Two years later...

Blaine fingered some product into his curls as Santana wormed her way into the hotel bathroom, clad only in a purple lace bra and panty set. He didn't even blink at her lack of clothing, just caught her eye in the mirror.

"Come on, San, I know we're going to more than just dinner if you're dressed like that."

She rolled her eyes as she began applying her makeup. "I'm not wearing this, I have a dress."

"Smartass. I know your going out clothes and those have party written all over them."

"Maybe I just want to feel sexy tonight, asshole."

"San..." He knew he was whining but she had been so secretive about their plans and he hated it.

She finally turned to look at him, her hand coming up to pinch his cheek. "Aw, is baby Blainers upset with me?" she cooed.

He swatted her hand away. "Yes. And don't call me Blainers!" He headed back into the main part of her hotel room and flopped down on the bed.

It was one week before his and Kurt's wedding and, as his maid of honor, Santana had flown in to hang out. She had only been in town two days so far, long enough to settle in and sleep off jet lag, but now he was wondering how long she had been planning... whatever she was planning.

A thought popped into his head and he sat up straight. "This better not be a surprise bachelor party!" he yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, Blainers."

His suspicions were not alleviated when Santana pulled him down the streets towards the area where a lot of clubs were. He tried digging his heels in to stop her but Santana was freakishly strong.

"San, Kurt and I told you guys that we didn't want bachelor parties," he whined.

"Oh, come on! You only get married once!"

"Lots of people get married more than once."

Santana shot him a look over her shoulder. "You're not 'lots of people,' B. I know you, too well sometimes. Kurt is it for you; there's not going to be someone else, ever. You two are going to be that disgusting old couple in the nursing home that the nurses all coo over and that annoys all the other patients with your lovey-dovey attitude." She stopped with a sigh, turning to look at him. "Look, I know you think this is going to be this horrible thing tonight, but it's not. Just, just trust me, okay?"

Blaine have her a half smile and squeezed her hand. "All right, fine."

"Thank god, I didn't want to waste more of my maid of honor speech." She started pulling him again and it took a moment of looking around to him to realize they were near Nick's club.

"Hey, San-"


Blaine's eyes searched the street for that oh so familiar voice. Coming at them from the opposite direction was Rachel and Kurt, who looked breathtaking in a pair of sinfully tight black jeans and a pressed white button up, the sleeves rolled up to show off his muscular forearms and the top buttons undone, allowing a peek at his clavicle. His outfit was simple and understated and it made Blaine's jaw drop. His fiancée was usually wrapped in layers and, while he always looked good, the rare sight of him dressed down while being dressed up made Blaine's heart clench. He didn't think Kurt would ever stop surprising him.


Kurt stopped struggling with Rachel and looked up. "Blaine?" He turned to his friend. "Rachel, what is going on?"

Rachel shrugged. "We knew you and Blaine didn't want bachelor parties, but Santana and I really wanted to throw you one, so we got together and planned a double bachelor party."

"Nick said we could use the club for it, since it has the space and booze," Santana pitched in.

"And I called up your favorite DJ and cashed in a favor," a new voice says from nearby. They turn to look and see Nick leaning casually against the building of his club. He stepped out of the back alley way and walked towards them. "Now, these girls have done a lot in a short amount of time, so you two are going to come with me through the back way, since there's a crowd of people who didn't get the message that we're closed tonight in the front, you're going to dance and drink and have a fun ass time. Do you understand?" He winked and grinned as he said it, belying his serious tone.

Blaine lets out a laugh and moves forward to hug his friend. "Sounds like a good idea to me." Reaching back, Kurt's hand automatically finds his and their fingers lace together as the four of them follow Nick inside. Music thumps out of the open door, pressing on them the closer they get. Inside, it's dark and there are already several people out on the dance floor, moving in time with the music. Not near as many as there would be if the club was open to the public, but still a lot. They wave to friends and are stopped a couple of times, everyone offering their congratulations on the pending wedding. Nick hurried them along after each stop until they finally reached the bar. Shots were pushed across the dark wood and they toasted before downing them.

They're pulled out onto the dance floor, into the pressing mass of writhing bodies. Their cups never seem to empty as the night goes on. The music is always lively and fun. The only hitch is comes about an hour after they arrive.

