[ Memory: Setsuko and Tatsuo, before Kadory ]

Life had always been relatively peaceful there. Of course, angry and judgmental men would come and attack their small village of 30 people, but the nekos always had a way of getting their act together and working as a fully-functional team. Even the young boys, who had not yet come of age, helped keep their enemies at bay by throwing rocks or using bow-and-arrows. Life had always been particularly peaceful for Setsuko. The young woman had always been there to help when their rivals came into their village, but had, afterwards, gone home to do chores for her aging parents. She never once complained, nor argued, though she had an inner fire that she kept hidden from everyone else. She was the spitting image of her mother in her youth, both looks and personality. Long, black hair with shining brown eyes and tanned skin, just below average height, and for what she lacked in height she made up for in spunk.

However, the young woman was full of herself. Despite this, Setsuko had many suitors, all of which had given up on her due to her selfishness and her fiery attitude. Plus, she'd made it quite clear that she'd had no interest in any of the men. Everything changed, however, when one neko male refused to give up on her. Tall, brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes. He was sweet, caring, and Setsuko began to fight alongside him when the outsiders attacked. They began to spar with each other to pass the time, and Setsuko rarely lost, but when she did it was astounding how badly she lost. And slowly, Setsuko changed. With someone else to care for outside her family relations she began to realize she was not the only one in the world who had needs. And slowly, very slowly, she fell in love.

Despite things he'd heard about her, Tatsuo refused to give up on her. His mindset of "everyone has a light side" was probably the only thing that kept him at it. She definitely was beautiful, but she was very much like a rose: she had her thorns, for sure. Perhaps more thorns than the other neko women in the village. They soon became the best of friends, and there was nothing they did that they didn't do together. And all throughout their relationship, Tatsuo's status as the tribe leaders' only and oldest son, and only heir, was kept at the back of their minds. She was the only one who had the nerve to say whatever she wished to his face, despite him being the tribe heir. After all, he [i]was[/i] the only son…though he did have six other, younger sisters.

It took two years for their relationship to fully blossom and three more years after that for Tatsuo to finally decide to marry the transformed Setsuko. She was no longer the self-centered, arrogant 20-year-old she'd been when they had first met, though she still had her untamable fire inside her. And three years into their marriage, the two tribe leaders had a child: a daughter whom they named Kadory. It was obvious Setsuko was meant to be a mother: she had every instinct of a mother who had been a mother for years. Kadory was being raised in a (somewhat) perfect environment and home. But happiness doesn't last, and nobody can live forever.