mine. She squeezed my hand gently. I looked down towards my hand then back up towards Sam. Her eyes were fluttering ever so slightly but they never fully opened. Her head turned towards me in a slow movement and that was when she spoke.

"I love you too" Were her first words. She heard me.

I couldn't believe it, she's awake and I'm so happy and relieved. She's finally awake I thought.

"Sam" I stuttered.

"That's me" she replied, smirking ever so slightly.

"I'm so glad that you're awake." I told her and she just nodded.

"It hurts Freddie" She told me.

"What hurts?" I asked.

"My head" She replied.

"You want me to go get the doctor? I asked her.

"No just come and lay here with me for a while" She replied and I climbed up on to her bed and she snuggled in towards me. She still hadn't opened her eyes though and she was moving really slowly.

"I'm so glad your okay" I told her. "Because if something happened to you I don't… I don't know what I would have done" I said.

"Shh Freddie, don't think of that, I'm here aren't I" Sam said reassuringly and I nodded.

"So are you going to tell me what happened?" I asked her.

"Later" She murmured and I kissed her on the forehead…

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