Kurt hadn't noticed the empty space near the DJ booth when they arrived, but he wasn't as familiar with the club as Blaine. But what was just a curious anomaly before was now obviously a dais, two throne like chairs seated next to each other on it. A thought nagged at the back of Blaine's brain, but he pushed it away, paying more attention to Kurt's body pressed against his front and Santana's pressed against his back.

The music cut off abruptly and Rachel's voice crackled over the speakers in the club. "Heeeeeeeey, everybody, we havin' fun tonight?!"

The crowd screamed the affirmative, holding up their drinks as though making an offering.

"Good, good!" Santana started pushing Kurt towards the dais just as Nick did the same to Blaine, Rachel still speaking to the crowd. "Well, as you all know, tonight we're celebrating the death of two dear friends single-dom." The boys were shoved into the chairs and given warning glares. "As a present, we decided to give the boys a little surprise."

"I thought the party was the surprise," Kurt said, loud enough to be heard over the hoots their friends are making. A feeling of dread pools in Blaine's stomach.

"You don't think..."

Toxic by Brittany Spears blared over the sound system, blocking anything else he might say, and suddenly two unfamiliar people were breaking through the crowd.

"Please tell me this isn't what I think it is," Kurt groaned as the crowd began catcalling, obviously knowing the plan ahead of time.

"I think it is." Blaine sighed as the two people joined them on the dais.

"For their last night of freedom, we wanted to do a little something special for our boys," Santana said into the microphone. Instead of just taking it from Rachel, she had her hand wrapped around the smaller girls.

"WE'RE GAY," Kurt and Blaine yelled at the same time.

"Well, the strippers aren't just for you," Rachel giggled, throwing them a wink as the man and woman began grinding against them. The woman, a pretty Asian girl with heavily made eyes and long, curly hair, draped her arms around Kurt's shoulders as the man, tall with dark skin and smoldering eyes, straddled Blaine's lap.

"Hey, don't worry, cutie," she murmured. "We're not going to do anything too crazy with you guys."

"With all due respect, all of this is a bit too crazy for my tastes," Kurt joked. His hands clenched on the arm rest of the chair, trying to keep his eyes on the girls' hair.

She spun around, grinding her ass on his crotch while looking at him coyly. "Don't worry, sweetie, I'll do all the work." She winked, her head falling back on his shoulder. "They told me you were cute, but I wasn't prepared for how cute. Are you sure you're gay?"

Kurt let out a laugh, an actual genuine one. "Yes, very gay and very, very in love with my fiancée."

The girl sighed, turning again and bending in front of him until her face was over his crotch and her ass was sticking out into the audience. "Damn, that really sucks. I'm not saying this because it's my job, you really are a hottie and if I had half a chance..." She trailed off with another wink and Kurt glanced over to see how Blaine was doing.

I'm going to kill all these mother fuckers, Blaine thought viciously as the male stripper straddled his lap. "Uh-"

"Which one are you?" the guy asked as he rolled his hips, his well oiled abs wow those are some nice abs though flexing directly in front of Blaine's face.

"Um, I'm Blaine."

"Hi, Blaine."


The guy laughed, deep and rumbly, his eyes crinkling as he smiled down at Blaine. "Is this the first time you've ever gotten a lap dance?"

Blaine's mind automatically flashed back to the second birthday of his that he had celebrated with Kurt as an official couple. "The first professional one," he admitted.

"Well, don't be nervous, I don't bite. Unless you want me to," he added with a wink as he dropped down and ground his ass on Blaine's thighs.

Blaine gaped for a moment as the guy stood and turned around before stuttering, "I- no, I'm- I love- Okay, please stop doing that, I love my fiancée very much."

"Oh, I bet you do! Don't worry, honey, I'm definitely straight. The teasing comes along with the dance," the guy told him, his chest arching as his face skimmed along Blaine's legs, up his chest to his neck.

Blaine just blinked at him. "What?"

"Yup, straight as an arrow. Your friends," he nodded very slightly towards Santana and Rachel, who were giggling as they snapped picture after picture of Kurt and Blaine with the strippers, "wanted to make sure you had a good time without really worrying. That's why they got a girl and a straight guy."

"Oh! Well, that's... strangely nice of them," Blaine chuckled, feeling the tension drain out of him a bit. "Santana is usually more of a torture-them-until-they-break kind of friend."

The guy laughed again as he worked his body over Blaine. "She seems like a sharp one. So, when's your wedding?"

"Next week, actually."

"Oh, yeah? At least you won't have to deal with a hangover then, huh?"

