The Non Weasley's

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I've returned to my first love, which is Harry Potter.

It was one thing they had in common, the only thing really. Chalk and cheese in every other way.

A Tomboy and a beauty queen, blonde verses brunette, witch and muggle. In any other circumstances they would never have even crossed paths, but they were the non Wealsey's and that alone was enough to cement a lifelong friendship, a safe harbour at family gatherings, an ally against a family bound by tragedy and tradition.

When Fleur Delacour had first met her future in-laws she was well aware of what they thought of her, vapid, spoilt, vain and shallow. It had taken her nearly a year to prove her love for Bill, to show them the real her.

It was this that had caused her to take pity on one Audrey Jacobs when Percy had first introduced her to his overprotective mother, eccentric father and rabble of brothers.

To be fair the unsuspecting muggle had held her own with the Weasley boys, charming Arthur by explaining such things as car engines and movies, and delighting the boys with tales of her and her brothers many exploits in their youth, making many wonder just what she saw in Percy, although no one could deny he smiled more when she was around, a miracle in anyone's book.

However, as with Fleur, Molly had taken an instant dislike, not believing this girl was good enough for one of her precious boys, and to this day Audrey had yet to gain her approval despite naming her first born after her.

Fleur had tried to give Audrey a few tips on wining over Molly only to be surprised, and a little impressed, that Audrey had simply smiled given her thanks and continued to act the same, to be herself despite Molly's wintry disapproval. Audrey had been touched that Fleur had reached out to her, offered her an ally in the battle to be accepted and often went to Fleur when she did need advice.

The others had had it easy in comparison; both Hermione and Harry had been Weasley's years before their marriages, Molly treating them as her own since their first stay at the Burrow, and delighting when it became legally true.

As for Angelina, well the whole family had let out a collective sigh of relief that George was moving forward with his life, living it fully even if he himself would never truly be complete without Fred beside him.

But, for Fleur and Audrey everything was a battle, a battle to prove their love, a battle for their thoughts on raising their children to be heard, a battle to be accepted as a part of the Weasley family.

Neither Audrey nor Fleur cared too much of what others thought of them, Bill and Percy loved them and, pushed together at family do's, they had grown to understand one another despite their differences.

When Dominique was born Fleur was determined Audrey would be Godmother, and when Audrey finally gave in and accepted Percy's proposal Fleur was maid of honour.

The two would forever share a bond deeper than even the Weasley's had, simply because they weren't.

They were the outsiders, the other wives, the new additions, the non Weasley's.

Not overly happy with this, but it has been a while since I wrote anything and the idea just wouldn't leave me alone so I had to go with it.

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