Futago-hime: Princess and the Pauper

Chapter: 17-

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~Fine's POV~

I gasped, my head hurt.

Ah... I... I've got to get to get to school.

"I'm out!" I called.

~At School~

"Mirlo!" I smiled, she knew I wouldn't be able to come to school much.

"Fine!" She smiled as well, because I'd be getting a tutor soon.

"Did I miss anything at the house?" I asked her, sure, I only lived there for a day... But...

"A friend of mine came over and Narlo learned his first word," she smiled.

"Oh, really? What did he say?" I asked, smiling.

"Haha it's silly."



We both then laughed.

"Oh! That's her now!" Mirlo yelled.

"Ah, Mirlo," someone said.

"Altezza! This is Fine. Fine! This is Altezza," Mirlo introduced both of us to each other.

Altezza, she had blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair was frizzy in the back in pigtails, the front was neat. She was wearing the school uniform that was given to those who wanted- or even needed it...

Somehow... She looks familiar.

"Pleasure," we both smiled at each other, then we all started to talk.

"Oh! Hey Altezza, would you like to come over? You too Mirlo?" I asked the two of them.

I hope I don't regret this... Aheh.

"Sure. But after work. Oh! Altezza. You remember I gave you a job there!" Mirlo said.

"Yeah!" Altezza smiled. "So after work and school?"

"Yup! So we'll go to my house!" I yelled, smiling.

"Yes!" Mirlo and Altezza agreed.

~Shade's POV~

Somehow. I don't like Fine going to school.

Why didn't I just disguise as Eclipse?

Because now I'm here with two flustered people.

Somehow... I'm a bit jealous of one of the flustered people.

~At Work. Fine's POV~

On the way to work, Mirlo told me that she couldn't come over... Having to take care of Narlo.

"Hey Fine!" Mirlo yelled, we were in the changing room, I don't see why she had to yell... Our staff is small.

"Hai?" I answered.

"Ney~ What do you think of a bunny day soon- Pyun," she smiled.

"Um... Sure? Oh! I've been meaning to ask this... Who was that guy the first day I came here?"

"Get dressed in these."

"Oh... That guy was a customer. Just helping us out, you know?" Mirlo laughed, and sighed...

"Oh," I oh'd deciding not to take the matter farther.

"Cutomers are coming!" Altezza warned both Mirlo and I.

"Hai!" We both chimed up, and went to the door.

"Welcome Master," we repeated over and over, welcoming the guest.

~After work~

"Fine, take out the trash," Mirlo, kindly, ordered.

"Ok!" I said, and went to get the trash.


"Whew... It's a bit heavy," I sighed.

"Hm... What's a weak girl like you doing out at such an hour?"

Oh great. Not again.

"Wha?" I turned around to the voice.

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