"I guess not. One more point for our friends," Blaine laughed.

The song switched then, Rock That Body by The Black Eyed Peas. "See you later, cutie." The guy winked before striding over to where Kurt was shooting him a look that screamed GET ME OUT OF HERE. Blaine shrugged helplessly before he got a lapful of girl.

"Well, hello there!" she giggled, fluttering her eyelashes as she wiggled in his lap, her arms wrapping loosely around his neck. His arms came up automatically to hold her steady.


Thankfully after that song ended, the strippers moved away, kissing them both on their cheeks before putting their clothes back on and moving to the bar to get something to drink. Santana and Rachel sauntered over, plopping themselves into the guys laps.

"So how mad are you?" Rachel asked, pouting as her arms curled around Kurt's neck and laying her head on his shoulder. He glanced over at Blaine, who had moved his throne/chair/thing closer to Kurt's, his arms wrapped around Santana's waist.

"Not too mad," Kurt admitted. "They were really nice, even if the girl did leave glitter all over my pants." He looked pointedly down where Rachel was perched.

She rolled her eyes and squirmed in his lap. "I love GLITTER!"

Santana smacked a kiss on Blaine's lips and stood, pulling him to his feet. "Come on, glitter kids, let's do some fucking shots!" She latched onto Blaine, who grabbed Rachel, who hauled Kurt to his feet. The first two were taken normally, albeit back to back. After that, Santana decided they should try body shots.

Shots and drinks were constantly being shoved into their hands until they were passed the tipsy stage. Though the party was still thumping around them, Blaine wove his fingers through Kurt's and tugged, leading him through the crowd towards the back of the club. Kurt grinned as he recognized the door to the VIP lounge.

As soon as the door closed behind them, the music dropped in volume, leaving their ears buzzing slightly as Blaine pressed him against the wall next to the door, head on Kurt's shoulder. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to get away for a bit," Blaine murmured.

Kurt's arms came up to wrap around his waist. "No, baby, it's fine, it was getting to be a bit too much for me too." He let out a chuckle. "I guess we're too old for the club scene now," he joked, feeling Blaine's chest rumble as he laughed.

"I guess we are." He turned his head, pressing a kiss to the exposed skin of Kurt's neck. "Love you."

"Love you."

They stood there for a moment, feeling the bass through the wall and just soaking each other in.

"Come on." Kurt pushed off the wall and led Blaine to one of the couches, stretching out on the plush furniture. Blaine lay down beside him, pressing him into the back of it as their legs tangled together, their chests brushing against each other with every breath.

Their lips came together, softly at first, light touches that soon became more demanding. The flavor of tequila was still heavy on their tongues as Blaine ran his along Kurt's, sucking on it as his hand came up to tug at the back of Kurt's shirt. Kurt's breath hitched as the calloused hand came in contact with the smooth skin of his lower back. His hips arched forward on their own accord, his cock growing hard against his zipper as his hand carded through Blaine's hair, sweaty and loose from dancing.

"Fuck," he groaned when Blaine tore his mouth away to nip down his jaw. Blaine's hand slid lower, teasing the band of Kurt's pants, his fingertips ghosting over the swell of that gorgeous ass. "Blaine, please."

"Please what, baby?" Blaine asked, his breath teasing the damp skin of Kurt's neck.

"Please, touch me."

"I am touching you." Blaine's fingers dug into his back as if to prove his point and Kurt could feel his smirk as he sucked lightly on the underside of his jaw.

With a growl, Kurt flipped them until Blaine was on his back, Kurt hovering over him. Blaine grinned, his legs falling open without a second thought as he pressed Kurt's hips down. They moaned simultaneously as their hard cocks rubbed against each other through the material of their pants.

"God, Kurt, you feel so good, baby, yeah." His free hand came up to palm Kurt before undoing his pants. It slid back to join its twin and both dipped inside. With a jolt of surprise, Blaine leaned back the best he could to look at Kurt's face. "My word, Mr. Hummel, you don't seem to be wearing any underwear! How scandalous!" He put on an affronted expression as he started kneading Kurt's ass.

"Nope, was hoping my awesome fiancée was going to get a little frisky tonight." Kurt leered down at him, arching his ass while trying to roll his hips down at the same time.

"Mm, more than a little." He dragged Kurt down for a searing kiss, shoving Kurt's pants down to just below his ass cheeks before flipping them. "Want you so much, Kurt." He pushed Kurt's shirt up as Kurt's hand quickly undid his pants. Blaine shoved them down eagerly and straddled Kurt's thigh. It was a little awkward until they got their rhythm and then nothing else mattered.

Their cocks slid against each other, bare skin to bare skin, the dry skin catching uncomfortably at times until enough sweat and precome built up to help them guide smoothly. Kurt's manicured nails raked down Blaine's back under his shirt, his head thrown back as Blaine mouthed at the salty skin there.

"Fuck, so close, baby." Blaine groaned, biting down on his pulse point. "Wish I could fuck you right here, you'd feel so good around me. Feel so good right now."

Kurt let out a whine, nails digging into Blaine's shoulder blades. "God, yes, that's- yes. OH- Oh god, right there..." He bit the piece of skin nearest to him as his orgasm washed over him, which just so happened to be Blaine's ear lobe, the one place on Blaine's body guaranteed to make him weak at the knees. Blaine shuddered against him, fingers digging into Kurt's hips as he came.

Blaine waited until he caught his breath, his arms trembling from the effort of keeping his weight off of Kurt, before staggering to his feet to get some napkins from the small bar, doing up his pants as he walked. His head was swimming from alcohol and orgasm, but he managed to make it there and back, taking care to wipe Kurt's stomach and cock clean before doing the same to himself. Reverently, he tucked Kurt back into his pants and pulled his shirt down. Kurt beckoned him down, demanding cuddles as they curled up on the couch. Kurt could feel sweat drying, making his skin feel stiff and gross. He pushed the thought aside and attempted to move even closer to Blaine. Post sex cuddles took precedent over hygiene any day.


Blaine watched as his almost-husband flitted around the room, fussing over flower arrangements and the chair coverings, his lips quirked in a small smile.

They were set to get married in three hours, but Kurt was having a minor panic attack over every little thing. Blaine was pretty sure he was just fussing due to nerves, but then again, Kurt did have a better eye for these sorts of things than Blaine. He waited until Kurt was brushing past him to grab his wrist, pulling him up short. Before he could protest, Blaine was kissing him, cupping his face in both hands.

"Everything is fine," Blaine murmured when they separated. "The cake will be here on time, the chairs look good, the flower arrangements are perfect, the tables are set, we're here." His thumbs rubbed over Kurt's cheekbones, watching Kurt's eyelashes fan out as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, smiling.

"You're right, you're right. I've just heard so many horror stories and I want our day to be perfect."

Blaine leaned in for another kiss, a teasing brush of lips, and rested his forehead against Kurt's. "It's going to be perfect no matter what, because at the end of the day, our names will be drying on that marriage certificate and that's all that matters."

Kurt's cheeks dimpled as his smile grew. "How did I get so lucky as to find someone like you?"

"I don't know, but I think I got it too."

They kiss once more and take a step back as a voice pipes up, "Papa's right, Daddy, you're being silly."

They turn to look at their daughter, elegant in a silky white dress, fitted perfectly to her thin frame. Kurt had even allowed her to wear small heels on her shoes, white with soft green swirls on top that perfectly matched the sash wrapped around her waist. "You're dressed already, Miss Sophie?" Blaine teased, letting go of one of Kurt's hands to open their arms to her.

"Papa," Sophie whined, though she hurried over to be enveloped in her father's embrace. "You said you were going to stop calling me that."

Blaine pretended to look contemplative for a moment. "I don't think I did, Miss Sophie. I certainly don't recall that."

"That's because you're old," Kurt joked. Blaine stuck out his tongue. "Old and immature, what a combination!"

"Why are you so mean to me? Sophie, make Daddy be nice!"

"Oh, no, you're not dragging me into this!" Sophie yelped, squirming out of their grasp. "Uh, I think I hear Aunt Jen calling for me to get my hair fixed, BYE!" She took off, wobbling only slightly on her heels.

"Well, she certainly got her penchant for horrible excuses from you," Blaine quipped, bumping his shoulder against Kurt's.

"Whatever, I have awesome excuses."

"Excuses are like buttholes: everyone has one and they all stink."

Kurt stared at him for a moment in slight horror. "I'm going to walk away before I decided I don't want to marry your crazy ass."

"You love my ass!" Blaine yelled at his retreating back, grinning.

They had decided to keep the ceremony short and simple. First Cooper and Finn would go down the middle aisle as their Best Men, followed by Santana and Rachel as the Maids of Honor. Blaine watched them from his vantage point on the right and caught the look on his best friends face. His mind flashed to the bachelor party and long, lingering body shots that she and Rachel had taken off of each other.


Blaine shook himself out of his thoughts as they settled in place and then their song came on. His dad patted his hand where it was hooked over his elbow.


He couldn't keep the smile off his face if he tried. "As I'll ever be."

Walking down the aisle proved to be difficult because he couldn't keep his eyes off of Kurt. Thankfully James seemed to know that was going to happen and led him with care until they were in front of everyone. He handed Blaine off to Burt at the same time Burt handed Kurt to James. They embraced, the fathers whispering into their son-in-laws ears, blinking back tears when they separated and gave their boys hands one last squeeze. They sat next to each other, wives on either side, as Kurt looked at Blaine and Blaine looked at Kurt, their hands held between them as the Justice of Peace began his speech.

No matter how short the ceremony, it still felt like too long before they were saying, "I do." and sliding rings on fingers. Their kiss was met with whooping and cheering as Blaine tightened his arms around Kurt's waist and dipped him low. He felt Kurt's answering giggle as his tongue darted out to tease the seam of Kurt's lips before he was straightening them up, pulling back only to dart back in for one more quick one as the JP said, "I present to you, Mr. and Mr. Anderson-Hummel!"


Ducking as they were pelted with birdseed, Kurt and Blaine hurried out to the waiting limo, their hands laced together, giddy at the feel of their new rings. Laughing as they slid inside, Blaine began brushing Kurt off before digging his hand in his hair and bringing him in for a kiss.

"Hello, husband," he murmured against Kurt's lips.

"Hello, Mr. Anderson-Hummel," Kurt replied, grinning, his eyelashes brushing against Blaine's cheek with every blink.

"We're finally married."

"Yup. Now we have to own up to it every time one of our friends calls us old marrieds," Kurt chuckled, sitting back as the limo pulled away from the curb and took them to the reception hall. "I don't think I could have picked a better partner."

"Well, lucky for you, you don't have to."

The ride was short and soon they were stepping into the wide open ballroom. They, along with the Warblers and Kurt's friends, had spent hours the night before setting the room up to Kurt's exact specifications. They spent a few minutes checking to make sure everything was set up before Kurt finally gave in and headed to the kitchens, wanting to look at the wedding cake.

"Oh, Blaine, it's perfect," Kurt breathed, squeezing Blaine's hand as they walked around the tray it was set on while cooks and servers moved around them, preparing dinner for the party.

It was a simple affair, a three tiered white cake with pale green ribbon wrapped around the bottom of each layer and a line of green and dark pink flowers trailing diagonally down the side. Sophie had rolled her eyes when she first saw the design, saying it was too boring and can't they, I don't know, spice it up a little, Daddy? When asked what she had in mind, Sophie had pulled out a picture of some flowers and asked if they could be added to the cake because she thought they were pretty. Kurt had to admit, looking at the final product, the flowers did offset the cake in a flattering way without overtaking the whole thing.

Of course, he was pretty sure their daughter was going to end up sticking half of them in her hair before the night was through, but that was okay, too.

There was a sudden clatter outside and the two left the kitchen, heading to a room off to the side where they would wait until the guest had settled before going back into the ballroom to be, once again, introduced. They were greeted with cheers as they made their way to the head table where their families were already seated. They waited until dinner had been served before people began making speeches.

It started in the crowd, a few people wanting to give their congratulations and maybe tell a funny story, before it moved to the head table. To no one's surprise, Santana went first, telling a few embarrassing stories from her and Blaine's childhood and, indeed, reiterating part of what she told him the night of their bachelor party. Rachel went next, followed by Cooper and then Finn. Burt and James each gave a brief toast that caused more than a few eyes to dampen and then it was Blaine's turn.

He took a quick drink of water as he stood, clearing his throat and looking out into the crowd. "First, I want to thank all of you for coming to celebrate Kurt and mine's wedding. We could not be more honored to be surrounded by all of our loved ones on this day." He looked at Kurt, who was smiling up at him like he had hung the moon. "Kurt, the first time we kissed, sparks flew. Over the years, we've fanned those sparks into flames that have lit up my life in ways I had only dreamed about as a teenager. Those flames warm my heart every day and keep me going no matter how bad we fight, how crazy we drive each other." He pauses for a second, letting out a chuckle before continuing. "The first time we met, I thought, how gorgeous is this man?, even though you looked frazzled and had a screaming baby on your hip." The crowd laughed and Sophie, seated on the other side of her father, rolled her eyes, not quite able to hide her grin.

"I couldn't wait to get to know you and when I did, I thought, oh, there you are, I've been looking for you forever. We had some ups and downs but we found our way back to each other. On our first Halloween as a couple, you dressed like Peter Pan, Miss Sophie dressed as the cutest Tinker Bell ever," Sophie stuck out her tongue, fully grinning as Blaine does the same back at her, "and me dressed as Elvis-"

"You did a great impression, I'll admit," Kurt cut in, his eyes shining with tears, his face nearly split in half from grinning.

Blaine let out a laugh, his own eyes misty. "Well, thank you, my love. But on that day, as I laced our fingers together, I thought, I want to spend the rest of our lives like this. The years passed and we dealt with tragedy and happiness and so many things. The first night after we moved in together, I thought, I'm going to marry this man. Took me two years to figure out how to ask and now we're finally here, married. You are the love of my life, Kurt, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life as your husband."

More than one person was crying as Kurt stood, wrapping his arms around Blaine's shoulders and kissing him soundly.

"I love you so much," he whispered as they broke apart, pressing one last kiss to Blaine's lips and letting him go. He carefully dabbed at his eyes as Blaine sat down. Looking at their gathered family and friends, he let out a chuckle."I'm not sure I want to follow that." Everyone laughed around their sniffles. "Like my new husband, I want to say thank you to you all for sharing this day with us. Blaine, I am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. You are my other half, my soul mate. From the first day I saw you, something clicked, and not just because you were the best baby sitter I've ever had, but because you got me in ways that so few people ever have. You've always known just when to push and when to let me do my own thing. I never thought I would find the kind of love we share with anyone and I had prepared myself for a lifetime of being a single father who would end up owning fifty cats after my daughter ran off to college. Even during our rough patches, I know how much we mean to each other and that our love get us through whatever life throws our way. Even if it's fifty cats."

"We're not getting fifty cats, Kurt," Blaine laughed, wiping under his eyes unashamedly.

Kurt let out an exaggerated sigh. "Damn." The crowd let out a laugh, though Carole tutted from her spot behind Blaine, her eyes flicking over to Sophie.

"Oops, sorry, Sophie," Kurt said, turning to his daughter and winking. "That's a bad word, don't say it."

"Whatever, Daddy." Sophie just rolled her eyes again.

"Keep that up and they'll stay that way," Kurt warned before turning back to Blaine. "My only sadness is that we hadn't found each other sooner so that Aunt Delia could have been here, but I know she's watching us right now, rolling her eyes and saying, about time, you idiots! She knew we were meant to be together and had even tried pushing me towards you that first summer you came with us for Fourth of July, but I was stubborn and didn't listen." He glanced at the ceiling. "This one's for you, Aunt Delia. Hope you're dancing around, wherever you are."

Everyone raised a glass in toast again, a low murmur of "Hear, hear," sounding around the room. Kurt leaned down, cupping Blaine's face and kissing him sweetly.

"You were amazing," Blaine whispered.

Kurt smiled as he sat down. "Not as much as yours. I should have cheated at the coin toss," he joked.

Blaine tugged on his hand. "Hey, it was perfect. I love you."

"I love you."

They finished up their food as the DJ settled into her seat and checked over her equipment. After getting the nod from Kurt, she tapped on the microphone and said, "Welcome, everyone, to the Anderson-Hummel reception. My name is JoJo and I'll be taking requests in between songs, but for now, the grooms would like to have their first dance."

The lights dimmed as the music started.

It's undeniable that we should be together

Blaine stood, buttoning the middle of his suit together and holding out his hand to Kurt. "May I have this dance?"

A sweet smile came over Kurt's face as he slipped his hand into Blaine's and allowed him to lead him onto the dance floor. He twirled Kurt out before bringing him close, their bodies pressed as close as they could get. There was little dancing as they held each other, one hand twined together between their chests and Kurt's arm went around Blaine's neck while Blaine's snaked around Kurt's waist. Their cheeks were pressed together, eyes closed as they soaked up the moment.

"I have never loved you more," Blaine said, his voice barely traveling over the music, for Kurt's ears only. "Tomorrow that will be just as true as today."

And then he woke up.









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